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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Why did they attack us? Because America supports Israel (a/k/a the Jews)

2nd letter this week to make the association between the safety of Americans and our support of Israel

'WAR' ON TERROR? Bush's real war is on the truth

Can we all please stop calling it the "war on terrorism"?

First, it's not a war.

Second, it has almost nothing to do with stopping terrorism. A serious campaign against terrorism would seek to analyze the problem and put forth solutions that attack its root causes. The war on terrorism seeks to obscure the causes while "taking the fight to the enemy."

As if we can just kill it. The causes of terrorism (both ours against them and now theirs against us) are kept secret in the United States. The dust had hardly settled in lower Manhattan when President Bush declared that the terrorists "hate democracy." Huh? Gosh, Costa Rica has a robust democracy, maybe they're next! Or Canada, heck they're democratic, why not them?

But many of us believed our president. The press was, well you know what the press was: silent.

So why were we attacked, really? Could it be because of (gasp) our foreign policy? Is that just too obvious?

But which foreign policy? Ten years of bombing and starving Iraq? Unwavering support for Israel? Contempt for the Palestinians? Propping up dictators? Establishing U.S. military bases near Islam's holy sites? Grabbing oil? Years of assassinations and bombing soft targets in Islamic countries? Supplying weapons of mass destruction to Saddam? All of these?

Or was it because, as Bush asserts, the terrorists can't stand our Bill of Rights?

It is my belief that Bush's well-publicized lies about Iraq are far less damaging than his unpublicized lies about terrorism. For me, the low point of his administration, if it's possible to pick one, is his fake "war on terrorism."

For all his flag waving, Bush is not on our side. He's on his side. And the corporations' side. He makes us less safe from terrorist attack. The only war he has ever fought is his War on Truth.