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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hostage situation

Stan at Logic & Sanity continues to monitor and translate the Russian newswires. He confirms that 26 hostages have been released.

According to a teacher (Aslan Kadzoev), who managed to escapee during the night - the terrorists picked 15 of the most strongest looking men to the floor above the gym and shot them. Russian officials are not confirming nor denying yet.

Another source quoting the escaped teacher, Aslan Kadzoev, claiming that 15 adult, male hostages were shot dead by the terrorists. He claims that this took place at 11 AM. Aslan told the reporters that he was led to the room with the bodies and told to throw the corpses out the window. After throwing 14 of the 15 bodies outside, Aslan realized that he might be next. He jumped from the second floor window and ran.

Comment at Stan's site points out that in 1995 Shamil Basayev took hostage a whole hospital at Budennovsk and made the women in maternity ward stand in the windows to be used a live shields. 166 hostages were killed when the Russian anti-terrorism unit stormed the hospital; Basayev and his men escaped.