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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hostage situation UPDATE

from Stan at Logic and Sanity
Released hostages are saying that there are Osetians amongst the terrorists. They also identified one of the terrorists - Nikolai Hodov. Hodov was already on FSB's terrorist list and was blamed for the bomb that exploded in Vladivakavkaz in February of this year. Several people were killed in that explosion.

gzt.ru quotes one of the released hostages as saying that there are over 1,000+ hostages inside, not ~350 as officials claim.

26 hostages were freed, but there are only 25 names on the list. It's being said that one of the women hostages, who came out with a child (who was not hers) in her arms, went back in, because she has three of her own children inside. [Then] small correction: The woman who came back to the school carried out her own child (not someone else's as was reported prior). She went back to stay with her remaining children.