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Thursday, September 02, 2004

I was wondering how Kerry did with the American Legion yesterday

Ralph Peters gives us his take in the New York Post:
YESTERDAY, in front of the American Legion's National Convention, John Kerry made his most disgraceful speech since he lied about atrocities to Congress three decades ago. By making promises he doesn't mean and can't keep, he tried to buy the votes of American veterans.

Had he offered each vet a $5 bill and a shot of whisky for their support, his performance could not have been shabbier.

Read it all if you're looking for something Giuliani, Zell Miller or Dick Cheney might have forgotten or overlooked . . .

Speaking of Cheney, this WaPo article is titled "Cheney Continues Attacks on Kerry" but I can't find one single remark in it -- by Cheney, about Kerry. I wonder what the point is. Maybe it's just for the people who read headlines only. Or maybe the writer has a political agenda he'd like to put forward.

Text of Kerry speech to American Legion (He talks about being born at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital, but skips the bit about the "West Wing.")