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Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Left has lost its collective mind

Under the title, Cutups and Cutthroats, Maureen Dowd writes in today's New York Times,
Highly scripted screwball moments designed to soothe fears that the Bushies are bullies alternate with high-octane, turbo moments designed to stir up fears that we won't be safe without the Bush bullies.

Unlike the arrogant Boston Kerry strategists, who focus-grouped and dial-a-metered their convention to death, scrubbing most of the direct attacks on President Bush, the arrogant Austin Bush strategists have encouraged their non-girlie-men speakers to put the pedal to the metal and flatten the poor Democrat who is windsurfing through his free fall.

Despite the fact that the economy is cratering, Iraq is teetering, Afghanistan is reverting to warlords, Dick Cheney is glowering at the world, the war on terror has created more acts of terror, Ahmad Chalabi is an accused spy for Iran and the Pentagon has an accused spy for Israel, Republicans felt so good about themselves that when Arnold Schwarzenegger said he was inspired to become a Republican by Richard Nixon, they exploded. When Tricky Dick is a hot applause line, they're feeling cocky.

Republicans are political killers.

Whew, what a waste of free speech.

It's more useful, to my mind, to read John Podhoretz at the New York Post.

I agree with Roger Simon that Guiliani has given"the speech of the year so far," (we'll see what he says about Zell Miller; I'd say he's a close second) - but I heard someone on NPR characterize both the McCain and Giuliani speeches as "flat and pedantic."

And I completely agree with Banagor on Zell Miller having given voice to the righteous indignation and sense of betrayal that many of us feel.

YOU decide. NPR has audio of the major convention speeches, and Fox has this video of Zell Miller. Highly recommended.