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Sunday, September 05, 2004

My daughter's homework

My daughter, new to the sixth grade, is struggling with her first homework assignment. She is to find newpaper articles about each of the three presidential candidates, and from them, summarize the candidates' views on issues.

Do try this at home. All the articles about Nader have to do with whether he is able to get on the ballot in any given state, and all the articles about Kerry have only to do with his criticism of the current administration. I am not exactly a poor Googler, and I seriously can't find one recent article where Kerry's view, not his opposition, on an issue, is explicated.

If this is indeed the most important election of our lifetime, for the position of Unipolar Leader of the Free World, then something is very, very wrong with the way we're going about it.

Google [Kerry + issues], and you will find that U.S. Medicare premiums will increase by $11.60 per month in 2005, and John Kerry is steaming over it. And he's going to ("so help me Gd") "restore fairness and economic sense to the United States of America." Does that count as an issue? For my daughter's sake, I hope so.