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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Talkin' politics at the gas station

Okay, so it came out at the gas station this morning that I'm a Bush supporter. We've known all these guys for years and they know a lot about our lives, but only this morning did we get into politics. The young manager, who's a helluva nice guy, said he thought we should just take care of our own and not mess about in the world. Not until all of our own people are fed, have medical care and can read. Once we're perfect, he said, then maybe we can help out in the world. Whenever and wherever we do, though, he said, there will be those who oppose us.

I played the Holocaust card: If America hadn't gone in to stop the Nazis, my family might not exist. You should have seen his immediate turnaround: that's different, that's a matter of world domination, every country had a responsibility to stop Hitler.

I would have explained that today it's a matter of world domination, too, but my daughter's competing in a horse show this morning that starts in six minutes, ten minutes away.

Zev Chafets makes the case in today's Daily News: The jihadists' dream is a return to empire. Read it all, and distribute it widely. I'm taking it to the gas station, after the horse show!