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Sunday, September 05, 2004

What is the fascination with Nazism?

Can anyone make sense of this ?
(from Christopher Buckley Op-Ed in today's New York Times)

". . . . the chant "Four more years!" which on the 100th utterance begins to sound as if Leni Riefenstahl is filming the occasion . . ."


Granted the man is out to ridicule, as he does here:

The Democratic convention left one with a nice Chablis buzz. This convention left one braced and bucked up, with that post-rodeo or Nascar race feeling, seized with the impulse to squirt a cheekful of philosophical tobacco juice onto the Guccis of the nearest economic girlie-man.

Okay, we get it, Democrats are suave and debonair while Republicans are a bunch of stupid, unsophisticated rednecks, or as one of my recent ex-friends said to me, mindless flag-wavers.

But Nazis?

Buckley's agency, the Greater Talent Network, Inc., describes him as "one of the country's leading humorists and satirists," but I don't think he's funny.

Furthermore, I don't see any connection whatsoever, from which to make a joke, between Bush supporters chanting "four more years" and Leni Riefenstahl, whose films glorified Hitler and popularized Nazism. The connection is manufactured. I can only ask, for what possible purpose?