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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Blast of Thursday's bombing so powerful that part of the bus was blown onto the roof of a (two-story) building

photo via Imshin.

Also via Imshin, I learned that the death toll has risen to 11. The latest victim to be identified was Manbara Valdi Tzadik, 35 years old and a foreign worker from Ethiopia, in Israel illegally.
There are no pages about "Manbara Valdi Tzadik" from BBC News (see below).

BBC "News" glorifies terrorist bomber and ignores victims

The amazing journey: "From policeman to suicide bomber"
The family of the latest Palestinian suicide bomber have expressed shock at his involvement in the attack because he was due to be married next week.

Before Ali Munir Jaara went out to kill 10 Israelis and injure dozens more on a Jerusalem bus, he left a note saying he wished to avenge the deaths of five gunmen and three other Palestinians in an Israeli raid on Gaza City Wednesday.

In the aftermath of Thursday's bombing, both the al-Aqsa Martyrs and Hamas groups reported that Jaara had carried out the attack in their name.

But this appears to have been an unusual recruit for the militants, for Ali Munir Jaara was a Palestinian policeman.

His father expressed surprise at the family home near Bethlehem shortly before reports arrived that an Israeli demolition squad was on its way. "I was expecting to marry him, not to bury him. This is just not my son. I just couldn't believe it."

Jaara's mother wept uncontrollably for her policeman son, the sole breadwinner in a house of 10 children.

"These operations are not only not good for us, but really bad for us," said his 26-year-old sister Ola. "They only hurt us." [Smart sister, duly quoted.]

Family members remembered Ali as a quiet and devout Muslim who had shown little interest in politics.

Troubled force

If anything might have stopped Jaara from mounting his attack it might have been his imminent wedding and the needs of this family...
I swear, I don't know which is worse, to glorify the evil, or to stretch to justify it: the article goes on to say that Israel has killed Palestinian policemen in the past (the example is from March 2002).

The bias of this article is most blatant, most cruel, in its context which includes NO MENTION WHATSOEVER of those murdered, no names, no ages, no occupations, no families, no faces . . . nothing. And I searched for each and every name:
There are no pages about "blachson" from BBC News.

There are no pages about "Gamril" from BBC News.

There are no pages about "Floresco" from BBC News.

There are no pages about "Itah" from BBC News.

There are no pages about "Matziashvilli" from BBC News.

There are no pages about "Tzfira" from BBC News.

There are no pages about "Chezi Goldberg" from BBC News.
There are no pages about "Yehezkel Goldberg" from BBC News.

There are no pages about "rose bohe" from BBC News.

There are no pages about "Chana Bonder" from BBC News.
I refuse to link to the BBC ever again. I'm sure you can find the article if you want to.

HAMAS threatens to kidnap Israeli soldiers

Washington Post / AP: GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - The leader of Hamas said Friday that his group is making every effort to seize Israeli soldiers as bargaining chips for the release of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

The declaration by Sheik Ahmed Yassin came a day after a prisoner swap between Israel and the Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah. Israel released more than 400 prisoners, the vast majority Palestinians, in exchange for an Israeli businessman and the bodies of three Israeli soldiers.

The swap boosted the standing of Hezbollah in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and appeared to put Hamas on the defensive.

Hezbollah threatens to kidnap Israeli soldiers

Washington Post / AP: BEIRUT, Lebanon - Once again Hezbollah has forced Israel's hand - at least that's how many in the Middle East view the release of more than 400 prisoners in an exchange with the Jewish state. In the German-brokered deal with Hezbollah, Israel freed the prisoners Thursday in exchange for the bodies of three of its soldiers and the release of a kidnapped Israeli businessman...

After the release, Hezbollah's leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, warned that the group would kidnap more Israelis to use as bargaining chips if necessary to secure the release of more prisoners.

Kahane Shul

before destruction by the IDF
We the undersigned are outraged with the news of the Israeli government destroying a synagogue in Israel that was built in memory of Rabbi Meir Kahane and his son and daughter in law who were all murdered by Arab terrorists.

We call on the Sharon government to stop harassing the Kahane followers and to allow them to build their Shul.

See pictures of the Shul site www.kahanebooks.com/shul.html.


Your signature

Murder is not Self-Defense

Letter by Rachel Rosencrantz
published in the Daily Camera Jan. 30

Guy Fernandez seems to be a bit confused with the difference between self-defense and murder when he says (Jan 27) "No, I don't agree with the terrorists: not morally, spiritually nor any other way. But I do understand their motivation — as do courts when they exonerate a chronically abused victim that strikes back with murder! "

If a chronically abused victim kills his/her attacker while s/he is being attacked the victim will be exonerated because they are acting in self-defense, just as anyone under attack in the USA and afraid for their life, even if not chronically abused, can defend themselves even with lethal force and be exonerated.

However, if that chronically abused victim hunts down his or her attacker and kills him/her that "victim" is convicted of murder. And if that victim hunts down his or her attacker's family and kills their new spouse and children because the attacker had abused them there is even less justification. These terrorists are not striking military targets, they are murdering innocent people who may be as much a victim of government policy as the terrorists themselves.

Rachel Rosencrantz
Boulder, CO
Kol hakavod to my friend Rachel! Anybody else out there stepping up to the plate? Mr. Fernandez stated that terrorists are the "chronically abused victim," striking back. What's your response? No comment? This won't be a "timely topic" at the Camera for long. Sharpen your pencil, and get at it. Send to OpenForum@DailyCamera.com

Friday, January 30, 2004

Security Council does not condemn suicide bombing

Reuters: Security Council envoys were deadlocked on Thursday in a bid to condemn Thursday's suicide bombing that killed 10 people in Jerusalem, deciding after three hours to drop the idea and say nothing.

Suicide bomber's family is proud

"Natural response"
JPost: The family members of the Palestinian suicide bomber who carried out Thursday's attack in Jerusalem said they are proud of their son. The terrorist's father, Munir Ja'arah, described the bombing as a "heroic operation," and said the family supports his son's decision to launch the attack.

"My son is a hero and we are proud of what he did," said Ja'arah, who lives in the Dehaishe refugee camp near Bethlehem...

He was speaking as scores of Palestinians arrived at his home to "congratulate" him on the "martyrdom" of his son, Ali. Neighbors said that as soon as the bomber's identity was announced many local residents took to the streets to express their joy.

"This is a natural response to Israel's massacres, especially the killing of nine [sic] Palestinians in Gaza City a day earlier," said local resident Salah Odeh. "The people here are very happy to hear the good news. The Palestinian people support this attack and want to see more like it."

A leaflet issued by the Aksa Martyrs Brigades said the attack was intended "to show the Zionist enemy that the separation fence would not bring them security."

Ali Ja'arah's uncle, Jihad Ja'arah, was one of the group's leaders in the Bethlehem area. He was one 13 Palestinian gunmen who were deported by Israel after they were holed up inside the Church of the Nativity in 2002 for several weeks.

Jihad, who has been living in Ireland since he was deported from Bethlehem, said on Thursday that he, too, is proud of his nephew's action. He told reporters and relatives by phone that he fully supported the suicide attack because it was a "natural response to Israel's continued occupation and crimes against the Palestinians."

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Roger L. Simon connects the dots

All I do is count the dots and moan and curse them each in turn. Simon's got a gift, however, and pulls it all together, with inimitable style:
Playing dot to dot...

It’s hard not to connect the dots in the news today, disparate as they may seem. The BBC is unmasked as political liars while French and other diplomats are under accusation for taking oil bribes from Saddam. Meanwhile, another suicide bomb goes off in Jerusalem, while the Europe-dominated World Court in the Hague moves to put the Israelis in the dock for doing the one thing any of them would have done eons ago—build a wall to keep the terror out.

You would think the Europeans would have recused themselves on issues involving the Jews, but no matter. They are desperate to mollify their growing Islamic minorities (and probably to assuage their collective guilt) and have seized upon “Israeli intransigence” (read: normal self-interested national behavior) as a means to further that end. Is this bias (to put it mildly) conscious or unconscious? I don’t know, most likely a little of both. (The French, particularly, are wildly schizophrenic on racial issues, thrashing around for pseudo-policies like the recent banning of religious ornamentation in school.) But it is hardly new and hardly unrelated to the spirit of the first two dots above.

A stretch, you say? Maybe, but not much. The BBC (and the Guardian and the Independent) have led the charge against Israel, hiding under the mantle of “anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism,” a stand applauded by their Arab “clients” who meanwhile broadcast “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” on state television. Of course this same TV show is on view in La Douce France where it is captured on the literally thousands of satellite dishes that ring Paris in its Muslim suburbs courtesy of Egyptian cable. Would those same French diplomats who played footsy with Saddam have allowed similar racist garbage against Arabs to appear on French television? Gimme a proverbial break!

Now to connect yet another dot. Democratic politicians are yelling and screaming right now...
Cliff-hanger, eh? He saved the best for last, so go READ IT ALL.


Go to this post at littlegreenfootballs and click on the link to watch the video of the aftermath of today's Arab mass murder in Jerusalem. Yes, it's graphic; that's one reason you should watch it. You should know what "terror bombing" means. Everyone should.

Then I want you to come back here and read the following article. Read it knowing that the author, Chezi Goldberg, was murdered today on the bus in Jerusalem.
The scene: 7:30 a.m. Israel time, Sunday December 2, 2001 --- Eight hours after the triple terror attack at Jerusalem's popular Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall.

He walked into shul, synagogue. I nodded my acknowledgement, as I always do. He made some strange gesture, which I didn't comprehend. I continued praying. A few minutes later, he walked over to me and said: "Didn't you hear?" "Hear about what?" I replied.

He grew impatient, almost frustrated. "Didn't you HEAR?" I understood that he was talking about last night's terror attack on Ben Yehuda Mall, a trendy night spot frequented not only by Israelis, but also Western tourists.

I assumed that he obviously was intimating that someone we knew was hurt or killed. I replied: "About who?" He looked at me as if I had landed from another planet. "About who? About everyone who was attacked last night." I nodded. "Yes, of course I heard." "Then why aren't YOU crying?"

His words shot through me like a spear piercing my heart. Our sages teach that "Words that come from the heart, enter the heart." He was right, of course. Why wasn't I crying? I could not answer.

I had nothing to say. He pointed around the shul. "Why aren't all of my friends crying?" I could not answer. I had nothing to say. "Shouldn't we all be crying?" I could not answer. I had nothing to say.

What has happened to all of us, myself included? We have turned to stone. Some would call it "numbness." Some would call it "collective national shock." Some would say that we all have suffered never-ending trauma and it has affected our senses. Frankly, the excuses are worthless.

All the reasons in the world don't justify our distance from the real pain that is burning in our midst. When an attack happens, in the heat of the moment, we frantically check to see if someone we know has been hurt or killed. And then, if we find out that "our friends and family are safe," we sigh a deep sigh of relief, grunt and grumble about the latest tragic event and then, we continue with our robotic motions and go on with our lives.

We have not lost our minds, my friends. We have lost our hearts. And that is why we keep on losing our lives.

When I left shul, my friend said to me with tears dripping from his bloodshot Eyes: "I heard once that the Torah teaches that for every tear that drops from our eyes, another drop of blood is saved." We are living in a time of absolute madness.

It is obvious what is going on around us and yet, we detach ourselves and keep running on automatic in our daily lives. Last night, when it was only ten people who were known killed and just 200 injured, even MSNBC.com referred to the triple terror attack as a "slaughter." (More tragedy, it turns out, awaited us a few hours later.) And yet, we are not crying.

I know a woman who lost sensitivity in her fingers. When she approaches fire, she doesn't feel the pain. That puts her in a very dangerous position because she might be unaware she is burning herself. If we are being hurt and we don't feel it, then we are in a very risky position.

A devastating three pronged suicide attack on Jerusalem's most popular thoroughfare should evoke a cry of pain and suffering from all of us, should it not? Unless of course, we have lost our senses. And if we have lost our senses, then what hope is there?

When our enemies pound us and we don't react because we no longer feel the pain, we are truly in a dangerous and precarious position in the battle and struggle to survive.

Perhaps, my friends, we are being foolish to really believe that the nations of the world should be upset about the continuous murder and slaughter of Jews --- if we ourselves are not crying about it.

Am I my brother's keeper? The most effective way for us to stop the carnage in our midst is to wake up and to react to it from our hearts.

How can we DEMAND that the Creator stop the tragedy when most of us react like robots when tragedy strikes?

If WE don't cry about what is happening around us, who will?

If YOU don't cry about what is happening around us, who will?

If I don't cry about what is happening to us, who will?

Maybe our salvation from this horrific mess will come only after WE tune into our emotions and cry and scream about it.

As King Solomon said, "There is a time for everything under the sun." Now is the time for crying. May He protect each and every one of us from our enemies so that we will not have to cry in the future.

From Binyamin L. Jolkovsky
Editor in chief, Jewish World Review

Dearest Readers,
A few moments ago, my heart sank.

Going through my e-mail, I learned that one of this publication's periodic contributors, Chezi Goldberg, who dedicated his life to working with "at risk" teens and who was originally from Toronto and living in Jerusalem, was killed in today's bus bombing.

But what is so eerie was not his death --- that stung and I'm still feeling sick over it. And I mean SICK! What stung were the near prophetic words in one of his essays.

It's the middle of the day. I understand many subscribers are busy. But PLEASE take a moment and read these essays.

And then forward them to somebody you know --- and ask them to do the same.

It's important that his words move over the web no less than the jokes we always forward!

I'm CERTAIN that after reading the two articles you will agree with me. PLEASE do it for Chezi. Do it for all of us. PLEASE

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky
261 Dead by Chezi Goldberg

Because, if you don't cry, who will? by Yechezkel Chezi Goldberg
(this one is posted above, in its entirety, under the heading, "Now is the time for cying"
Chezi Goldberg is listed below in the list of victims of today's bombing as 42 years old and father of 11 children. He was from Beitar-Ilit.

May his family and friends be comforted among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.


The names of nine victims have been released:
Avraham Albert Blachson, 29;

Natalia Gamril, 50;

Viorel Floresco, 41;

Rose Bohe, 39;

Dana Itah, 24;

Chana Anya Bonder, 38;

Baruch Matziashvilli, 38;

Eli Tzfira, 47, all from Jerusalem, and

Yehezkel Yisser Goldberg, 42, father of 11 children from Beitar-Ilit.
Dana Itah is to be buried in Jerusalem's Kehillot Yisrael cemetery at 9:30pm Thursday.

Eli Tzfira was buried in the capital's Shamgar cemetery at 5:30pm Thursday.

Thirty-one of the wounded are still in hospitals around Jerusalem. Twelve people are listed in very serious condition... Two of the wounded, ages 73 and 13, are in critical condition and are fighting for their lives. Deputy manager of Shaare Tzedek Medical Center, Ovadia Shemesh, said to Channel Two he believes that the two patients will pull through.

It was the 29th suicide bombing in the capital's history. Israel's response to Thursday's attack will be painful, Channel One reported officials as saying.

Kofi Annan urges EXTRA INTERNATIONAL AID to relieve the plight of the Palestinian people

Fears Palestinian Authority might collapse without it

Bad timing, eh? See Reuters or BBC for that story, if it interests you.

An Israeli policeman inspects a body, one of 11 people killed,
following a Palestinian suicide attack in Jerusalem. Over ten
people were killed on board a bus close to Israeli Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon's official residence in Jerusalem.(AFP/Menahem Kahana)

Killer was Bethlehem "Police Officer"

May he rot in hell
An editorial at Haaretz today bemoans the "indiscrimate killing" of Palestinian Arabs in Gaza by the IDF:
"... lately, there's a growing impression that the army's finger is too quick on the trigger and its senior commanders are forgiving toward soldiers and junior officers responsible for the fighting and its consequences. The IDF must provide a more serious explanation about the unnecessary deaths left behind after its operations...

... the government is doing nothing to instruct the army to behave in a restrained manner in its ongoing security operations."

MKs Comment

Voice of Judea:
MK Ehud Yatom: The deadly attack is the answer of Nasrallah, Arafat and Iran to the Israeli weakness exhibited once again by the massive release of Arab terrorists.

MK Shteinitz: This is the way to completely mock and degrade Israel on the day of the prisoner exchange.
Arutz Sheva:
Justice Minister Yosef (Tommy) Lapid of the Shinui Party said that today's murderous attack in Jerusalem raises "the question whether the Palestinian Authority is capable of preventing inhumane terrorism such as this."

Taking this logic another daring step further, Lapid continued, "If it does have the power to stop it and is not doing so, then we have nothing to talk about."
National Union backbencher Aryeh Eldad attempted to close the stable doors after the horses had escaped when he called on the Government to put an immediate stop to the release of terrorists “until we can determine whether today’s suicide bombing in Jerusalem was the surprise Hezbollah promised us”, even at the price of undermining the deal.

A Palestinian man flashes the victory sign out of a bus window after he
was released from jail as part of a German-mediated prisoner exchange
between Israel and Hizbollah, at the Israeli army checkpoint at Tarkumiya,
January 29, 2004. In the first phase of the German-mediated prisoner swap
deal between Israel and Hizbollah, Israel is to free 400 Palestinians,
23 Lebanese, 12 other Arabs and a German citizen on Thursday in return for
a captive Israeli businessman and three Israeli soldiers, presumed dead.
It will return the remains of 59 militants to Lebanon on Friday.
REUTERS/Oren Cohen

Injured Israelis receive first aid next to the wreckage of a destroyed bus
following an explosion in Jerusalem, January 29, 2004. At least ten people
were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus near Israeli
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon 's official residence in Jerusalem on Thursday,
security sources said. (ISRAEL OUT) REUTERS/Haim Zach/Flash90



Jerusalem Post, Bret Stephens: Ten people were murdered and 50 wounded when a suicide bomber exploded inside a bus on the corners of Gaza and Arlozorov streets, near the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem's Rehavia neighborhood at about 8:45 Thursday morning.

Twelve people are listed in very serious condition in three Jerusalem Hospitals.

Assistant director general of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital Prof. Shmuel Shapira said 10 wounded had arrived at the hospital. Five were seriously wounded, and five others moderately wounded. Most of those brought to the hospital were in their early twenties, Channel 1 reported.

Prof. Shapira said most of the wounded were suffering from lesions caused by metal shards and from the impact of the explosion. "They put in metal balls, nails and bolts into these bombs," Shapira said.

Police and Magen David Adom arrived minutes after the attack, and the area was cordoned off.

Yasser Arafat's Fatah-linked Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack in a call to Israel Radio.

The terror group said the suicide bomber left his Bethlehem home at 4am Thursday morning to make his way to Jerusalem. The caller said the attack was carried out in revenege for the IDF's operation in Gaza City Wednesday, in which ten Palestinian fighters were killed, the Radio reported.

IDF officers said on Army Radio that Thursday's suicide bombing takes more than one day to prepare, and reject the claim it was carried out as a response to Wednesday's operation in Gaza.

Jerusalem Police chief Mickey Levy said there were a large number of fatalities. "The bomb was very big, the entire back end of the bus was ripped apart," he said. He said police had no specific warning for the attack.

Levy said police still had no leads but were investigating. He said police think they know where the suicide bomber mounted the bus.

"Jerusalem Police have recently managed to stop several attacks, including the seizure of three explosive belts. All of these planned attacks are still being investigated. Today," he said, "we had no specific warning of this attack and we couldn't stop it."

"The explosive was a large one," Levy continued, and "we will investigate with the Egged bus company why there was no security person on the bus," Levy said.

Half the roof of the bus was lifted 12 meters in the air and was visible hundreds of meters away from the back part of the bus. On the bus itself every window had been blown out. There were three entire human corpses inside the bus and two others lying outside.

There was a moped that was hit by the explosion, but it was not clear whether the moped driver was amongst those murdered or injured.

Keren, 14, an eyewitness who was waiting for the bus, told Army Radio that the bus blew up meters before it arrived at the station. People began running towards the bus, she said, and then police arrived followed by ambulances. "I remained rooted to the spot, crying, until I was taken to hospital."

Police and security service said they receive between 50 and 60 general terror attack warnings per day.

Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah welcomed the bombing but did not accept responsibility.

Arab media reports a female suicide bomber carried out the attack. Abdel Aziz Rantissi, a Hamas leader in Gaza, stopped short of claiming responsibility but said, "It's not important who carried out this operation. The only thing which is very important is that we are resisting occupiers who came ... to occupy our land and to kill our people," he said.

According to police reports, the suicide bomber managed explode at the back of the bus, ripping off its roof. The bus driver said he did not notice any suspicious-looking person enter the bus, Israel Radio reported.

The explosion occurred moments after the bus pulled away from its last station. The bus starts its route in Hadassah Ein Kerem and makes its way to Hadassah Mount Scopus.

Following the explosion, disoriented people were seen milling around, some were seen at the scene walking around with pieces of human flesh on them. A great deal of blood was seen on the ground, and broken glass littered the streets.

There was a ghostly silence immediately after the attack; the silence one feels in Jerusalem on Shabbat.

Many of the people had managed to get off and make their way to the corner of Arlozorov and Gaza Streets. Some were sitting there in silence. Some of them had pieces of flesh on their jackets.

One person seems to have had his ear torn in half.

Another women was bleeding profusely, her face covered in blood.

Police chief Insp.-Gen. Shlomo Aharonishky said, "This takes us back to the difficult days of the past. There is no change in strategy on the other side. They are always trying to carry out attacks. The thin line of defense comprises the work of the security services, the IDF, Police and Shin Bet. Even despite this we cannot thwart every attack," Aharonishky said.

Aharonishky said the security fence being built around the West Bank would help security forces thwart attacks, but added that there was no foolproof way to stop terrorism. "Let me remind you that even the Great Wall of China had holes in it," he said.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has convened the heads of the security establishment and other agencies to discuss the implications of the bombing, and Israel's response.

Road blocks have been set up by police at all major exits from Jerusalem causing traffic jams at the Gush Etzion Tunnel road.

Scores of Palestinians have been detained at the roadside, and large vehicles are being searched.

US ambassador to Israel Dan Kurtzer expressed his horror and shock at the murder of innocent Jews and reiterated his belief that "the Palestinians must take all steps to make this stop. To stop incitements and assistance to this murder of Jews and to take very specific action to uproot terrorism from their midst."

The Council of Europe condemned the deadly suicide bombing as a "mindless and indiscriminate act of violence."

Israel's former ambassador to the UN Dore Gold said, "Only the deployment of the Israeli army has prevented more attacks and only the final completion of the security fence will prevent more attacks in the future."

Cancelling a trilateral meeting between Israel, the Palestinian Administration and US envoys John Wolf and David Satterfield, the Israeli foreign ministry and Prime Minister's ofice issued a joint statement saying, "On this difficult day for Israel, in which innocent Israelis are murdered on the streets of its capital, there is no room for concessions to the Palestinian public."

Shalom said that the PA must do all it has pledged to do – to fight terror; otherwise there will be no advance in the process.

Wolf and Satterfield have already met with the both sides, and were to host the trilateral meeting Thursday to re-ignite the stalled US road map.

PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei, who Thursday agreed to meet PM Ariel Sharon without preconditions, condemned the suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

Daniel Taub – a spokesman for the Israeli foreign office told the BBC, "this particular attack took place on a bus that runs between two hospitals - there is no depth to which these terrorists are not prepared to sink."

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski said "a day that should have been a happy one started with many dead and injured. We are one family, made of hard stuff, but this kind of attack has implications for Jerusalem after several months of quiet."

"Terrorists will always find excuses to kill us," he continued. "There is no doubt that intentions exist. I'm glad the fence is going up. I only wish it was happening faster because we all know it protects us all."

The Palestinian Administration condemned the attack. Chief PA negotiator Saeb Erekat said they condemn any attack upon innocent civilians, Israeli or Palestinian.

This is the second explosion near the prime minister's residence, the first occurring on March 5, 2002 at the Moment Cafe. The Prime Minister was not at his Jerusalem residence at the time of the attack.

Diplomatic officials said the prisoner swap with the Hizbullah would continue despite the attack.

Aspiration, not desperation

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
Jerusalem Post: I always wanted to be the first woman who sacrifices her life for Allah. My joy will be complete when my body parts fly in all directions.

These are the words of female suicide terrorist Reem Reyashi, videotaped just before she killed four Israelis and herself two weeks ago in Gaza. What is surprising about this horrific statement is that she put a positive value on her dismemberment and death, distinct from her goal to kill others.

She was driven by her aspiration to achieve what the Palestinians call "shahada," death for Allah. She had two distinct goals: To kill and to be killed. These independent objectives, both positive in her mind, were goals greater than her obligations and emotional ties to her two children.

This aspiration to die, which contradicts the basic human instinct for survival, is at the core of the suicide terrorism fervor. Only when this death worship component is recognized as a basic tenet of Palestinian belief will it be possible to understand the challenges Israel and the world face from suicide terror.

Palestinian society actively promotes the religious belief that their deity craves their deaths. Note the words of a popular music video directed at children, broadcast hundreds of times on PA TV, which depicts the earth thirsting for the blood of children: "How sweet is the fragrance of the shahids, how sweet is the scent of the earth, its thirst quenched by the gush of blood, flowing from the youthful body."

This conviction that the deity thirsts for or craves human death as tribute and sacrifice has its roots in ancient beliefs.

The Bible cites ancient cultures of the Land of Israel: "Their sons and their daughters they sacrifice to their Gods" [Deut: 12]. Even the Israelites were drawn to it: "And they built altars to give their sons and daughters to Molech which God did not command nor consider this abomination [Jeremiah: 32]."

As recently as 500 years ago, South American tribes used to leave children to die on mountain tops as presents to their gods. The common denominator driving human sacrifice cults was the belief that the deity craved the death of innocents.

This is precisely the belief that the leaders of Palestinian society are inculcating in their people. Moreover, Palestinians have been taught on PA TV by their religious leaders that they are born for the very purpose of dying for Allah: "The believer was created to know his Lord and to uphold Islam to be a shahid, or intend to be a shahid. If the Muslim does not aspire to shahada, he will die as in the jahiliya [pre-Islam faith]. If we truthfully request it of Allah, He will grant us its rewards even if we die in bed."

To further encourage this self-annihilation, Palestinians are taught that dying for the deity is rewarded: "All his sins are forgiven from the first gush of blood; he is exempted from the torments of the grave (Judgment)... he marries 72 Dark-Eyed [Virgins or Maidens of Paradise]... on his head is placed a crown of honor, one stone of which is worth more than all there is in this world."

EVEN CHILDREN are not spared the indoctrination that the deity wants their deaths. A telling example is the story of 14-year-old Faras Ouda, a boy elevated to heroism by the Palestinian leadership.

Yasser Arafat regularly singles out Ouda as a role model for children, addressing children on TV once as "peers, friends, brothers and sisters of Faras Ouda," another time telling them "This generation represented by your colleague, the hero Shahid, Faras Ouda!" Yet another time he said, "We are saluting to the spirit of our hero Shahid Faras Ouda, Faras Ouda, Faras Ouda!"

What was Faras Ouda's great accomplishment that Arafat elevated him to archetypical role model? The boy's goal in life was to die for the deity, as reported in the PA daily Al-Hayat Al Jadida: "On the day of his death Faras Ouda left his home with a slingshot, after having made himself a wreath decorated with photos of himself and having written on it 'The Brave Shahid Faras Ouda.'

Faras Ouda wanted to die for the deity, achieved it, and thus became Arafat's hero.

Palestinian mothers have been taught to aspire to death for Allah for their children. A mother explained recently on PA TV why she expressed sounds of joy upon hearing of her son's death: "A mother makes sounds of joy because she wants him to reach shahada. He became a shahid for Allah Almighty. I wanted the best for him; this is the best for [my son] Shaadi."

PA ideology rejects the values that other societies hold supreme. Here is Issam Sissalem on PA TV: "We are not afraid to die and do not love life."

Palestinian children have learned to see dying for the deity as their goal in life. In a chilling talk show interview on PA TV, two 11-year-old girls explain cheerfully and eloquently what they and their young friends desire:
Walla: Shahada is very, very beautiful. Everyone aspires to shahada. What could be better than going to paradise?

Host: What is better, peace and full rights for the Palestinian people or shahada?

Walla: Shahada.

Yussra: Of course shahada is sweet. We don't want this world, we want the Afterlife. We benefit not from this life but from the Afterlife... Every Palestinian child aged, say 12, says "Oh Lord, I would like to become a shahid."
Public opinion polls indicate that Yussra and Walla represent an overwhelming majority of Palestinian children who embrace this belief. According to three different polls, 70 to 80 percent of Palestinian children aspire to shahada.

In the ancient world, there was widespread belief that the deity wanted humans to die as the ultimate form of worship. People gave their children to the deity of Molech and the Baal. This ancient belief has now returned to plague the world.

The world had assumed that the Palestinian suicide terrorist was facing a dilemma of having to choose between the value of killing Jews and the value of life. Clearly, this is false.

Killing Jews is one "value." Death for deity is itself a value greater than life. Seeking shahada is not desperation but aspiration. As the mother explained her joy after her son's death: "I wanted the best for him."
Marcus is director of Palestinian Media Watch. Crook, a writer and university lecturer based in Ottawa, Canada, is PMW's North American representative.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Dear Palestinian Authority, Islamic Jihad, Chamas, Syria, Hizbollah, Bin Laden
and all other parties interested in destroying me:

A short time ago, in the Gaza region, you blew up a close friend of mine,
Noam Bahagon, 20, from the small Israeli town of Elqana. Bagi (that was our
nickname for Noam) and his three co- tankists (their friends probably had
nicknames for them, too) ran over one of your landmines and they exploded.
Bagi was my Chevruta in Yeshivat Otniel. A Chevruta is a study partner- like
a lab partner, only if lab partners study together for a couple of hours a
week, Bagi and I studied- learned- bonded- grew together for three hours a
day, five days a week.

I'm without family in Israel, and Bagi was one of the most important people
for me here. He was patient with me when we learned together, explaining
things when I didn't understand. He took it upon himself to make me feel
cared about in my new home. He was so full of love, and wanted so badly to
transmit that love to other people. He gave these huge bear hugs- he would
hug me so hard that my head would almost be squeezed off.

Since he sounds like such a great person, I'm sure you're extra happy that
he was one of those that you have taken. I've never cried so much in such a
short time. I've never seen so many people cry so much in such a short time.
And I'm not the first to lose such a close friend. I'm not the second, the
tenth or the four hundredth. You guys are pretty efficient when it comes to
killing good people.

Bagi was a soldier, killed in battle, but as we all know, an overwhelming
percentage of those that you have murdered has been murdered in terrorist
attacks, bombs, shootings and the like.

I want to say, that I very much respect your new strategy at destroying
Israel. Too many times, y'all tried to erase us in military battles. In
1948, you attacked us at a ratio of 5000 Arab soldiers to one Israeli
soldier and lost. In '56 and '67 you tried to intimidate us and lost. And
even in '73, when you attacked us on Yom Kippur, our holiest day of the
year, when you knew that we wouldn't expect even evil armies like yours to
strike- you lost again. We just beat you time and time again, thank God.
It's about time that you have realized that our God-driven army is simply
stronger than yours.

So now you have chosen a new game plan. Instead of attacking our army, you
have decided to attack our society. You spend your time shooting, not only
at green jeeps, but also at white, red and brown Subarus and Peugeots. In
addition to tanks, you blow up buses, discos and malls. You seek to break
not our military strength, but our psychological strength, our emotional
strength. You think that you can bomb and mortar our way into submission.
You believe that you can demoralize us and make us give you whatever you
want. This "Intifada" is not a brawl against the soldiers of Tzahal. It is a
war, still with the ever so altruistic goal of making Israel disappear. But
this time, all citizens of Israel have been forced to become soldiers. You
wish to kill nice, sweet children- if possible with their moms. Good for you
and your new and improved tactic at finally putting an end to the Zionist
monster. As we say in Hebrew, Kol Hakavod.

Well.. Sorry, this won't work either. You will lose again, and let me tell
you why.

You see, in a standard war, when a regular army seeks to destroy an enemy
army, he must study that enemy army to the barest detail. The attacking army
must learn about enemy strategies, weapons and vehicles. It must know when
the enemy likes to attack and when it rests. It must know how to recognize
its enemy and the look that enemy has in its' eyes. All this and much more
thorough research is obviously necessary if a general hopes to win his
upcoming battle.

I don't doubt that in your new, "Destruction of Israel by Demoralization"
strategy, you have done your homework. I know that you are well aware of all
the ins and outs of Israel's society. I know you know each and every back
and side entrance to every Israeli mall. I know you know our bus schedule so
that you can make sure that the right people, kids of course, are killed on
their way to school. I know that you have trained your troops, your children,
your pride and joy, in the art of throwing rocks really far. You have taught
them well, the true and deep meaning of being a martyr, dying at the age of
11 in an attempt to kill an old Jewish lady. You know how to dress up as our
soldiers and at times outsmart our guards. Often you even look strikingly
similar to us.

Enemy of mine, there is one area of Israeli society, or the Israeli people,
though, where you have failed to look. You have acquired the highest of
technology's far- sight spying devices to look deep into every aspect of our
lives so as to destroy us. But the most advanced telescope in the world is
not nearly powerful enough to look into the Jewish soul. You have overlooked
what lies beneath the buses and the malls. You know nothing of the
invincible spirit you are trying to break.

My spirit, our spirit, is one that has lasted thousands of years without
being broken. We have survived enemies crueler and badder and smarter than
you. And just like them- you will disappear and with the help of God, we
will survive. We are a people who have cried more tears than you can imagine
and each time we get up stronger than the time before. Now God has returned
us home. Try as you might, we're not going anywhere.

For a long time, Islamic Jihad, you collected information on my Yeshiva,
Otniel, located in the Hebron Hills (This information was shown to us by the
army. They found it when they broke into one of your terrorist cells). Sure
enough, one Shabbat, two of your men broke into the Yeshiva kitchen, and
murdered the four students who were in the midst of serving the Friday night
meal. While the rest of the students and their guests were in the middle of
the Shabbos singing and dancing, you massacred my friends. You tried to
break the spirit of my Otniel. You thought that maybe we would leave. At
least we would maybe be scared or feel defeated.

I wish with all my heart that you would see us dancing on Shabbat now. I
pray that you sat in your house with your all- powerful binoculars and
stared at us singing with all the happiness in the world, singing and
dancing and jumping up and down with a student newly engaged to be married-
inside that very same kitchen that had been the scene of your terror. Break
us? You're harmless. We still learn and we still pray. Believe me, we cry,
but we are still strong- we're stronger than ever.

Have you noticed the tremendous amount of students, flowing into Ben Gurion
airport, coming for their "Birthright" trips? Do you have any idea how many
kids are coming to Israel to study in Yeshiva or work on Kibbutz??! They
come in hundreds. In thousands. Whether to learn, to work, or just to see,
more and more remain, join the army, continue on in college and eventually
make Aliyah. We are happy and smiling and excited and motivated to put our
mark on Israeli society and we refuse to bow before anyone who believes that
we have no right to be here. We American Jews will continue making Aliyah,
because we love our nation, our homeland, our Torah and our God.

I urge you to visit the Kotel, the Western Wall one morning, and see how
packed it still is. Take a trip up north to see Israeli kids hiking and
swimming in Israel's beautiful mountains and their springs. Try getting on a
bus in mid- town Tel- Aviv. You won't get a seat. They're too full. Aren't
your bus bombings supposed to scare us off the buses??

You hate. You are passionate and emotional in how much you hate. But your
hate will never be strong enough to dim the love that we have inside of us.
Our mission is one of peace and we don't compromise that mission. If you
want war- we will fight you in the name of God and His peace.

Every Shabbos and holiday, before our Grace after meals, "Birkat Hamazon,"
we recite psalm 126, "Shir Hamaalot," "A Song of Ascents." We read the
words, "Hazorim bedimah- Berinah yiktzoru." "Those who tearfully sow- will
reap in glad song." The obvious meaning is that he who is able to survive
pain will eventually experience joy. Reb Shlomo Carlebach has another
interpretation of the verse.

Reb Shlomo says, the verse should be read like this: "Hazorim bedimah
berinah- Yiktzoru." Those who are able to sow together their tears and their
joy- they are the ones who reap. We must combine our tears and our joy.
This, my enemy, is our calling and obligation. We have done it for so so
long, and we continue to do it now. It is this blessing that makes us dance
in the very same kitchen where you murdered our peers. It is this that
motivates me to dance on Purim one month after Bagi, my very close friend,
he who watched over me and taught me- was killed. I wasn't any less happy
this Purim.

I want you to know that. I'm no less happy. Like I've said, I cry much more-
But you have simply taken nothing from my constant joy in being a Jew, in
serving God, at being alive.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Netzach yisrael lo yishaker?" It means,
"The eternity of Israel will not lie." Our everlasting existence is simply
not denied. It is forever. You cannot derail us from our God- given job to
bring peace to the world.

I sign this letter now, enemy of mine, "Love." It's not necessarily that I
love you. I very much believe that somewhere there is a piece of me that
does love a piece of you. This, though, is more of a general statement of
love. It's a love that stems naturally from my Jewish soul. It's that love
which makes me smile more, dance more and live more.

It is this love that no hate can destroy.

Yannai Kranzler

(I want it to be clear- I think it's important to say, that this letter is very much NOT addressed to all Arabs. I am not one who believes, God forbid, that all Arabs are bad or evil. I don't believe that the Palestinians are today's "Amalek" or any of that nonsense. I address this to evil leaders who pervert the minds of their people and their people's children.

I wrote this so that we, the Jewish people might understand the extensions of our actions.

Like I said, this is a war to get rid of us by destroying our morale. Therefore, our response must be to show that our morale won't be broken. Every time we do Mitzvoth, every time we sing, dance, go to work- if we discover some cool new chemistry thing or a cure to some disease. Every Oleh Chadash (!!), every sign of national unity, every rally, every trip to Israel. Every hike in the Golan, every new student in Yeshiva, every time we get on a bus, every time we barbecue, pick up a hockey stick or just go for a quick skate- every sign of life that we show- this is what will, B'ezrat Hashem, win us this war and continue us on our un-surrenduring mission of bringing the world the light and peace it so deserves.

If y'all want to respond, criticize, whatever, you can send comments to puc24k@aol.com. Thanks and a happy day to you!)
from A Nice Jewish Boy's Weblog via my friend Jon Blum.

January 28, 2004

Jan. 27, 2004 TERRORIST AND CHILD Suicide bomber Reem Al-Rayashi, 22, holds an AK-47 assault rifle in one hand and her daughter Doha in the other. Doha, 2, is holding a rocket-propelled grenade. The picture - published for the first time - was taken on January 9, five days before Rayashi blew herself up at the Erez crossing, murdering four Israelis. From her clothing and the background, it appears the photo was taken at the same time she recorded her farewell video. Photo: Khaled Abu Toameh

Evidence of Saddam's corrupt regime

The List, via MEMRI
The Iraqi daily Al-Mada obtained lists of 270 companies, organizations and individuals who were awarded vouchers for allocations of crude oil by Saddam Hussein's regime.

Voucher recipients sold the vouchers to oil traders, who collected the oil against the vouchers from a Syrian pipeline terminal, which was operating in contravention of the Security Council sanctions.

You should read MEMRI's full report including translated excerpts from the Al-Mada article which are fascinating, but in the meantime, here is a portion of those who received oil -- either as bribes, or to pay for goods that could not be financed under the "Oil for Food Program" - such as military equipment and parts, luxury cars and luxury items in general.
Canada: Arthur Millholland, president and CEO of the Calgary-based Oilexco company, received 1 million barrels of oil.

United States: Samir Vincent received 10.5 million barrels. In 2000, Vincent, an Iraqi-born American citizen who has lived in the U.S. since 1958, organized a delegation of Iraqi religious leaders to visit the U.S. and meet with former president Jimmy Carter. Shaker Al-Khafaji, the pro-Saddam chairman of the 17th conference of Iraqi expatriates, received 1 million barrels.

Great Britain: George Galloway received 1 million barrels. Fawwaz Zreiqat received 1 million barrels. Zreiqat also appears in the Jordanian section as having received 6 million barrels. The Mujahideen Khalq(3) in Britain received 1 million barrels.

France: The French-Arab Friendship Association received 15.1 million barrels. Former French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua received 12 million barrels.(4) Patrick Maugein of the Trafigura company received 25 million barrels. Michel Grimard, founder of the French-Iraqi Export Club, received 17.1 million barrels.

Switzerland: Glenco Re, the largest commodity trader in Switzerland, received 12 million barrels. Taurus, which has been associated with Iraq for 20 years and was the first company to renew its business with Iraq after the fall of Saddam, received 1 million barrels. Petrogas, which is listed under three sub-companies - Petrogas Services, Petrogas Distribution, and Petrogas Resources - and is associated with the Russian company Rosneftegazetroy, received 1 million barrels. Alcon, listed in Lichtenstein and associated with larger oil companies, received 1 million barrels. Finar Holdings, which is listed in Lugano, Switzerland, and is under liquidation, received 1 million barrels.

Italy: The Italian Petrol Union received 1 million barrels. West Petrol, an Italian company that trades crude oil and oil products, received 1 million barrels. Roberto Formigoni, possibly the president of Lombardia, received 1 million barrels. Salvatore Nicotra, a former NATO pilot who became an oil merchant, received 1 million barrels.

Spain: Basem Qaqish, a member of the Spanish Committee for the Defense of the Arab Cause, received 1 million barrels. Ali Ballout, a pro-Saddam Lebanese journalist, received 1 million barrels. Javier Robert received 1 million barrels.

Yugoslavia: Four Yugoslav political parties received vouchers: the Yugoslav Left party received 9.5 million barrels. The Socialist Party received 1 million barrels. The Italian Party received 1 million barrels. Another party, whose name in exact transliteration is "kokstuntsha" - possibly Kostunica's party - received 1 million barrels.

Other political parties: The Romanian Labor Party received 5.5 million barrels. The Party of the Hungarian Interest received 4.7 million barrels. The Bulgarian Socialist Party received 12 million barrels. The Slovakian Communist Party received 1 million barrels.

Austria: The Arab-Austrian Society received 1 million barrels.

Brazil: The 8th of October Movement, a Brazilian Communist group, received 4.5 million barrels. Fuwad Sirhan received 10 million barrels.

Egypt: Khaled Gamal Abd Al-Nasser, son of the late Egyptian president, received 16.6 million barrels. 'Imad Al-Galda, a businessman and a member of the Egyptian parliament from President Mubarak's National Democratic Party, received 14 million barrels. Abd Al-Azim Mannaf,(5) editor of the Sout Al-Arab newspaper, received 6 million barrels. Muhammad Hilmi, editor of the Egyptian paper Sahwat Misr,(6) received an undisclosed number of barrels. The United Arab Company received 6 million barrels. The Nile and Euphrates Company received 3 million barrels. The Al-Multaqa Foundation for Press and Publication received 1 million barrels.(7)

Libya: Prime Minister Shukri Ghanem received 1 million barrels.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Chad's foreign minister received 1 million barrels.(8) Four South Africans are listed: Tokyo Saxville received 4 million barrels. Montega received 4 million barrels. Both are associated with the African National Party.

Palestinians: The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) received 4 million barrels. The PLO Political Bureau received 5 million barrels. Abu Al-Abbas received 11.5 million barrels. Abdallah Al-Horani received 8 million barrels. The PFLP received 5 million barrels. Wafa Tawfiq Al-Sayegh received 4 million barrels.

Oman: The Al-Shanfari group received 5 million barrels.

Syria: Farras Mustafa Tlass, the son of Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass, received 6 million barrels. 'Audh Amourah received 18 million barrels. Ghassan Zakariya received 6 million barrels. Anwar Al-Aqqad received 2 million barrels. Hamida Na'Na', the owner of the Al-Wafaq Al-Arabi periodical, received 1 million barrels.

Lebanon: The son of Lebanese President Emil Lahoud received 4.5 million barrels. Former MP Najjah Wakim received 3 million barrels. Nasserist Party head Osama M'arouf received 3 million barrels. National Arabic Club Chairman Faisal Darnika received 3 million barrels.

Jordan: Former Islamist MP and head of the Engineers Union Leith Shbeilat(9) received 15.5 million barrels. Former MP and Jordanian Writers Union head Fakhri Qi'war received 6 million barrels.(10) Former Jordanian chief of staff Mashhour Haditha received 1 million barrels. Former MP Toujan Al-Faisal received 3 million barrels.(11) The Jordanian Ministry of Energy received 5 million barrels. Muhammad Saleh Al-Horani, the Amman Stock Exchange head and former Minister of Supplies, received 4 million barrels. Lawyer Wamidth Hussein Al-Majali received 6 million barrels.(12)

Qatar: Qatari Horseracing Association Chairman Hamad bin Ali Aal Thani received 14 million barrels. Gulf Petroleum received 2 million barrels.

The Indian Congress Party received 1 million barrels.

Indonesia: Indonesian President Megawati received 1 million barrels as "the daughter of President Sukarno," and 1 million barrels as Megawati.

Myanmar: Myanmar's Forestry Minister received 1 million barrels.

Ukraine: The Social Democratic Party received 1 million barrels. The Communist Party received 6 million barrels. The Socialist Party received 1 million barrels. The FTD oil company received 1 million barrels, as did other Ukrainian companies.

Belarus: The Liberal Party received 1 million barrels. The Communist Party received 1 ton [sic] of oil. The director of the Belarussian president's office received 1 million barrels.

Russia: The Russian state itself received 1,366,000,000 barrels. The list also included the following:

Companies belonging to the Liberal Democratic Party received 79.8 million barrels - the list notes the name of party president Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The Russian Communist Party received 1 million barrels. The Lukoil company received 63 million barrels. The Russneft company received 35.5 million barrels. Vladimir Putin's Peace and Unity Party received 34 million barrels - the list notes the name of party chairwoman Saji Umalatova. The Gazprom company received 26 million barrels. The Soyuzneftgaz company received 25.5 million barrels - the list notes the name Shafrannik. The Moscow Oil Company received 25.1 million barrels. The Onako company received 22.2 million barrels. The Sidanco company received 21.2 million barrels. The Russian Association for Solidarity with Iraq received 12.5 million barrels. The Ural Invest company received 8.5 million barrels. Russneft Gazexport received 12.5 million barrels. The Transneft company received 9 million barrels. The Sibneft company received 8.1 million barrels. The Stroyneftgaz company received 6 million barrels. The Russian Committee for Solidarity with the People of Iraq received 6.5 million barrels - the list notes the name of committee chairman Rudasev. The Russian Orthodox Church received 5 million barrels. The Moscow Science Academy received 3.5 million barrels. The Chechnya Administration received 2 million barrels. The National Democratic Party received 2 million barrels. The Nordwest group received 2 million barrels. The Yukos company received 2 million barrels. One Russian company which phonetically reads as Zarabsneft received 174.5 million barrels. Vouchers were also granted to the Russian foreign ministry, one under the name of Al-Fayko for 1 million barrels, and one to Yetumin for 30.1 million barrels. The Mashinoimport Company received 1 million barrels. The Slavneft Company received 1 million barrels. The Caspian Invest Company (Kalika) received 1 million barrels. The Tatneft Tatarstan company received 1 million barrels. The Surgutneft company received 1 million barrels. Siberia's oil and gas company received 1 million barrels.

In addition, the son of the former Russian Ambassador to Iraq received 19.7 million barrels. Nikolay Ryjkov, a former prime minister of the USSR, received 13 million barrels. The Russian President's office director received 5 million barrels.

Oil vouchers were also distributed to companies and individuals from the Sudan, Yemen, Cyprus, Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, the UAE, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Panama, Thailand, Chad, China, Nigeria, Kenya, Ireland, Bahrain, and the Philippines. Two Saudi companies were also listed.
MEMRI is an organization of such high integrity, I am in awe of it: Denials by those whose names appear in the dispatch are footnoted.

Matzah-ball King keeps crown

from the Voice of Judea
There was a repeat winner in an annual matzah-ball eating contest in New York. Eric Badlands Booker won Tuesdays contest at Bens Deli by scarfing more than 20 matzah balls in 5 minutes, 25 seconds. Booker is 6-feet-5-inches tall and weighs 395 pounds. Proceeds from the event go to feed the hungry through the Interfaith Nutrition Network.

Pal police hit the streets for the first time in almost two years

Palestinian police officers hug each other outside the police
headquarters in the southern West Bank city of Hebron
Wednesday Jan. 28, 2004. Palestinian police and other
security forces in West Bank cities received new uniforms
and started deploying in the streets for the first time
since a major Israeli military offensive in April 2002,
in an effort to re-establish Palestinian government
authority on the streets. (AP Photo/Nasser Shiyoukhi)
Whose idea was it to "re-establish Palestinian government authority on the streets"?

Palestinian premier Ahmed Qurie (R) talks to reporters
at his meeting with US envoy John Wolf (L), in Ramallah
January 28, 2004... REUTERS/Ammar Awad

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


This Guy doesn't agree with the terrorists, BUT....
From the Open Forum in today's Daily Camera:
TERRORISM: The victims are striking back

Mimi Ito wrote (Jan. 23) that she is "tired of hearing that it is the victims' fault for terrorism." She compares the U.S. with victims of a bully or a battered woman. I submit that Ito has this backward: We are the bully, we are the batterer! Now the victim has struck us back.

No, I don't agree with the terrorists: not morally, spiritually nor any other way. But I do understand their motivation — as do courts when they exonerate a chronically abused victim that strikes back with murder!

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of response to this idiocy in the next few days. I may even have a go at it myself :)

From: "Anne Lieberman"
To: "NPR Ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin" ombudsman@npr.org
Cc: mail@nprsucks.com
Subject: same letter, new version - bias against Israel, Israelis and Jews
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 12:09:07 -0700

Dear Mr. Dvorkin,

I don't know what show it was on, but I believe it was a piece by Aron Shuster that I heard yesterday afternoon on NPR. It gave me chills. Palestinian Arab women were discussing whether or not the latest Hamas suicide bomber, a woman, should have blown herself up.

After some of the women clearly voiced their support, one of them said that she opposed mom bombs. I was hopeful for a second, and could understand why you might air such a discussion; there was actually going to be another point of view! Then that woman explained that mothers shouldn't blow themselves up because it's more important that they live... to bear and raise children who would then kill the Zionists.

The broadcast of this discussion in particular and NPR's focus on the terrorists in general, offend me deeply. All your listeners know this bomber's name, how many children she left, how old they are, what she looked like (your report referred to the photographs handed out by Hamas), her age, education level, etc. Meanwhile, her victims and their families remain nameless, faceless, ageless, lifeless numbers. Such bias reveals a bigotry that both frightens and angers me.

You see, I am a Jew and a supporter of Zionism. Were I one but not the other, the majority of Palestinians would still want me dead. You've heard the slogan, "Death to the Jews"? I take that personally. The fact that NPR conducts its broadcasts as though this were a reasonable and valid "point of view," chills my innermost soul. During this particular segment, a Palestinian Arab man voiced the "opinion" that it was okay that the woman blew herself up and left her young children motherless, since she had been so "successful" in murdering four Zionist occupiers (or was it aggressors?).

I have little hope that NPR will ever present my point of view - how it feels when people want to kill you for who you are, regardless of what you think or do, and moreover, how it feels to have this discussed on public radio with all the warmth and humanity of a commercial for laundry detergent. I cannot tell you what an odd sensation it is, how other-worldly, to hear people plotting the best way to accomplish my death and or the deaths of my children, my brothers and sisters, my friends - on the radio, on National Public Radio, funded by my own government. NPR has some nerve, some chutzpah if you will, to be so extraordinarily callous.

Just for the record, my "point of view" is that I want to live. G-d willing, I want to live as a Jew in the Land of Israel. I want to live to see my grandchildren under the huppah, the marriage canopy, in the Land of Israel. Those who were murdered by the woman you so diligently make famous, also wanted to live to see their grandchildren. And their families needed them to live. They also have a point of view. It is bitterly insulting that NPR ignores them while contributing so much attention to their murderer.

I don't suppose your new Ethics Guide for Public Radio addresses my concern. I doubt there is a chapter on how public radio might broadcast a discussion of murder tactics so as not to offend the targets. Perhaps that will appear in some future version; after all, you state that "an ethics guide is always a work in progress."

I find it interesting, albeit appalling, that you view ethics as evolving, not as fixed, as if somehow one has to keep their ethics up with the times. It is under this guise that NPR bends over backwards to explore and understand those who blow themselves up in order to murder the greatest number of Jews possible. As NPR's ethics evolve -or should I say, devolve- in this fashion, it allows for the congruent dehumanization of the victims, casually cheapening their blood by conveniently ignoring it.

I object to NPR's coverage of the Arab war on Israel in the strongest possible terms. I find it journalistically unethical, and humanly immoral. But then, my sense of ethics is not relative. It hasn't been updated or revised... for the last several thousand years.

Anne Lieberman
Boulder, CO

Monday, January 26, 2004

Gary Mokotoff, Genealogist and Editor of Avotaynu,
on the tilde at ~Google

How do people find out these things?
The tilde ~ (that squiggly line that is on the upper left of the keyboard to the left of the number 1 key) is Google's newest operator. Now you can search not only for a particular keyword, but also for its synonyms.

Indicate a search for both by placing the tilde sign (~) immediately in front of the keyword.

A search for ~genealogy provides results for genealogy, family history and family tree. A search for ~obits gives results including obits, obituaries, and death notices. Try a keyword with and without the tilde to note the variation in search results.

Use the feature judiciously, possibly only when all other results fail. The purpose of keyword searching is to limit the number of hits. This synonym feature will only expand the number of hits.

Right On!

JPost letter to the editor, via Imshin
Sir, - I am CEO of Scandinavia's largest Classical Music Record Company, BIS Records. I visited Dror Feiler's "Snow White" installation and was deeply disgusted with it.

An integral part was the use of an aria from Bach's Cantata No. 199, Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut (My Heart Swims in Blood), which had been "arranged" (read: "distorted") by Feiler and went on and on in a loop at the site.

Since I thought I recognized my recording (BIS 801) through the mess, I called Feiler up to ask whence he got the music he was using. The answer was that he had no idea since he had tanked down the music from the Internet. I asked him to try to check up on it and get back to me. He refused.

The Swedish Copyright Act clearly states that the rightholders - in this case the record company and performing artist, since Bach is in the public domain - have the exclusive right to decide about the work recorded. No one else has the right to copy, arrange and/or make publicly available such a work without the rightholders' prior consent. Not only did Feiler not seek any such permission, he didn't even care enough to know whose recording, with what artists, he had stolen, mutilated and unlawfully exhibited; odd behavior from someone who so vehemently defends his own "art."

I therefore went to the Swedish police and brought charges against Feiler for his theft, and against the Museum of National Antiquities for playing unauthorized music on its premises. The museum, after consultation with its lawyers, had to give in and closed down the music part of the installation as of January 22. Rumours are Feiler is now searching high and low for a recording older than 50 years, so he can stamp on the artists' droit moral with impunity.

BIS Records
There is Good in the world. Far out.

Andrew Sullivan WATCHING KERRY

all the liberal baggage with none of the liberal fire
The Daily Dish: I was mainlining C-SPAN yesterday. The John Kerry event was fascinating it was so awful. I must say I find his Shrum-populism sad and dumb at the same time - the pathetic demonization of drug companies, and the vapid citation of Enron and Worldcom in whatever context he feels like dumping on Bush, to name a couple of examples. The fact that he isn't satisfied with the vast new Medicare entitlement is scary; that he wants essentially to undo solid testing standards in the No Child Left Behind Act is scarier; and that his first act as commander-in-chief would essentially be to return to the U.N. and tell them that America's war on terror is now in their hands is terrifying.
Amen. Terrifying. There's more; you should read it.

"Top Gun" George W. Bush Action Figure

$29.95 at NewsMaxStore.com
The figure does not talk [which may be a relief to many] but does come dressed in a full flight suit, helmet, goggles, breather and tanks that are identical to the ones George Bush wore when he landed on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln.

Grenade attack at Russian synagogue

No injuries, but damage caused
Arutz Sheva: Vandals threw a grenade at the only synagogue in the Russian town of Darband last night; no one was hurt, but some damage was caused.

The predominantly Muslim city of Darband, in northern Caucasia, has a Jewish population of only 4,000, out of a general population of 100,000.

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Antisemitism in Great Britain

2003: 47% of violent antisemitic acts in France, but UK not far behind with 29%
Arutz Sheva: A survey showing increasing anti-Jewish sentiment in Great Britain is causing great concern among Jewish-British circles and in Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. The survey, published on January 23 by The Jewish Chronicle, indicates that 18% of Britons harbor anti-Semitic attitudes, that only 37% believe Jews have made a positive contribution to British society, and that 47% do not fully agree that a Jewish prime minister would be as acceptable as a non-Jewish one. The poll further found that 15-24% (in various age groups) believe Jews have too much influence, and that fully one in seven Britons believe the scale of the Holocaust has been exaggerated.

Avner Shalev, Chairman of Yad Vashem, said that the results demonstrate the connection between the resurgence of anti-Semitism and insufficient knowledge of the Holocaust. "We clearly see that the current wave of Jew-hatred is based mainly on twisting of the facts regarding the Holocaust, as well as trivialization of it," he said, noting that the survey shows "that in order to battle anti-Semitism, Holocaust education must be augmented."

British Home Secretary David Blunkett expressed "deep concern" at the findings of the poll, as did Chronicle editor Ned Temko.

The Forum for the Coordination of the Struggle Against Anti-Semitism reports that 47% of all anti-Semitic violent acts in the year 2003 took place in France - compared with 34% the year before. Another 29% of last year's anti-Semitic incidents were registered in Great Britain. Jewish Agency Chairman Salai Meridor said that France's efforts to combat anti-Semitism are "too little, too late." The lack of timely action "is a disgrace, and that which was done was also not enough," Meridor said.

WOW! Israelis develop Voice Analysis Eyeglasses

Seeing through lies
Israel21c: It may sound like a joke from a secret agent television parody like Get Smart or an Austin Powers movie, but the time has arrived for "Voice Analysis Eyeglasses." And it's no laughing matter.

The device provides real-time lie detection analysis on the inside of the lenses about whoever is speaking at the time, says its maker, the Israeli company Nemesysco, which developed the technology for counterterrorism and government customers.

Theoretically then, it may not be long before you hear airport security screeners ask, "Do you plan on hijacking this plane?" And they'll be able to tell immediately whether a passenger is a terrorist by analyzing his answer to that straightforward question.

The technology, developed by mathematician Amir Lieberman at Nemesysco in Zuran, Israel, for military, insurance claim and law enforcement use, is being repackaged and retargeted for personal and corporate applications by V Entertainment (New York). Companies for a wide array of applications such as anti-terrorism, law enforcement, insurance and workers compensation claim assessment are beginning to use variations of the eyeglass technology software which is already available as a downloadable PC program which can analyze live and telephone conversations.

"We're actually developing two types of glasses - one for security use and one for commercial use," Lieberman told ISRAEL21c. "A chip inside the glasses is able to read the voice frequency of the person you are talking to. The voice is analyzed through that chip for nine different types of voice analysis and there are lights that indicate whether the person is lying."

Lieberman says the glasses will be available in the U.S. by June for a price ranging between $500 and $1000.
In time for the election! Hot spit!

And there's more at Israel21c: Israeli development of a diagnostic system to enable infertile men to father children, a "bone glue" that could reduce the need for bone transplants and a computer-based, non-invasive, mobile ventilator! Am Yisrael Chai!

Kol hakavod, Ladies!
Defenders of Israel in the Daily Camera

Harriet Templer: Lands disputed, not 'occupied'
In her Jan. 6 letter, "Objection is to Israel, not Jews," Haleh Wolfe makes three mistakes, perhaps due to her education in Iran.

1) She speaks of "Palestinian land" and "Palestinian territories." These are disputed territories, as she will discover if she reads an unbiased historical account from 1947. And if she points to a current majority of Arabs in the area, she will find in such history accounts of Arab massacres of Jews before the Jewish state of Israel was born, of massive Arab immigration from neighboring Arab countries, and of destruction of longstanding Jewish villages by invading Transjordanian and Egyptian armies in 1948.

2) Israel is not occupying this area; it polices it to stop Arab terrorists from murdering Israeli civilians.

3) Iran's reason for rejecting a widely respected Israeli rescue team is not, as Ms. Wolfe claims, because of anything Israel has done. Long before the founding of Israel, Muslim countries in the Middle East hated Jews for being Jews, partly because of comments made in the Koran, but mainly because of incitement by corrupt and opportunistic politicians.

Mimi Ito: No Justification for Targeting Innocents
Joseph Richey (Jan. 7) claims that the Bush administration "seems to do everything in its power to incite and induce terror attacks on innocent Americans." Others say, "I don't condone terrorism, but..." or as M. Donahue (Jan. 17) seems to believe, terrorists are "desperate" and their terrorism results from "U.S. actions in the world."

I am so tired of hearing that it is the victims' fault for terrorism. A victim of a bully is not responsible for the bully's attack; a battered woman is not responsible for the violence of her abuser. Why then the double standard on terrorism? It doesn't matter how just the cause of the terrorist might be; terrorism, the deliberate targeting of innocent men, women and children, is wrong.

Until we are willing to be firm and consistent in our fight against terrorism, holding the terrorists responsible for their actions, no matter what their reasons, their background or their religion, we will not win this fight. If you think that terrorism is caused by poverty or desperation (a popular myth), the evidence does not support that. The 9-11 terrorists all came from well-to-do families. A very high number of terrorists are university educated, often with degrees in engineering and the sciences. In the words of Iraqi dissident, Kanan Makiya, who wrote of the 9-11 terrorism, "To argue ... that 'Americans should ask themselves why they are hated in the world' is ... to provide a justification, however unwittingly, for this kind of warped mindset. ... Worse than being wrong, however, it is morally bankrupt, to say nothing of being counterproductive." (The Observer, Oct. 7, 2001)


No Rule of Law in the Terror-tories

Masked Palestinian militants from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades,
an offshoot of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's mainstream[?]
Fatah movement, march in the West Bank town of Nablus
Sunday, January 24, 2004. AFP/Jaafar Ashtiyeh

Arabs murder one of their own, suspected of collaborating with Israel
JPost: A Palestinian accused of collaborating with Israel was killed in the West Bank city of Nablus Sunday.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, a terrorist group loosely linked to Yasser Arafat's Fatah faction, claimed responsibility for the death of Nidal al-Dabbik.

The group said al-Dabbik, 27, had given information on two Al Aqsa militants and a Hamas activist who were killed by Israeli troops.

Banagor takes on antisemitism in the Democratic Party

"This must stop."
First, these people hate Bush because he lost the popular vote...

Second, they constantly point to the fact that the Bush family had once dealt with the Nazis as war profiteers...

Third, it is with great amazement that I see the Democratic party latch on to these conspiracy theorists where, only ten years ago, they were deemed absolutely insane...

The word "Cabal" comes up often enough. "Neo-Zionist/Neo-Conservative", being a way to subtly suggest the same thing, but the meaning is plain: Conservative, money-hungry, Jews have taken over the White House and Bush is their slave, or master - depending on which theory you believe. These theories, once whispered in the wilds of militia groups in the wilds of Montana, now are openly spouted online by most Democratic groups. The very word "Cabal", being anti-Semitic in origin, appears to bother these people not at all. It is stated as fact. Some even allude to the Arab conspiracy which explains the attacks away as the work of Israel, the Mossad, and Jews in general. They still spout off the wild story about how four thousand Jews were emailed the night before not to show up for work by Israeli secret agents, and that not a single Jew was killed on that day...

All these things, all these words and theories, emanate from certain places which point the finger in only one direction: the eternal bogeyman known as "the Jew". The vocabulary is unchanged; only the events surrounding the new theory changes to fit the same old stereotype.

And this is a problem: it is absolutely anti-Semitic tripe... I am deeply ashamed that the core of the Democratic party now supports some of these theories as fact, or even discusses them seriously. Where once they would have given no heed to any such wild accusations, they now ponder them and try to "help" to seek out the "truth" behind these stories...

This must stop. It must end now because if it doesn't, more and more people will start to believe it. Democrats and Republicans alike must put aside those stupid differences and come out together and decry it for what it truly is: insanity; lies; anti-Semitism. Howard Dean, Kucinich, and others must stand together and denounce it openly.

Read it all.
In this time, there are too few who will stand up and speak against the fear and lies which proliferate like some cosmic disease. It's never too late to have courage. Kol hakavod -all honor and respect- to you, Banagor. And... could we clone you?

See also Did Hitlerism die with Hitler? He meant what he said by Omer Bartov in the New Republic. This is a MUST-READ; he says the same damn thing as Banagor, though in different fashion:
... the most explicit and frightening link between Hitler's anti-Semitism and the contemporary wave of violence, hatred, paranoia, and conspiracy theories can be found, first, in the testimony given by the perpetrators of the September 11 terrorist attacks, and, second, in the official charter of the Palestinian Hamas movement.
Omer Bartov is professor of history at Brown University and the author, most recently, of Germany's War and the Holocaust: Disputed Histories (Cornell University Press).

Israel to exchange 400 Arab prisoners for one kidnapped Israeli and the remains of three soldiers

NY Times: JERUSALEM, Jan. 24 — Israel will free more than 400 Arab prisoners in a swap with Lebanon's Hezbollah guerrilla group, an important breakthrough that will return a kidnapped Israeli businessman and the remains of three Israeli soldiers, officials said Saturday.

The complicated exchange was brokered by the German government and is set to be carried out on Jan. 29, said Israeli, German and Hezbollah officials, all of whom confirmed the agreement in separate announcements Saturday night.

"We are satisfied that our boys are coming home, that's our main concern," said Jonathan Peled, spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry.

The deal is a rare instance in which Israel and Hezbollah have managed to reach an accord. Israel pulled its military out of southern Lebanon in May 2000 after battling with Hezbollah for the better part of two decades. But no peace agreement was reached, and the parties still exchange fire across the border Israeli-Lebanese border.

Israel and Hezbollah will exchange not only the living, but also the remains of fighters who, even in death, have been held captive for years.

Israel will free mostly Palestinian prisoners, but it will also release 23 from Lebanon, 5 from Syria, 5 from Morocco, 3 from Sudan and one from Libya, an Israeli official said.

The most prominent among them will be two Lebanese guerrilla leaders, Sheik Abdel Karim Obeid, who was seized in 1989, and Mustafa Dirani, captured in 1994. Israel has never charged them with crimes.

In addition, Israel will repatriate the remains of 59 Lebanese, most of them Hezbollah fighters killed in southern Lebanon before Israel's pullout, the official added.

In return, Hezbollah will free Elhanan Tannenbaum, an Israeli businessman kidnapped in October 2000 in the United Arab Emirates, Israeli media reports said. That same month, Hezbollah forces ambushed three of Israeli soldiers along the border and took them into Lebanon. Israel has declared them dead, and their remains are to be returned.

For years, Israel and Hezbollah have staged on-and-off negotiations through third parties, and a deal appeared within reach last November when Israel's cabinet narrowly approved an agreement in principle. But there had been no word recently on the negotiations, and the announcement on Saturday came as a surprise.

Tensions rose again this past week when Hezbollah guerrillas fired a missile that hit an Israeli armored military bulldozer, killing a soldier and seriously wounding a second.

A small number of Lebanese who killed Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon are expected to be released, but no other prisoners with what Israel called "blood on their hands" are to be freed.

Israel will not release Samir Qantar, a Lebanese sentenced to life in prison for an attack in 1979 that killed an Israeli man and his 4-year-old daughter in their home. Hezbollah had been demanding the release of Mr. Qantar and all other Lebanese prisoners, but apparently agreed to drop that demand rather than risk undermining the deal.

The exchange has produced anguished debates in Israel, with the government, the public and the families of the missing Israelis expressed mixed feelings.

... some Israeli critics said Israel was paying too high a price and expressed concern that the arrangement could encourage more kidnappings.
See also analysis in the Jerusalem Post: German mediation was the key, and The Best of Enemies at Slate.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Why more Jews are considering voting for Bush

By Stefan C. Friedman and Deborah Orin
December 4, 2003 -- NY Post: Presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry set off a firestorm among Jewish leaders yesterday by saying Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or former Secretary of State James Baker could be used as a special envoy to the Middle East in the Massachusetts senator's administration.

Kerry's comments - made during what was billed as a major foreign-policy speech at the Council on Foreign Relations - were met with light applause at the event.

But the proposal sparked shock and anger in the Jewish community, especially in view of former President Carter's perceived anti-Israel stance at the latest "peace summit" in Geneva.

"I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. None of those three would be on my list," said Abe Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League.

"Two are biased on the side of the Arabs - Carter and Baker - and Clinton tried and failed, so why would we use him again?"

Clinton sought to craft a comprehensive Mideast peace deal in his final months as president, but failed. Israel's current government says it wou! ld never offer as many concessions to Palestinians as Clinton proposed.

Carter over the years has been increasingly critical of Israel, and said at the Geneva conference that the inability to resolve the Mideast conflict helps foster terrorism. Baker was secretary of state under President Bush's dad, and was widely seen as tilting anti-Israel.

Another prominent Jewish leader said,: "What is [Kerry] trying to do - commit suicide? It's at best naive and ignorant. Remarks like this are why more Jews are considering voting for Bush."

Jews are among the most loyal Democrats, but Republicans believe they are making significant inroads among Jewish voters because of the president's strong support for Israel.

Betty Ehrenberg, international-affairs director of the Orthodox Union, said, "Many in our community view Mr. Baker and Mr. Carter as tilting toward the Palestinians."

Meanwhile, now that it looks like John Kerry is the up and coming Demoliberah, I suggest a closer look at him is in order.
Steven Plaut on John Kerry
Did you know that he also just endorsed the Beilin "deal"?
Did you know that he used to hang out and denounce America together with Hanoi Jane Fonda?

Did you know:

Senator Kerry often speaks of his war record and his military service during the Vietnam war. No one doubts that he served and by most accounts, served well. Kerry was also awarded the distinctive honor of a Silver Star. But some questions linger.

The Silver Star is awarded to those who have exhibited ''gallantry in action'' while in combat with an enemy of the United States.

It's true that Lieutenant (j.g.) Kerry was in combat. Indeed, his boat had been fired upon by the enemy. Kerry beached his boat and an enemy soldier broke and ran. Tom Belodeau, one of the boat's gunners, admitted this enemy soldier was wounded in the attack. Lt. Kerry then chased the wounded man behind a ''hootch'' where he ''finished him off.'' It was for this action that he was awarded the prestigious Silver Star.

There were some who felt this act was not deserving of such an honor. Dan Carr, a Marine who served 14 months in Vietnam, questioned whether such an honor should have been bestowed on a man who killed a retreating and wounded enemy soldier.

When young Kerry returned to the States, he began protesting against the Vietnam War. On April 23, 1971, Kerry testified before Congress about atrocities he had allegedly seen and heard about. He testified that American soldiers ''raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, [had] blown up bodies, randomly shot at civili! ans, razed villages, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam.'' He stated there never was a communist threat in Vietnam.

He joined a group called ''Vietnam Vets against the War.'' This group eventually abandoned him because the members realized that he was using their cause as a platform for his own personal gain. He was making it appear as though American soldiers were out-of-control animals, rampaging across Vietnam torturing and killing for sport. This was not
their message. They were protesting the war. They werent accusing their fellow soldiers of being murderers and rapists. They had not seen any of the behavior Kerry stated he witnessed. One member remarked that Kerry seemed to be making it up to give people what they wanted to hear.

Recently, Senator Kerry gave a speech at a Vietnam War Memorial, and any of the veterans turned their backs to him and walked away. They saw him as the man who called them war criminals in his testimony before Congress. The man who received the Silver Star for killing a wounded, retreating enemy soldier, had accused them of hideous war crimes.

Michael Benge, a Viet Nam POW from 1968 to 1973, wants Americans to know that it was Kerry who blocked ''The Vietnam Human Rights Act" (HR-2833). Benge believes that action gave Hanoi the green light to ignore violations of human rights with the blessing of the United States.

Senator Kerry can often be heard making the statement that the Bush Administration is controlled solely by ''special interests.'' Of course, he is untouched by this disease that he says permeates the Republican Party.

The senator was the head of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs in 1992. He pushed vigorously to normalize relations with Vietnam. He visited Vietnam and praised them for being open and reported he was convinced they were not holding American POWs. Many families didnt believe him then and dont believe him now. But why would he be so anxious to normalize relations with the former enemy?

The answer is special interests and money. Collier's International, based in Boston, was immediately awarded the exclusive contract to rebuild Vietnams infrastructure by the Vietnamese government. They made tens of millions of dollars from the contract. The chief executive officer of Collier's International was a man named C. Stewart Forbes. Interestingly, Senator Kerrys middle name is Forbes. There is a reason for that. C. Stewart Forbes is John Kerry's cousin.

The New Yorker Magazine touted Kerry as the senator who defeated the ''mendacious POW lobby.'' Yes, Kerry helped defeat those tenacious family members who wanted to know what happened to their missing loved ones. His strange bedfellow in this battle against POW families was none other than fellow Senator and former POW John McCain.

This committee's final report in 1993 was chilling. It determined that American POWs were left alive in Viet Nam after the war but felt none were still alive. It makes no attempt to identify those left behind, how they died, who killed them, and where their remains are located. They were abandoned in life and death.

Is Senator Kerry in full support of our intelligence gathering capabilities?; his voting record indicates he is not.

In 1994/95, Kerry proposed a bill to gut $1.5 billion from intelligence and freeze spending for two major intelligence
programs--the National Foreign Intelligence Program and Tactical Intelligence Program. (S. 1826) The bill did not make it to a vote, but the language was retooled, the amount dropped to $1 billion, and it was finally defeated as S. Amendment 1452 to H.R. 3759 (S. 1826, Introduced 2/3/94).

He voted to cut 80 million from the FBI budget (HR-2076).

In 1997, Kerry felt there that were no threats to the United States. This prompted him to place this statement in the Congressional Record: ''Now that the [Cold War] struggle is over, why is it that our vast intelligence apparatus continues to grow even as Government resources for new and essential priorities fall f! ar short of what is necessary?''
(Congressional Record, 5/1/97, p. S3891)

Twelve days after 9/11, Senator Kerry had the nerve to make this statement: ''And the tragedy is, at the moment, that the single most important weapon for the United States of America is intelligence. we are weakest, frankly, in that particular area. So its going to take us time to be able to build up here to do this properly.'' (CBS ''Face the Nation,'' 9/23/01)

After spending years trying to lay waste to our intelligence capabilities, succeeding at times, and failing at times, he now preaches about how our intelligence community was negligent.
Interesting that Kerry's paternal grandparents were Jews -last name Kohn, from the Czech Republic-

...and Wesley Clark's father was a Jew. Benjamin Kanne (pronounced KAY-nee, apparently a variation of Cohen) died when Clark was four years old; his Austrian mother never told him about his Jewish background.

And Howard Dean's wife is a Jew...

And Joe Lieberman is a Jew...

Now what are the chances of that, especially those Cohanim?