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Friday, August 06, 2004

Shabbat Shalom

Meanwhile, back in the Terror-tories,
child abuse continues unabated and unprotested

A Palestinian boy holds a gun during a rally of the Al-Aqsa
Martyrs' Brigades militant group in West Bank city of Nablus
on August 5, 2004. Photo by Abed Omar Qusini/Reuters

Where are the lefties when you need 'em?

Swastikas in San Francisco

I want you to read Roger Simon's post, Backtracking Again, and not because he links to me in it (undoubtedly a fun thing). Read it because if you don't, you won't know about David Heller.

David Heller is running for the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco. He's Jewish. So somebody's defaced his campaign posters with swastikas. The only news article I could find says that Heller is a beauty shop owner, and that he lost all of his relatives on his father's side to the Nazis.

Is it the reporter or the ADL who infers that Heller himself is to blame? We blog. You decide.
Heller used the colors of the Israeli flag for his posters. The Anti-Defamation League says references to Israel can set off anti-Semitic attacks.

My friend Lisa, who's very wise, says it must have been a neo-Nazi or a Muslim who did it. She said that while the Left feeds this sort of thing (a la Gore comparing Bush's staff to Nazi "brown shirts"), they wouldn't actually deface a sign with a swastika. I'm not so sure, but I take comfort in her opinion.

The comments at Simon's post are a must-read, very thoughtful and not a little scary. This is a very important discussion, one we must have.

That Roger Simon's a stand-up guy after all. I'm glad.

UPDATE: The San Francisco Examiner quotes the ADL regional director as saying the graffiti was not an isolated incident and that "we have a unique problem in San Francisco of hate crime targeting Jews."

UPDATE II: Arabs Behead Another Infidel - said to be Benjamin Vanderford from San Francisco

Reuters - "I am from San Francisco, California," the young man in the video said, dressed in a plain beige T-shirt and seated on a chair. "We need to leave this country right now. If we don't, everyone is gonna be killed in this way," he said.

"We need to leave this country alone. We need to stop this occupation." The video then showed a hand with a large knife slicing through the neck of a limp body.

. . . . The chanting of verses from the Koran, the Muslim holy book, could be heard in the background. . . .

The American gave his name and address before appealing to the United States to leave Iraq.

The name and address appeared to match a Benjamin Vanderford, who has a U.S. Web site and who resembles the man in the militant video. He is described on the Vanderford site as a 22-year-old independent candidate for district supervisor in San Francisco. He is also a musician and video-game programer.

Small world, and getting smaller.


Benjamin Vanderford of San Francisco admits to faking a hoax video appearing to show himself beheaded in Iraq as part of campaign for local office. Fake tape appeared around world. Saturday. (Debka)

FoxNews: [Vanderford] said he understood if relatives of those killed in Iraq thought his stunt was misguided, but he offered no apologies for the hoax.

And here I desecrated Shabbat, the Sabbath, to blog about his beheading?! because it was so upsetting....

Gd forgive me, I should have known better.

This is a public service announcement.

Rabbi Lazer Brody's Ten Commandments for a Husband

  1. Never criticize your wife, no matter what. In an environment free of criticism, she'll blossom emotionally, and she'll do everything in her power to please you, so ultimately, you won't have anything to criticize.
  2. Never make a negative remark about her parents or family. Call your inlaws once a week. If you develop a good relationship with them, your wife will forever hold you in high regard.
  3. Never say "no" to your wife; if she asks for something that you can't afford, tell her you'll get it for her as soon as you have the money.
  4. Spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day listening to your wife - not talking, just listening. Show her that her life is important to you. If possible, you should set aside an hour a day for quality communication time together (sitting in front of the TV with beer and pretzels is not quality communication time!).
  5. Never go to bed angry.
  6. Agree on a mutually-acceptable third party (a clergyman you trust, etc.) to air your differences.
  7. Never say a derogatory word about your wife to anyone.
  8. If your wife is displeased with you, don't be angry; it's usually a sign that The Almighty is displeased with you. Rather than arguing with her, do some soul-searching, and you'll see how things work out.
  9. Smile always, and try your best to speak softly to her always. Nothing makes a wife nervous like an angry husband.
  10. The more you trust in G-d, the more you'll develop inner strength. Wives love nothing more than a husband with inner strength.
Some GOOD NEWS for a change

Aliyah in honor of Dr. David Appelbaum

(IsraelNN.com) Less than one year following the tragic terrorist slaying of US-Israeli Dr. David Applebaum in Jerusalem, 15 US and Canadian physicians are moving to Israel-together with their families numbering nearly 100 individuals-in a program sponsored by Nefesh B’Nefesh in close cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel, to honor and memorialize the murdered healer.

Dr. Applebaum was killed, together with his 20-year-old daughter Nava on her wedding eve, September 9, 2003, at Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem. Seven people were killed and 30 injured in the suicide bomb attack. Dr. Applebaum, born in Detroit and raised in Cleveland, moved to Israel in 1981, where he served as director of Emergency Services at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital.

Applebaum Fellows on this summer’s third Nefesh B’Nefesh-sponsored El Al flight of over 400 newcomers to Israel, include: an ER specialist, surgeon, pediatric nephrologist and pediatric gastroenterologist.

In total, nearly 1,500 North Americans are moving to Israel this summer.

Israel is crazy

Israel is crazy #1
Arutz Sheva: Israel continues to transfer funds to P.A.

Though it is widely believed that economic agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are frozen because of the latter's refusal to fulfill its basic obligation to fight terrorism - it's not true. Only two weeks ago, on July 18, Israel transferred no less than 4.3 million shekels - almost $1 million - to the Palestinian Authority's account in Israel's Postal Bank. The source for this information? A copy of a bank transfer statement that mistakenly reached a Jewish resident of the Shomron.

The errant bank notice states that the transferred funds are for "Value Added Tax." The 1993 Oslo Accords stipulate that the PA will be exempt from paying the 17% VAT that Israelis pay for goods and services. Israel thus periodically reimburses the PA for the sums it paid in VAT.

Health Minister Danny Naveh recently said, "The situation in which the money transferred by Israel to the PA is used for terrorism is an insane situation that must be stopped."The Finance Ministry spokesman, contacted this morning for a response on the above transfer by Arutz-7's Shimon Cohen, stated, "The Ministry acts according to law, and does not transfer monies on which a confiscation order has been placed."

In July 2002, before a similar transfer of 70 million shekels, it was announced that "the clearance will be made to a PA bank account that is managed and controlled solely by [newly-appointed PA Treasurer] Salem Fayad."

Arutz-7 therefore further asked the Finance Ministry today, shortly before press time, if a mechanism is in place to ensure that the money is not used for terrorism. A response has not yet been received.
Israel is crazy #2
Jerusalem Post: Israel authorizes Palestinian Authority policemen to bear arms

On Friday Israel authorized Palestinian Authority policemen to bear arms in a number of cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in order to control the anarchy raging in Palestinian cities.

It is the first time since fighting erupted nearly four years ago that Israel has agreed to allow Palestinian police in the West Bank to carry arms.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz approved the decision Thursday following a thorough assessment of the current situation, Israel Radio reported.

Response to Mofaz's decision to allow Palestinian policemen to bear arms has been mostly one of outrage and fury.

And speaking of crazy, it was Arafat's 75th birthday the other day. He had his cake and ate it, too.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat offers a piece of cake to a guest, unseen, during a birthday celebration with visitors from Jerusalem at his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah Thursday, Aug. 5, 2004. Arafat turned 75 Wednesday Aug. 4. At right is Hana Attalla, a Greek-Orthodox priest from Jerusalem . (AP Photo/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

Watch this

KerryOnIraq.com offers an 11-minute video documentary, recommended by Rudy Giuliani among others.

I couldn't even sit through it all, but maybe you can.

John Kerry is No News personified

Jonah Goldberg:
If America is attacked, he says he wouldn't hesitate to respond with force. That's nice, I guess. But what else is he going to say? . . . He makes it sound like he's the first President to have the courage to commit to a policy of retaliation to attacks. Has any president actually rejected such a policy?

Kerry promises "I will never give any nation or international institution a veto over our national security." Again, great. But no major candidate has ever promised to do otherwise.

Charles Krauthammer:

. . . the association of fitness for the presidency with military experience does not withstand five minutes of reflection. If that were the case, Lincoln would have failed as commander in chief in the Civil War, and FDR would have failed as commander in chief in World War II. By that logic, Ulysses S. Grant should have been -- as Douglas MacArthur would have been -- a great president.

Yes, Vietnam service gives Kerry a credential for high office. But beyond that, what is there? His biography, as presented to the world, was this: He was born, went to Vietnam, and is now running for president. Just about his entire adult life is a 30-year void. The hagiographic film at the convention omitted his first entry into politics (his failed run for Congress in 1972, an attempt to cash in immediately on his Vietnam/antiwar service). There was no mention of the fact that his first elected office was as Michael Dukakis' lieutenant governor. And practically nothing was said about his 20 years of deeply unmemorable service in the Senate.

The convention gave no bounce because it consisted of but two elements: Vietnam, plus attacks on the president.

Daniel Henninger:

John Lewis Gaddis, the noted foreign-policy historian, said several months ago that any Democratic nominee should acknowledge "that pre-emption does have a place in American foreign policy. . . . Pre-emption is out there now for discussion and debate as a legitimate instrument of foreign policy, in a way that it certainly wasn't before September 11."

The Kerry campaign recently directed voters to the new Kerry-Edwards book, "Our Plan for America: Stronger at Home, Respected in the World." The book's main text has one reference to pre-emption: "And his doctrine of unilateral pre-emption has driven away our allies and cost us the support of other nations." It sounds like a Barbra Streisand song: I want to be loved by you, just you, nobody but you. . . .

The book says, "We will join our European allies to offer Iran a simple deal. . . ."

Peter Beinart:

Nowhere in Kerry's speech did he say that building security at home means building liberalism abroad--which will require more money and more sacrifice, not less.

At the close of his speech, Kerry asked Americans to imagine "what if" we cure Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. "What if" we provide after-school programs and end discrimination? But he never asked "what if" we help liberate the Middle East--so Muslims can live in freedom and Americans can live in peace. Biden said this generation of Americans "longs to do great things" in the world. But, when it came to the war against radical Islam, Kerry almost implied that great things were not necessary.

And Rick Richman at Jewish Current Issues again exposes Kerry on Israel:

[Alan Solomont] said John Kerry's record on Israel is ''perfect" and that the senator has traveled a number of times to the region and familiarized himself with the issues and its leaders.

''John Kerry has been as good a friend of Israel as anyone," Solomont said. ''He didn't need to be a candidate for president to become interested in these issues. He already has the deep knowledge and experience in foreign relations."

Sheesh. Where to begin?

1. A "perfect" record on Israel? As good a friend "as anyone"? Uh, no. On important votes, he was basically a 60-40 guy.

2. "[F]amiliarized himself" with the region’s leaders? Kerry has never spoken with Ariel Sharon. But during his January 2002 trip to the region, he went to Ramallah for a private meeting with Arafat.

3. "[D]eep knowledge" of the issues? Hmmm. See how many errors you can spot in Kerry’s April 23, 2004 statement about Taba to the Newspaper Association of America/American Society of Newpaper Editors Joint Conference:
If you go back to Taba, President Clinton in fact arrived at an agreement on right of return as well as the annexation of a number of settlements.
The correct answer is . . . three.
Three errors in one important foreign policy sentence. You have to read the rest to see what they are, but forget "deep knowledge" of the issues. Forget his being so thoughtful, so very much more intelligent than the president.

The Generic Anti-Bush doesn't have a cogent plan. That's why I say he's No News, and that's why Zev Chafets says Bush is going to win:

John Kerry is not a bad man. He probably wouldn't make a bad President. But he is a bad candidate in a terrible situation. He represents the wing of the Democratic Party that is imbued with a sense of its own moral, intellectual, cultural and social superiority. In short, he is the standard bearer for the unbearable.

No news? No plan? Met with Arafat but not Sharon? Unbearable? Anybody but Bush?

I don't think so.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Synagogue torched and 100 Jewish graves vandalized

Wellington, New Zealand

NZ City: Police have raised their estimate of the number of Jewish graves desecrated at a Wellington cemetery.

A small synagogue in the Jewish section of the Makara cemetery has also been destroyed by fire in this morning's attack.

Reporter Ann Marie Cresswell, who is at the scene, says firefighters arrived at about 4.25am.

Initially police thought about 40 graves had been vandalised, but as day broke, they found the figure was closer to 100.

The Fire Service has extinguished the blaze at the synagogue but the roof has been destroyed and the interior has suffered smoke damage. The fire is being treated as suspicious.

Last month, gravestones were desecrated at Wellington's Bolton Street Cemetery. Some Jewish leaders blame the Government, following its harsh rebuke of Israel over the spy scandal.

Police says the vandalism at the Makara Cemetery differs because at Bolton Street, other pieces of marble were used to smash up the headstones. The headstones at Makara have been pushed over rather than broken.

Y'hei sh'lama raba min-sh'maya, v'chayim aleinu v'al-kol-yis-roel, v'imru: Amen. - May there be great peace from the heavens and life for us and for all of Israel and we say: Amen.

Kol hakavod to Mimi Ito

Her letter in today's Daily Camera

ISRAEL: U.N. resolution didn't say 'all'

United Nations Resolution 242 of 1967 called for withdrawal of Israel from "territories occupied in the recent conflict." Juliet Wittman (Open Forum, July 29) asserts that this meant withdrawal from all territories Israel acquired, and only "extremists" claim it means some, not all. This is a common misperception. Three of the framers of this resolution have since cleared up the confusion.

"The notable omissions — which were not accidental — in regard to withdrawal are the words 'the' or 'all' ... the resolution speaks of withdrawal ... without defining the extent of withdrawal," said Arthur Goldberg, the American ambassador who led the U.S. delegation to the U.N. at the time.

Eugene Rostow, American undersecretary of state for political affairs, wrote that when "a just and lasting peace in the Middle East is achieved ... Israel is required to withdraw its armed forces ... not from 'all' the territories, but from some of the territories..." As we know, no peace exists in spite of Israel's offers to give up much of its tiny land (0.046 percent of the entire Arab empire).

British ambassador Lord Caradon wrote "It would have been wrong to demand that Israel return to its (previous borders) because these positions were undesirable and artificial." Israel had been nine miles across at its narrowest width, hardly an easily defensible border. We can see why those who hate Israel want her to return to those borders.

We should also note that:

1. Israel acquired these territories in a defensive war.

2. 242 required Arab states to make peace with Israel before Israel was to return any territories.

3. Israel gave up 91 percent of the territories when it returned the Sinai to Egypt.

4. 242 did not call for any territories to be given to Palestinians (something critics of Israel seem unaware of).


Surely Juliet Wittman is confused no more :)

According to the NY Times,
Morgan County WVA is a "19th-century GOP bastion"

The underlying message? Only rednecks could support the president.
Now how often does my home state get mentioned in the New York Times? Usually it's not even given credit for existing on the same planet as Manhattan. Thus it was with great skepticism that I encountered this.

A 19th-Century G.O.P. Bastion Holds Firm
by Elisabeth Rosenthal

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - It has been a rough year for the Bush administration by some measures, with criticism from the Sept. 11 commission, prison scandals in Iraq and a flat economy at home. But here in the remote hills of northeastern West Virginia, most people have a hard time imagining a candidate better than the incumbent, who they say shares their values in a way no Democrat ever could. . . .

"Sure, I'm voting for Bush; I feel much more secure about terrorism with George Bush around," said Richard Jenkinson Jr., a retired Vietnam veteran who works in a junk store in this Civil War town that has not changed much in the last 100 years.

As Mr. Jenkinson offers a tour of his issues, it is easy to see why George Bush is his man. He believes that invading Iraq was a wise move, because "Saddam Hussein was a Hitler-type character, who needed to be taken out." He is opposed to abortion, except to save a woman's life. A gun owner and National Rifle Association member, like almost everyone else here, Mr. Jenkinson considers owning guns a civil right and "part of home protection."

On weekends, he and his friends shoot at pictures of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. "It's a way of handling hostility, I guess," Mr. Jenkinson said, with a shrug. . .

People in this part of the country like and respect George Bush. Although a record percentage of Americans now say the country is moving in the wrong direction, and Mr. Bush is being lampooned in "Fahrenheit 9/11," here he is still regarded as a hero and a statesman.

That's of course because WVA is way behind the times, as the article goes out of its way to show, and not at all the superior "urban" territory of the Times.

I can only say it is offensively idiotic to describe Berkeley WVA as a "civil war town" (1860s) which "has not changed much in the last 100 years" ( since 1904). Surely Ms. Rosenthal does not mean to infer that Berkeley Springs WVA has no television, no computers, no microwaves, no central heating, no electricity. Perhaps the police there arrest women for smoking in public? Or maybe the speed limit is 20 mph. Surely you can find an ice cream cone in Berkeley Springs, even though they weren't invented until 1904.

Michael Moore calls his lampoon of Pres. Bush a "documentary" and the New York Times calls this lampooning of West Virginians "news." Both are deceitful and manipulative in order to assert their power over public opinion, i.e their power over what you think.

A pox on both their houses.

Who reads blogs?

from the Atlanta Jewish Times
According to Blogads, a company that connects paying advertisers to the appropriate blogging audiences — making some blogs self-supporting if not profitable — blog readers are “hyper-literate, highly networked, influential and affluent.”

The company’s recent survey of more than 17,000 blog readers found that 61 percent are over the age of 30, 75 percent make more than $45,000 a year and most are “media mavens.”

Men outnumber women four to one in the blogosphere. . .

Eighty-two percent of blog readers believe that television is worthless or only marginally useful in providing news and information, according to the Blogads survey, so they head to blogs in search of the news and opinion they can’t find elsewhere.

Blog readers — whatever their political leaning— also tend to be ruthlessly unforgiving.
Toda to Raz for the heads-up.

Ugh, a letter to the wife of Paul Johnson

from MEMRI, via Jihad Watch

According to MEMRI, the recent issue of Sawt al-Jihad ("Voice of Jihad"), which is identified with Al-Qa'ida, published an article titled "A Letter to the Wife of the Slain Pagan Paul Johnson from the Wife of One of the Martyrs."

This anonymous letter celebrates the murder of the American hostage Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia, and is attributed to the wife of one of the terrorists killed by the Saudi Security forces.

The letter has grotesque lines like,

"We are just getting started
and the corpse of your husband
shall be followed by mountains of corpses."

The blood of your husband is the blood of a dog
because he is an idolatrous infidel."

"May you shed tears mixed with blood. . . "

Robert Spencer comments:

This is a cannily written piece. It focuses on grievances that Europeans and American Leftists will love -- the occupation of Iraq, alleged Western targeting of non-combatants -- and suggests that Muslims will fight against Americans until they leave Iraq. This implies that the jihad will then end, which is the view of many analysts today on the Left and the Right: if we just stop bothering the Muslims, they'll stop bothering us.

Unfortunately, this doesn't take into account the traditional Islamic teachings about offensive jihad: the necessity to wage war to establish the hegemony of Islam. It is affirmed often (here by South African Mufti Ebrahim Desai), but gets hardly any attention from taqiyya-addled Western analysts. Yet it is not something that will be mitigated by the removal of any or all points of contention.

What I don't understand is what the lefties think when they read things like this. Or do they not read them, because they're not seen in the New York Times or heard on NPR? I never would have imagined that liberals could be so idiotic. Get rid of Bush, and everything will be okay. Kerry will sweep the Jihadis back under the rug where Clinton tried to keep them, and the whole problem will disappear. The psychopathic hatred evident in this letter will magically dissolve, the insurgents' weapons will rust away and they will themselves dissipate, quietly returning to being poor little brown people on the other side of the world. We will occasionally read about them in lefty human rights fundraising letters, and once in a while we'll mail off a check for their hungry children. Back at home, America will no longer be "divided, unstable [and] paranoid."

Kerry's plan? Absolute fairy dust. The silly infidel remedy for "tears mixed with blood."

American Jews: Before and After 9/11

In January, 31% of Jews surveyed said they would vote for the president's re-election

Jewish World Review:

Ed Koch, the former mayor of New York who is as partisan as a Democrat comes, is a Bush man this year.

I do not agree with President Bush on a single major domestic issue," he says, "but in my view those issues pale in comparison with the threat of international terrorism. The stated goal of al-Qaida and its supporters is to kill or convert every infidel, and that means Jews, Christians, Buddhists and everyone else who will not accept Islam's supremacy."

. . . Ed Koch, like a growing number of his co-religionists, doesn't think a President Kerry could withstand the pressures from the left-wing radicals of his party, no matter how hard they bit their tongues in Boston. These lefties are hostile to Israel, and cultivate strong links to anti-American partisans in Europe, especially in France and Britain.

John Kerry tells Jewish audiences what they want to hear, and when he imagines he's safely out of their sight, flip-flops. During the primaries, in a speech to the Arab-American Institute, he denounced the fence Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was building on the West Bank. "We don't need another barrier to peace," he said.

Eight months later, with the Democratic nomination safely tucked away, he sang a different tune: "The security fence is a legitimate act of self-defense erected in response to the wave of terror attacks against Israeli citizens."

He suggested that he might send Jimmy Carter, the rare evangelical Christian who is not a friend of Israel, to work on Middle East peace negotiations. When that idea bombed, he blamed the "mistake" on his speechwriters. It's not clear whether John Kerry would encourage negotiations with Yasser Arafat, whom he described as a "role model" and "statesman" after the signing of the Oslo accord. How he really feels apparently depends on where he is, and who's listening.

The Republicans count on Jews in America to spot the Kerry weakness as it affects Jewish and Israeli interests. They are actively courting the 500,000 Jews who live in Florida, where a small shift could make a big difference.

Only one in 10 Jews in Florida are thought to have voted for George W. in 2000, but that was before Sept. 11. . . .

USA Today's Deceptive Backgrounder

The online resource distorts fundamental historical events essential to understanding the day-to-day news.

Online news sites have the unique ability to provide historical background via slide shows and multi-media links alongside news articles. Properly done, these 'backgrounders' can supply essential context to daily reports. In particular, coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with its complex history, certainly benefits from such a resource.

But USA Today's online backgrounder ? The Mideast Conflict: A look at the region's history ? contains distortions of seminal historical events.

Boker tov, it's Goebbels all over again. We absolutely cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to major American publications distorting history. You might laugh when you read,

"May 15, 1948, Jewish settlers in Palestine declare the state of Israel,"

or "June 5-10, 1967, Israel launches offensive . . . "

but this is dangerous stuff and must not be ignored. Do your homework and write to editor@usatoday.com


Target: Heathrow airport

al Qaeda suspects arrested in UK

An image taken by a local resident on a mobile phone on August 3, 2004 shows anti-terror arrests taking place in Blackburn in northern England. British police arrested 13 men in a series of major anti-terror raids across the country, just days after the United States issued a high alert warning.Photo by Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) - A senior al Qaeda figure planning to attack Heathrow airport was among 12 terrorism suspects arrested in Britain two days ago, newspapers report.

None of the reports quoted a named source and all differed in details, but most linked the arrests with recent swoops in Pakistan and this week's alert in New York and Washington.

If true, that could help persuade sceptics in the United States who have questioned the justification for their alert, which led to some of the most disruptive security measures since the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Police sources could not confirm Thursday's reports but said they appeared to be based on information discovered on computer equipment seized in Pakistan.

Police say the new British arrests were the result of a long-planned, intelligence-led operation that began before recent roundups in Pakistan.

The government played down reports that Heathrow, one of the world's busiest airports, was an imminent target.

"We've always adopted the policy ... that if there was a specific threat, a specific target, then we would tell people, as was the case over British Airways flights to America some months ago," cabinet minister Peter Hain told BBC radio.

The Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Sun each ran versions of the story, citing unnamed Pakistani officials saying plans to attack Heathrow were found on the computer of Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan, held last month in Lahore.

The reports also mentioned a suspected senior al Qaeda operative in Britain named Abu Musa al-Hindi or Abu Eisa al-Hindi. Three papers said Hindi was tasked with attacking Heathrow. Three said he was among the 12 arrested.

CNN reported on Thursday that Hindi had been in contact with Khan.

al Qaeda actively seeking a presence in the Terror-tories

Matthew Gutman in the Jerusalem Post: Al-Qaida elements are working to carve out a bridgehead in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by exploiting the anarchy in the Palestinian Authority, according to Aksa Martyrs Brigades leader Zacharia Zubeidi.

The Jenin-based Zubeidi's comments are the first Palestinian acknowledgement that al-Qaida is actively seeking a presence in the West Bank or Gaza.

The revelation complements IDF warnings that al-Qaida has probed Palestinian weak spots to find possible avenues for extending its jihad beyond Afghanistan and Iraq to here.

The disarray of the Palestinian polity "gives organizations like al-Qaida the chance to intervene. What we see right now in Iraq will come to Jenin also if we are not careful," Zubeidi told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday.

Still in hiding after having survived five IDF assassination attempts, Zubeidi said al-Qaida is specifically working to "find a nesting place in the West Bank."

PA Police Chief Maj.-Gen. Sa'eb al-Ajez denied any extant or future al-Qaida role among Palestinian militants. "This group or others will have no place among the Palestinians," he said Wednesday evening.

Anti-Bush Rock Stars to tour "battleground" states

Billboard: The [Vote for Change] tour will kick off Oct. 1 with a concerted effort in Pennsylvania, where Springsteen & the E Street Band will play Philadelphia with R.E.M., John Fogerty and Bright Eyes, while Pearl Jam will play Reading, Pa., with Death Cab For Cutie.

State College, Pa. will get the Dave Matthews Band, Jurassic 5, Ben Harper and My Morning Jacket on that date and the Dixie Chicks will team up with James Taylor to play Pittsburgh. John Mellencamp and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds will perform together in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and Keb' Mo' will stir things up in Williamsport, Pa.

Other states that will see some or all of the shows are Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Minnesota, North Carolina and Florida.

Vote for Change is presented by MoveOn.Org's political action committee MoveOn PAC and America Coming Together (ACT), an organization advocating change in government.

Dave Matthews:

"A vote for Bush is a vote for a divided, unstable, paranoid America."

UPDATE: Meryl Yourish is the best on this:

"Hey, they're Americans. They have the right to their opinion, and they have the right to try to change America. And I have the right to laugh at them. They're going to sponsor a concert from October 1st through the 8th in swing states, trying to affect change, by getting people who scarcely vote to come to a concert where people their parents' age and older are going to tell them to vote.

Yeah, that'll work."

JIHAD? Albany New York USA

Federal agents raid mosque

Yahoo/AP: Federal agents and city police raided a Muslim mosque overnight Wednesday, with armed officers sealing off a block in downtown Albany for several hours.

Authorities declined to immediately discuss the raid at Masjid As-Salam mosque. An FBI spokesman said a press conference was tentatively set Thursday afternoon in Washington.

Reuters: Two men suspected of being involved with an al Qaeda affiliate were arrested in Albany, New York, on Thursday in a scheme to launder money to buy a shoulder-fired missile, U.S. law enforcement sources said.

The sources said the arrests on Thursday night were unrelated to the raising of the terror threat level over the weekend on intelligence that al Qaeda was targeting financial centers in the United States.

Arrested were Ya Seen Arif, 34, and Mohammed Hoosain, 49, the sources said. Arif is the imam of the Masjid As-Salaam mosque in Albany, while Hoosain was the founder of the mosque, they said.

One of the men is a U.S. citizen but the nationality of the other was not immediately available. Another source said the two were believed to be linked with Ansar al-Islam, an Iraqi militant group suspected of having ties to the al Qaeda network.

Break-in at Jewish newspaper office - Moscow

Haartez: Burglars have broken into the office of a Jewish newspaper in Moscow and stolen computer hard drives and documents. Yabraskaya Gazeta, considered the only independent Jewish newspaper in Russia, was forced to postpone publishing this week's issue as a result of the break-in. Two weeks ago, two scanners were stolen from the office. . . .

Among other things, the newspaper publishes articles and columns written by former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger and American Jewish columnist Charles Krauthammer.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Roger Simon Says

"As a Jew, I have become, alas, inured to synagogue bombings (what? another one?), but the news of the attacks on churches in two Iraqi cities today I found strangely disconcerting, almost appalling."

I always liked reading Simon's blog, but statements like that from Jews make me absolutely sick at heart.

V'imru (and we all say) . . . alas.

What's wrong with this picture, taken in Canada?

Clifford Krauss in the NY Times:
"When the Koran Speaks, will Canadian Law Bend? "

TORONTO, Aug. 3 - If the kimono or chicken curry eventually join the maple leaf, the hockey stick and the beaver as Canadian icons, then so be it. Thus goes the thinking of multiculturalism, the official doctrine of the government for nearly 50 years, and by now a value ingrained on the broader society.

The minaret has been welcome, too, in this otherwise secular society where fewer and fewer people go to church but more than a hundred mosques have cropped up in recent years.

But even here, tolerance has its limits, and the question of where to draw the line can be a tricky one, especially when an increasing number of immigrants come from societies with vastly different values.

A group called the Canadian Society of Muslims is testing those boundaries by establishing the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice to apply the legal code called Shariah, based on the Koran, to settle disputes over property, inheritance, marriage and divorce.

The prospect of Shariah's operating openly here has already stirred a powerful controversy centering on an uncomfortable issue for any liberal society with an expanding Muslim population that now numbers 600,000: Can a predominately Judeo-Christian society trust Islamic religious rules to protect the rights of all individuals?

The Muslim group is acting under an Ontario provincial law passed in 1991 that gave religious authorities the power to arbitrate civil matters as long as the people seeking arbitration do so voluntarily and are free to appeal those decisions in Canadian courts.

Under the law, Jews and Christians have settled a relatively narrow number of issues without going through the courts. Rabbis have granted religious divorces, decided on matters relating to kosher dietary laws and arbitrated business disputes. Catholic couples have gone to priests to annul marriages, while churches of various dominations have settled disputes related to inappropriate behavior of ministers and monetary disagreements within and between parishes.

But the Islamic Institute wants imams and other arbitrators to decide a broader range of issues.

Continue . . .

Should be an interesting situation to watch. ". . . the Ontario government has appointed Marion Boyd, a feminist activist and former provincial cabinet member to review the 1991 arbitration law." So far, she's "struggling" with it:

"How do we honor two commitments, to multiculturalism and equity to the rule of law, that often seem to come into conflict?" asked Ms. Boyd in an interview.

Hmmmm, whatever shall we do? Allow the stoning of allegedly adulterous women? Allow the hand of a thief to be cut off? What about the heads of infidels?

The Wall Fence as Blessing

This is why I read Imshin. She and husband Bish go to Netanya, and tell us what it's like.

Remember Netanya? Netanya of the Park Hotel Passover Massacre, when thirty people, many of them elderly, were slaughtered as they sat down for the ritual Passover Seder meal in the dining room of a hotel; Netanya of numerous other terrorist attacks in recent years; Netanya that had become a ghost town because people were too scared to leave their homes, not to mention stay at the beachfront hotels.

Last night the center of Netanya was alive and buzzing with activity. People everywhere, hundreds of them, happy, carefree. Just a mid-week summer night in a vibrant holiday resort. Municipal banners promised Tu b’Av festivities (the Jewish festival of love) somewhere, but we could see no sign of them, just people having a good time out on the town.

Read it all.

Netanya, vibrant. I don't know about you, but this allowed me one big sigh of relief: Whew, thank Gd, thank Imshin, thank the fence, thank Sharon for the fence. Oh, and thank the Palestinians for the concrete.

Leah Guildenstern got mail

You have to read the post on her blog about the Kerry fundraising letter she got, but here's the upshot:
The WHOLE thing is about "not Bush". There isn't a substance in there, a single point to stand on other than "Get rid of Bush and everything will be ok". How absolutely pitiful. And the scary part is that this kind of campaign can result in such close results in polls. Absolutely amazing. Minds so open their brains fell out.

What a great line.

Give the Presbyterians a piece of your mind

The Unity Coalition for Israel has an Action Alert, where you can fill out a form and it will be sent to the Presbyterians, as follows (you may edit as you see fit).

Dear Rev Dr. Clifton Kirkpatrick, CEO of General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA; Mr John J. Dettrick, Executive Director,

Last week, delegates representing the three-million-strong American Presbyterian Church voted, by a margin of 431-62, to study the idea of divesting itself from Israel – that is, refusing to invest church money in companies that do over $1 million annually in business there.

In addition, you have condemned Israel for building an anti-terrorist fence because it inconveniences Palestinians. You forget that Palestinian terrorism destabilizes and inconveniences the entire world: It impacts the global economy, airport travel is a logistical nightmare, thousands of lives have been lost, and survivor’s lives have been ruined. In fact, you might cynically say, a Palestinian homicide bombing can ruin your whole day. The security fence is being erected to defend the brutalized Israeli civilians.

Would you, Presbyterian church, suggest that the United States ignore the radical Islamic threat resulting in 9/11? Are we wrong to establish a Homeland Security Program to defend ourselves?I can only conclude that the issues of divestiture and the security fence need to be rethought by the World Court and by you. The Presbyterian church. Your current position can only lead one to believe that you care more about the inconvenience of the Palestinian terrorists than the destroyed lives of their victims.


- - - - - - -

Don't you wish the press would directly question the Prebyterian representatives who voted? I'd like to see them challenged to defend their views. Actually, Jews in each and every town where there is a Presbyterian church should make an appointment to speak with the local pastor about this. It would be more personal and effective, neighborly, grassroots and all that.

Now, who's gonna come with me?

Israel in the Indices

Amnon Rubinstein reports on Human Development according to the UN

  • Israel is in eighth place in the general longevity index.
  • In the index that measures the chance, at birth, of reaching age 60, Israel is in second place, immediately after Sweden and ahead of Holland, Belgium, Finland, Norway and even Japan, the land of long life.
  • Regarding the chances of reaching 65, at birth, Israel is in first place for women and ninth for men.
  • Other health figures are astonishing. In the category of the prevalence of HIV in the population group aged 15-49 for 2003, Israel shares the lowest rate in the world together with Finland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Britain.
  • Israel can boast a particularly impressive achievement in the area of infant mortality. We have gone from an infant mortality rate of 24 for every 1,000 live births in 1970 to only six in 2002 – lower than the level in the United States.
  • The report also measures educational achievement – not the scores attained in international competitions, but in school enrollment rates. Here too, Israel is among the top 10 for enrollment rate in elementary schools. For high school, it received a lower ranking, apparently due to a lower enrollment rate in the Arab sector, but still higher than Switzerland, Germany, Australia and the US.
It is notable that all these figures apply to Israel's entire population – Jews and Arabs, secular and haredi. This achievement is all the greater when we recall that Israel has absorbed tens of thousands of penniless immigrants in recent years and that the Jewish state is being compared to countries with homogeneous populations such as Japan and Scandinavia.

There's some bad news, too, and it has to do with Israel's economic conditions:

"Israelis are healthier and get a better education than the citizens of many wealthier nations, but they produce less and, consequently, are poorer."

All in all, pretty good for a country in the middle of a war.

Just today, another suicide bombing was thwarted - at the Hawara roadblock near Nablus.

Kol hakavod to the Haruv batallion.

insignia pin $5.oo

Kerry "too undecisive, too liberal, too lawyerly, too stiff, too disconnected, too flip floppy and has zero substance"

This quote comes from a MSN current events message board, and I would agree with it. I've said before that he's not the 'EveryMan' his handlers try to make him out to be. I don't mind that he's a snob; what I mind is that he is being portrayed as something he's not.

Check this out, from FoxNews - The Political Grapevine:

Food for Thought

Let's go back to these pictures taken last Friday during the Kerry-Edwards post convention bus tour. Here they are at a Wendy's in Newburgh, New York, with a bunch of cheese burgers. Nothing more American than that — right?

Well there is growing evidence that a decidedly more upscale meal was waiting for them back on the bus. According to the Mid-Hudson News Network, a Kerry campaign aide called the restaurant at the Newburgh Yacht Club the night before and ordered 19 lunches to go, to be picked up at about the same time that the Wendy's photo op was taking place.

A manager at the restaurant has confirmed to Fox News that the yacht-club meals included Shrimp Vindallo, Grilled Diver Sea Scallops, Prosciutto, Wrapped Stuffed Chicken, and Steak Salad. Total bill: just under $200. Fine food at a budget cost.

Now I don't expect any presidential candidate to eat Wendy's every day, and I myself would prefer yacht-club food, hands down. What aggravates me is the Kerry campaign attempt to cover up who their man really is. And they must be doing so because they believe that Americans wouldn't like the real deal, wouldn't want him for their president.

So, every time John Kerry is "reintroduced," we just get more confused. That's how they intend to win. Please Gd, let the American people see the truth, and make their decisions based on facts. What I can't bear is the thought that we're all being taken for stupid suckers.

At least Bush is who he is. (He probably likes Wendy's.)

Mystery article is from the New Yorker

Katy sent me this article yesterday, as posted at primetimecrime.com. I didn't know anything about the website, didn't recognize who Lawrence Wright was in that context, but found the piece absolutely fascinating. This morning I see at LGF that it's the cover story for this week's New Yorker! That's a relief; now we can all send it to our liberal friends and they might actually read it.

Absolutely every U.S. citizen should read this. It makes the information we get from newspapers seem like stick-figure drawings.

Here is just one little snippet from THE TERROR WEB, by Lawrence Wright, in the New Yorker August 2, 2004 issue:

On a splendid April day in Paris, I went to lunch with Gilles Kepel, the Arabist scholar, and Jean-Louis Bruguière, the doughty French counter-terrorism judge. Despite the beautiful weather, the men were in a gloomy frame of mind. “I am seriously concerned about the future,” Bruguière said, as we sat at a corner table under an arbor of lilacs that shed blossoms onto his jacket. His armor-plated Peugeot was parked on the street and his bodyguards were discreetly arrayed in the restaurant. “I began work on this in 1991, against the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria. These groups were well known and each had an understandable structure. The majority were sponsored by states—Syria, Libya, Iraq. Now we have to face a new and largely unknown organization, with a loose system and hidden connections, so it is not easy to understand its internal functioning. It appears to be composed of cells and networks that are scattered all over the world and changing shape constantly.”

Bruguière pointed to the Istanbul bombings in November, 2003, and the March 11th bombings in Madrid as being the opening salvos in a new attack on Europe. “They have struck in the east and in the south,” he said. “I think the next stop will be in the north.”

“London or Paris,” Kepel suggested.

“The principal target is London,” Bruguière declared.

Chechnya is playing a larger and more disturbing role in the worldwide jihad, Bruguière said. At present, Al Qaeda and its affiliates operate on a rather low-tech level, but in Chechnya many recruits are being trained to exploit the technical advantages of developed countries. “Some of these groups have the capacity for hijacking satellites,” he told me. Capturing signals beamed from space, terrorists could devastate the communications industry, shut down power grids, and paralyze the ability of developed countries to defend themselves.

“In 2001, all the Islamist actors in Madrid were identified,” Bruguière said. His own investigations had led him to the Spanish capital that June. He quickly informed the Spanish police that Jamal Zougam, the owner of the phone shop, was a major contact for jihad recruits in Europe and Morocco. But Zougam was not apprehended. French and Spanish authorities have a long history of disagreement over the handling of terrorism, with the Spanish accusing the French of giving sanctuary to ETA terrorists. Bruguière said that when he arrived in Madrid he found that “the Islamic threat was underassessed.” The Spanish police had made him wait a year before allowing him to interview Zougam. After Bruguière went back to Paris, the Spanish police put Zougam under surveillance and searched his apartment, finding jihadi tapes and videos. The authorities briefly renewed their interest in him after the 2003 Casablanca bombings, but once again there was insufficient evidence to arrest him.

I asked Bruguière if he thought that the Madrid attacks represented an evolution in Al Qaeda’s operational ability, or suggested that the organization had lost control. He said that Al Qaeda was now little more than “a brand, a trademark,” but he admitted that he had been surprised. “It was a good example of the capacity and the will of these groups to adopt a political agenda. The defeat of the late government and the agreement of the new government to withdraw troops—it was a terrorist success, the first time we have had such a result.”

Later, Kepel and I discussed the reason that Europe was under attack. “The future of Islam is in Europe,” he said. “It has a huge Muslim population. Either we train our Muslims to become modern global citizens, who live in a democratic, pluralistic society, or, on the contrary, the Islamists win, and take over those Muslim European constituencies. Then we’re in serious trouble.”

This article is especially timely, with Democrats complaining that the "new" terror alert is based on "old" information. One such comment was made by a Clinton-era national security official, and is published in today's Washington Post:

. . . Ivo H. Daalder, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who was a National Security Council official under President Bill Clinton, said it "would have been useful for Mr. Ridge to have explained that information they were acting on was largely old."

"I don't doubt that this information was found -- I don't think they made it up," Daalder said. "But there is a real question of: Are we finding the kind of information that ought to worry and concern us as much as it has at the moment?"

This seems like such highly politicized BS, given that Wright has told us:
One of the most sobering pieces of information to come out of the investigation of the March 11th [2004] bombings is that the planning for the attacks may have begun nearly a year before 9/11 [2001].

I wish the Democrats were more careful, more serious (less willing to use specifics of the terror war to gain political advantage for themselves) and above all, that the electorate were more well informed and could seriously challenge the candidates on their positions. File that under "Dream On."

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Pres. Bush DID lie to us -- when he said that "this is not a religious war"

Rabbi Haim Cassorla forgives him, and thinks we should too
President George W. Bush, the President of the United States of America has lied to us from the beginning of this war to the present day. I forgive him, as you should, because his lie is justified Halakhicaly. Already you can see that I am not jumping on the bandwagon being driven toward the brink by the two Johns. I will start with where he is not lying, and has not ever lied to us, and then I will tell you the horrible truth that George W. Bush may not speak.

1. Saddam Hussein was a grave, serious, immediate threat to the United States and the world. The Ba'athist regime in Iraq and its leader, the Dictator, Saddam Hussein was a supporter of terrorists and other terrorist regimes throughout the world. Not only has it been proven post the downfall of Saddam, that his regimes had several meetings and gave some aid to members of Al Qaieda, but Saddam regularly wrote checks to compensate "martyrs" of the intefada. The organizations and the resident Arabs within and without the State of Israel all mourned the fall of Saddam Hussein. These people named and still name their children after Saddam Hussein. They received payments of large sums of money in checks signed by Saddam Hussein thanking them for sending their children to commit homicide/suicide. Saddam Hussein was a patron of Hamas, and other terrorist groups.

2. Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The record of Saddam's production is clearly written in "his own handwriting." In the reports submitted to the United Nations Saddam recorded in great detail how much of each chemical and biological agent he had in stores within Iraq. In the highly bureaucratic paranoid world of Ba'athist Iraq, Saddam had records of everything. His record keeping was meticulous and included videographic recording of beatings and other tortures imposed upon "enemies" of the State. Saddam Hussein, near the end told the UN that he destroyed these weapons and had no record of their destruction. Since the war that deposed Saddam Hussein, we have found several chemical weapons. Please note that there were several reliable reports of chemical weapons shells used against coalition forces. Those opposition to the war insist that three shells containing ricin wich when fired didn't disperse the deadly poison don't constitute "chemical weapons." Whatever is found on the ground and whatever is proven "without a reasonable doubt" to have existed, or to exist is shrugged off by the opposition. There are credible reports that just prior to the war which deposed Saddam, he shipped large quantities of equipment, armaments, and weapons systems to Syria "for safe keeping in trusted hands."

3. Saddam Hussein participated with Muammar Khaddafi in the development of the "Arab Bomb" in a secret site in Libya. Saddam's participation in this program is well documented in documents partially released by Libya and the United States. It is recorded that Saddam Hussein funded the development of site in a hollowed out mountain in Libya, and that Saddam's engineers participated in the design of every aspect of the site now being dismantled by agreement with Muammar Khaddafi. Tons of equipment have already been removed from the site and delivered for burial in the United States.

4. Saddam Hussein "most likely" was engaged in an attempt to purchase "yellow cake uranium" from Niger. The verification of this information was released in the 9/11 Commission Report, based on the original report from the person who went to Niger to investigate. That same American diplomat later wrote a book in which he claimed that he knew the "President was lying" in the State of the Union Message. But he never officially recanted his original report. His original report stated categorically that emissaries from Saddam Hussein had been in Niger and there was no other plausible reason for this mission than to negotiate the sale of yellow-cake to Iraq.

So when did the President of the United States lie to us? And why?

The President has said on several occasions, "this is not a Religious War."

Our enemy has declared time and again that this "is a Religious War" and that we are the target of that War as long as we do not submit to [their own interpretation of "True"] Islam. We are the Crusaders and deserve to die. We are the cause of the acts against us. We are doomed to lose this war unless we submit to the "Will of Allah" as they preach it. The war is a Jihad, a holy war in defense of Islam, and all who do not follow the narrow interpretation of the Holy Q'ran as interpreted by the Wahabi sect, are infidels and worthy of death.

Who are the infidels? The infidels are Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and any other non-Muslim believes, and any other people, including but not limited to, storekeepers in Iraq who sell alcoholic beverages, western music, short skirts, and anything else that these people determine undermine "true Islamic practice." This war is integral to the beliefs of the Wahabis. The Wahabi sect of Islam is the State Religion of "our friend" Saudi Arabia. This is "a Religious War," and you should have not doubt about it. It is "a Religious War" because the enemy has declared that it is; just as much as it would be a "gun fight" even if only one side had guns.

When the attack against the Spanish commuter train was accomplished, the official statement of responsibility claimed that among the reasons that the attack was perpetrated, was the "expulsion of the Moslems from Spain in 1492" and that they would continue to attack the Spanish until the entire Iberian peninsula was returned to Arab rule. The sooner we come to terms with these ideas, the safer we will be, and the more likely we will be to survive with more of our cherished pre-9/11 lifestyle intact. Be assured that we have already been changed by the war in ways that will irrevocably change our lifestyle from what we remember before 9/11.

Throughout history, every attack against civilization by marauding barbarians takes its toll on civilization. Every attack changes civilization, and sadly, historically, the marauding barbarians almost always win; at least the first round. If you plan to live several hundred years, though, there is good news. The marauding barbarians eventually become quite civilized, and intermingle their civilization with the defeated civilization. This is a cultural hybridization bringing new blood into the mainstream of world history, not just at the level of cultural development, but also at the level of variety in the gene pool. That, however, as I said previously will occur within the next several hundred years after a worldwide victory for Wahabi Islam.

If you are not willing to submit to that, then you must fight. You must fight. You may not relent, and you should probably adopt an aggressive posture and not a defensive posture. These people are our enemies. They want to kill us and destroy our way of life. If history is a reliable witness, (and I am not talking about 1,000 years ago, but rather about Bosnia and Sudan), they will kill you and your children in front of your wife and then rape your wife repeatedly while telling her how blessed she is that she will soon bear a child of a victorious Mujahadeen warrior.

Why do I approve of President George W. Bush lying to us?

We are an open society. We are multicultural at least to the extent that rump Yugoslavia was multicultural and, we must be careful not to enrage our component communities against each other.

Were the President to declare that this is indeed "a Religious War," the President would be personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims and others throughout the world.

They can declare "a Religious War" against us, but we must keep a low profile and allow the non-Wahabi Muslims to join with us, if they chose to, in our war against this warring faction. Our only hope to help the "other" Muslims survive this war is to allow them the freedom to align themselves against the Wahabis, and to help them understand that in the eyes of these Wahabi, they too were Infidels, and were aligned with the "Crusaders." You can see the beginnings of this in Iraq, as the marauding barbarians in Iraq are directing their war against Muslims who disagree with them, Egyptians, Pakistanis, and others who do not fit in with the Neo-Taliban barbarian marauders. This puts us in a fair amount of risk, but it is not only consistent with our traditions of openness, it also allows us the possibility of limiting casualties in both the long and short terms.

What we must not ever forget is that the enemy is engaged in "a Religious War." They will not accept any resolution to the conflict other than their ultimate victory or our total defeat and destruction. Remember that, and forgive the President for lying. In war we have to consider both tactics and strategy. What we call this war is, in the end, far less important than that we win it. What you must understand now is that we cannot settle for anything other than the absolute defeat of our enemies, or they will win. In their eyes we are all "Crusaders," and nothing can change their minds about that.

(c) Rabbi Haim Cassorla 2004ce.
To contact Rabbi Haim Cassorla, please send emails to: Rabbi Haim Cassorla

Introducing . . .

Miss Global Terrorism Palestine
from eyelash.ps via Internet Haganah

HAMAS has $25 million invested in American real estate

Arutz Sheva: Despite efforts aimed at closing U.S.-based Islamic ‘charities’ raising money for terrorists the Hamas terrorist organization still has $25 million invested in U.S. real estate projects, according to a report in Globes....

The information on the Hamas real estate assets is the result of the FBI’s investigation of Egyptian citizen Soliman Biheiri, who brokered most of the Hamas investments and was imprisoned in January 2004 for transferring millions of dollars to Al Qaeda and other Islamic terror movements.

Illinois newspaper accuses Michael Moore of copyright infringment

Editor & Publisher: The Pantagraph newspaper in Bloomington, Ill., has sent a letter to Michael Moore, drafted by its lawyer, citing him for copyright infringement, admonishing him for his "unauthorized ... misleading" use of the paper in his film "Fahrenheit 9/11," and asking for an apology.

Early in the movie, according to the paper, a large headline appears in the film, purporting to be from a Dec. 19, 2001, edition of the paper, and reading "Latest Florida recount shows Gore won election." The paper contends that the headline actually appeared on Dec. 5, 2001, in much smaller type, and above a letter to the editor, hardly a factual news story or editorial.

The letter to Moore from the paper calls this a "misrepresentation of facts." The newspaper said it had been unsuccessful in attempts to reach Moore through his film company, Lion's Gate, by phone and e-mail.

See DaveKopel.org for "Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11"

Ex-chief of Mossad: Inquiries may have left the West less secure

In defence of the intelligence services - by Efraim Halevy
Some excerpts from The Economist:

For a considerable period of time, it has been known and clear that there have been grave deficiencies in the collection of information both on Islamic terrorism and on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. However, to do the intelligence services justice, it is fair to mention the enormous difficulty that must have been encountered in trying to spot, recruit and run sources in Iraq throughout the years when a virtual siege was laid around the country by the world at large. Similarly, the task of penetrating international Islamic networks was, and is, a daunting challenge...

... to the best of my knowledge, nobody came up with any new ideas as to how to collect information from countries like Iraq, or from targets like al-Qaeda. If the collection efforts did not produce the desired results, how should they be carried out in the future? Ideas like these would have given the Senate report an aura of genuine professionalism, which it now sadly lacks.

I cannot avoid the comparison between these reports and that of the Agranat Commision in Israel which investigated the failure of Israel's intelligence services to predict the Arab attack in 1973. The Israeli commission recommended the appointment of a special adviser on intelligence who would go through all the intelligence estimates, and would advise the prime minister on them. It was not clear if the adviser would monitor the reports, and decide which should go on to the prime minister's desk, or if he would add evaluations of his own. Only two people filled this slot for relatively short periods, and both left office in frustration.

Now there is a recommendation to appoint an intelligence “tsar” in the United States. In my humble opinion no greater mistake could be made so far as the intelligence community is concerned. If the new tsar is to assume command responsibility for the intelligence community, then he will be de facto director of the CIA and the other intelligence agencies in the country. He, and he alone, will be responsible for the content and standard of the evaluation. The professional director of the CIA will be responsible to the tsar, and the president of the United States will be functioning through a “proxy” on matters of war and peace. In intelligence, there can be no sharing in responsibility; it is, and will always remain, indivisible.

There are no “legal” rules and regulations in the dense field of intelligence, espionage and collection. It is not by chance that the international statute book has neither a chapter nor a verse on espionage, although this has been a vital tool of war from time immemorial.

We are in the throes of a world war which is distinct and different from all the wars the world has hitherto experienced. There are no lines of combat; the enemy is often elusive and escapes identification.

The rules of war are incumbent on the defendant but not on he or she who attacks. International law, the Geneva conventions and the other well-known humanitarian provisions do not apply to the aggressor in this current confrontation. In circumstances like these, the future probably has in store crisis situations the like of which we have never experienced before.

Rather than seeking long-term overhauling and restructuring of the system, and the creation of new high-level slots, surely this is a moment in history when the body politic should swing behind those who are already in the trenches and give them encouragement and support in this fateful battle that has been thrust upon us.

Read it all.

Olympic Fences

Athens, 2004
USA Today: Israeli athletes have been given an additional layer of security at the Olympic Village, the public order ministry said Monday.

A fence has been placed around the team's residential compound — adding to the massive security at the site for all 16,000 athletes and officials.

The U.S. team also had asked for a fence but withdrew the request, officials said.

Munich, 1972
It was 4:30 in the morning on Sept. 5, 1972, when five Arab terrorists wearing track sweat suits climbed the six-foot six-inch fence surrounding the Olympic Village. Although they were seen by several people, no one thought anything was unusual since athletes routinely hopped the fence; moreover, the terrorists' weapons were hidden in athletic bags. These five were met by three more men who are presumed to have obtained credentials to enter the village.

Just before 5, the Arabs knocked on the door of Israeli wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg. When Weinberg opened the door he realized something was wrong and shouted a warning to his comrades. He and weightlifter Joseph Romano attempted to block the door while other Israelis escaped, but they were killed by the terrorists. The Arabs then succeeded in rounding up nine Israelis to hold as hostages.

At 9:30, the terrorists announced that they were Palestinians and demanded that Israel release 200 Arab prisoners and that the terrorists be given safe passage out of Germany.

After hours of tense negotiations, the Palestinians, who it was later learned belonged to a PLO faction called Black September, agreed to a plan whereby they were to be taken by helicopter to the NATO air base at Firstenfeldbruck where they would be given an airplane to fly them and their hostages to Cairo. The Israelis were then taken by bus to the helicopters and flown to the airfield. In the course of the transfer, the Germans discovered that there were eight terrorists instead of the five they expected and realized that they had not assigned enough marksmen to carry out the plan to kill the terrorists at the airport.

After the helicopters landed at the air base around 10:30 p.m., the German sharpshooters attempted to kill the terrorists and a bloody firefight ensued. At 11, the media was mistakenly informed that the hostages had been saved and the news was announced to a relieved Israeli public. Almost an hour later, however, new fighting broke out and one of the helicopters holding the Israelis was blown up by a terrorist grenade. The remaining hostages in the second helicopter were shot to death by one of the surviving terrorists.

At 3 a.m., a drawn and teary-eyed Jim McKay, who had been reporting the drama throughout the day as part of ABC's Olympic coverage, announced: "They're all gone."

Five of the terrorists were killed along with one policeman, and three were captured. A little over a month later, on Oct. 29, a Lufthansa jet was hijacked by terrorists demanding that the Munich killers be released.

The Germans capitulated and the terrorists were let go . . .

The massacre . . . was not considered sufficiently serious to merit canceling or postponing the Olympics.
"Incredibly, they're going on with it," Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times wrote at the time, "It's almost like having a dance at Dachau."

Movies.com notes that Steven Spielberg is making a film about the 1972 Munich Olympics, "during which Israeli athletes were murdered by Palestinian extremists."

Monday, August 02, 2004


"The policies of this administration, I believe and others believe very deeply, have resulted in an increase of animosity and anger focused on the United States of America."

We blog. YOU DECIDE.

June 5, 1968, Presidential candidate Robert "Bobby" Kennedy was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan, a Jordanian Arab-Palestinian. RFK was shot at point-blank range from behind by three shots from Sirhan's .22 caliber pistol ... two shots entered his back and a third shot entered directly behind RFK’s right ear.

February 23, 1970, Halhoul, West Bank. PLO terrorists open fire on a busload of pilgrims killing Barbara Ertle of Michigan and wounding two other Americans.

March 28-29, 1970, Beirut, Lebanon. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) fired seven rockets at the U.S. Embassy, the American Insurance Company, Bank of America and the John F. Kennedy library.

September 14, 1970, En route to Amman, Jordan. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacked a TWA flight from Zurich, Switzerland and forced it to land in Amman. Four American citizens were injured.

May 30, 1972, Ben Gurion Airport, Israel. Three members of the Japanese Red Army, acting on the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine's behalf, carried out a machine-gun and grenade attack at Israel's main airport, killing 26 and wounding 78 people. Many of the casualties were American citizens, mostly from Puerto Rico.

September 5, 1972, Munich, Germany. During the Olympic Games in Munich, Black September, a front for Fatah took hostage 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team. Nine athletes were killed including weightlifter David Berger, an American-Israeli from Cleveland, Ohio.

March 2, 1973, Khartoum, Sudan. Cleo A. Noel, Jr., U.S. ambassador to Sudan and George C. Moore, also a U.S. diplomat, were held hostage and then killed by terrorists at the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum. It seems likely that Fatah was responsible for the attack.

June 29, 1975, Beirut, Lebanon. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine kidnapped the U.S. military attaché to Lebanon, Ernest Morgan, and demanded food, clothing and building materials for indigent residents living near Beirut harbor. The American diplomat was released after an anonymous benefactor provided food to the neighborhood.

November 14, 1975, Jerusalem, Israel. Lola Nunberg, 53, of New York, was injured during a bombing attack in downtown Jerusalem. Fatah claimed responsibility for the bombing, which killed six people and wounded 38.

November 21, 1975, Ramat Hamagshimim, Israel. Michael Nadler, an American-Israeli from Miami Beach, Florida, was killed when axe-wielding terrorists from the Democrat Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a PLO faction, attacked students in the Golan Heights.

August 11, 1976, Istanbul, Turkey. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine launched an attack on the terminal of Israel's major airline, El Al, at the Istanbul airport. Four civilians, including Harold Rosenthal of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (and an aide to U.S. Senator Jacob Javits) were killed and 20 injured.

January 1, 1977, Beirut, Lebanon. Frances E. Meloy, U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, and Robert O.Waring, the U.S. economic counselor, were kidnapped by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine members as they crossed a militia checkpoint separating the Christian from the Muslim sections of Beirut. They were later shot to death.

March 11, 1978, Tel Aviv, Israel. Gail Rubin, niece of U.S. Senator Abraham Ribicoff, was among 38 people shot to death by PLO terrorists on an Israeli beach.

June 2, 1978, Jerusalem, Israel. Richard Fishman, a medical student from Maryland, was among six killed in a PLO bus bombing in Jerusalem. Chava Sprecher, another American citizen from Seattle, Washington, was injured.

May 4, 1979, Tiberias, Israel. Haim Mark and his wife, Haya, of New Haven, Connecticut were injured in a PLO bombing attack in northern Israel.

November 4, 1979, Teheran, Iran. After President Carter agreed to admit the Shah of Iran into the U.S., Iranian radicals seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took 66 American diplomats hostage. Thirteen hostages were soon freed, but the remaining 53 were held until their release on January 20, 1981.

May 2, 1980, Hebron, West Bank. Eli Haze'ev (Left Photo), an American-Israeli from Alexandria, Virginia, was killed in a PLO attack on Jewish worshippers walking home from a synagogue in Hebron.

July 19, 1982, Beirut, Lebanon. Hizballah members kidnapped David Dodge, acting president of the American University in Beirut. After a year in captivity, Dodge was released.

August 19, 1982, Paris, France. Two American citizens, Anne Van Zanten and Grace Cutler, were killed when the PLO bombed a Jewish restaurant in Paris.

March 16, 1983, Beirut, Lebanon. Five American Marines were wounded in a hand grenade attack while on patrol north of Beirut International Airport. The Islamic Jihad and Al-Amal, a Shi'ite militia, claimed responsibility for the attack.

April 18, 1983, Beirut, Lebanon. A truck-bomb detonated by a remote control exploded in front of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, killing 63 employees, including the CIA's Middle East director, and wounding 120. Hizballah, with financial backing from Iran, was responsible for the attack.

July 1, 1983, Hebron, Israel. Aharon Gross, 19, an American-Israeli from New York, was stabbed to death by PLO terrorists in the Hebron marketplace.

September 29, 1983, Beirut, Lebanon. Two American marines were kidnapped by Amal members. They were released after intervention by a Lebanese army officer.

October 23, 1983, Beirut, Lebanon. A truck loaded with a bomb crashed into the lobby of the U.S. Marines headquarters in Beirut, killing 241 soldiers and wounding 81. The attack was carried out by Hizballah with the help of Syrian intelligence and financed by Iran.

December 19, 1983, Jerusalem, Israel. Serena Sussman, a 60-year-old tourist from Anderson, South Carolina, died from injuries from the PLO bombing of a bus in Jerusalem thirteen days earlier.

1984, John Kerry elected to the U.S. Senate

January 18, 1984, Beirut, Lebanon. Malcolm Kerr, a Lebanese born American who was president of the American University of Beirut, was killed by two gunmen outside his office. Hizballah said the assassination was part of the organization's plan to "drive all Americans out from Lebanon."

March 7, 1984, Beirut, Lebanon. Hizballah members kidnapped Jeremy Levin, Beirut bureau chief of Cable News Network (CNN). Levin managed to escape and reach Syrian army barracks. He was later transferred to American hands.

March 8, 1984, Beirut, Lebanon. Three Hizballah members kidnapped Reverend Benjamin T. Weir, while he was walking with his wife in Beirut's Manara neighborhood. Weir was released after 16 months of captivity with Syrian and Iranian assistance.

March 16, 1984, Beirut, Lebanon. Hizballah kidnapped William Buckley, a political officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. Buckley was supposed to be exchanged for prisoners. However when the transaction failed to take place, he was reportedly transported to Iran. Although his body was never found, the U.S. administration declared the American diplomat dead.

April 12, 1984, Torrejon, Spain. Hizballah bombed a restaurant near an U.S. Air Force base in Torrejon, Spain, killing 18 servicemen and wounding 83 people.

September 20, 1984, Beirut, Lebanon. A suicide bomb attack on the U.S. Embassy in East Beirut killed 23 people and injured 21. The American and British ambassadors were slightly injured in the attack, attributed to the Iranian backed Hizballah group.

September 20, 1984, Aukar, Lebanon. Islamic Jihad detonate a van full of explosives 30 feet in front of the U.S. Embassy annex severely damaging the building, killing two U.S. servicemen and seven Lebanese employees, as well as 5 to 15 non-employees. Twenty Americans were injured, including U.S. Ambassador Reginald Bartholomew and visiting British Ambassador David Miers. An estimated 40 to 50 Lebanese were hurt. The attack came in response to the U.S. veto September 6 of a U.N. Security Council resolution.

December 4, 1984, Tehran, Iran. Hizballah terrorists hijacked a Kuwait Airlines plane en route from Dubai, United Emirates, to Karachi, Pakistan. They demanded the release from Kuwaiti jails of members of Da'Wa, a group of Shiite extremists serving sentences for attacks on French and American targets on Kuwaiti territory. The terrorists forced the pilot to fly to Tehran where the terrorists murdered two passengers--American Agency for International Development employees, Charles Hegna and William Stanford. Although an Iranian special unit ended the incident by storming the plane and arresting the terrorists, the Iranian government might also have been involved in the hijacking.

June 14, 1985, Between Athens and Rome. Two Hizballah members hijacked a TWA Flight 847 en route to Rome from Athens and forced the pilot to fly to Beirut. The terrorists, believed to belong to Hizballah, asked for the release of members of the group Kuwait 17 and 700 Shi'ite prisoners held in Israeli and South Lebanese prisons. The eight crewmembers and 145 passengers were held for 17 days during which one of the hostages, Robert Stethem (Right Photos), a U.S. Navy diver, was murdered. After being flown twice to Algiers, the aircraft returned to Beirut and the hostages were released. Later on, four Hizballah members were secretly indicted. One of them, the Hizballah senior officer Imad Mughniyah, was indicted in absentia.

October 7, 1985, Between Alexandria, Egypt and Haifa, Israel. A four-member Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine squad took over the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro, as it was sailing from Alexandria, Egypt, to Israel. The squad murdered a disabled U.S. citizen, Leon Klinghoffer, by throwing him in the ocean. The rest of the passengers were held hostage for two days and later released after the terrorists turned themselves in to Egyptian authorities in return for safe passage. But U.S. Navy fighters intercepted the Egyptian aircraft flying the terrorists to Tunis and forced it to land at the NATO airbase in Italy, where the terrorists were arrested. Two of the terrorists were tried in Italy and sentenced to prison. The Italian authorities however let the two others escape on diplomatic passports. Abu Abbas, who masterminded the hijacking, was later convicted to life imprisonment in absentia.

December 27, 1985, Rome, Italy. Four terrorists from Abu Nidal's organization attacked El Al offices at the Leonardo di Vinci Airport in Rome. Thirteen people, including five Americans, were killed and 74 wounded, among them two Americans. The terrorists had come from Damascus and were supported by the Syrian regime.

March 30, 1986, Athens, Greece. A bomb exploded on a TWA flight from Rome as it approached Athens airport. The attack killed four U.S. citizens who were sucked through a hole made by the blast, although the plane safely landed. The bombing was attributed to the Fatah Special Operations Group's intelligence and security apparatus, headed by Abdullah Abd al-Hamid Labib, alias Colonel Hawari.

April 5, 1986, West Berlin, Germany. An explosion at the "La Belle" nightclub in Berlin, frequented by American soldiers, killed three--2 U.S. soldiers and a Turkish woman-and wounded 191 including 41 U.S. soldiers. Given evidence of Libyan involvement, the U.S. Air Force made a retaliatory attack against Libyan targets on April 17. Libya refused to hand over to Germany five suspects believed to be there. Others, however, were tried including Yassir Shraidi and Musbah Eter, arrested in Rome in August 1997 and extradited; and also Ali Chanaa, his wife, Verena Chanaa, and her sister, Andrea Haeusler. Shraidi, accused of masterminding the attack, was sentenced to 14 years in jail. The Libyan diplomat Musbah Eter and Ali Chanaa were both sentenced to 12 years in jail. Verena Chanaa was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Andrea Haeusler was acquitted.

September 5, 1986, Karachi, Pakistan. Abu Nidal members hijacked a Pan Am Flight #103 (Left Photo) leaving Karachi, Pakistan bound for Frankfurt, Germany and New York with 379 passengers, including 89 Americans. The terrorists forced the plane to land in Larnaca, Cyprus, where they demanded the release of two Palestinians and a Briton jailed for the murder of three Israelis there in 1985. The terrorists killed 22 of the passengers, including two American citizens and wounded many others. They were caught and indicted by a Washington grand jury in 1991.

September 9, 1986, Beirut, Lebanon. Continuing its anti-American attacks, Hizballah kidnapped Frank Reed, director of the American University in Beirut, whom they accused of being "a CIA agent." He was released 44 months later. September 12, 1986, Beirut, Lebanon. Hizballah kidnapped Joseph Cicippio, the acting comptroller at the American University in Beirut. Cicippio was released five years later on December 1991.

October 15, 1986, Jerusalem, Israel. Gali Klein, an American citizen, was killed in a grenade attack by Fatah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

October 21, 1986, Beirut, Lebanon. Hizballah kidnapped Edward A. Tracy, an American citizen in Beirut. He was released five years later, on August 1991.

February 17, 1988, Ras-Al-Ein Tyre, Lebanon. Col. William Higgins (Left and Right Photos), the American chief of the United Nations Truce Supervisory Organization, was abducted by Hizballah while driving from Tyre to Nakura. The hostages demanded the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon and the release of all Palestinian and Lebanese held prisoners in Israel. The U.S. government refused to answer the request. Hizballah later hanged Higgins.

December 21, 1988, Lockerbie, Scotland. Pan Am Flight 103 departing from Frankfurt to New York was blown up in midair, killing all 259 passengers and another 11 people on the ground in Scotland. Two Libyan agents were found responsible for planting a sophisticated suitcase bomb onboard the plane. On 14 November 1991, arrest warrants were issued for Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima and Abdel Baset Ali Mohamed al-Megrahi. After Libya refused to extradite the suspects to stand trial, the United Nations leveled sanctions against the country in April 1992, including the freezing of Libyan assets abroad. In 1999, Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi agreed to hand over the two suspects, but only if their trial was held in a neutral country and presided over by a Scottish judge. With the help of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah, Al-Megrahi and Fahima were finally extradited and tried in Camp Zeist in the Netherlands. Megrahi was found guilty and jailed for life, while Fahima was acquitted due to a "lack of evidence" of his involvement. After the extradition, UN sanctions against Libya were automatically lifted.

January 27, 1989, Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey. Three simultaneous bombings were carried out against U.S. business targets--the Turkish American Businessmen Association and the Economic Development Foundation in Istanbul, and the Metal Employees Union in Ankara. The Dev Sol (Revolutionary Left) was held responsible for the attacks.

March 6, 1989, Cairo, Egypt. Two explosive devices were safely removed from the grounds of the American and British Cultural centers in Cairo. Three organizations were believed to be responsible for the attack: The January 15 organization, which had sent a letter bomb to the Israeli ambassador to London in January; the Egyptian Revolutionary Organization that from out 1984-1986 carried out attacks against U.S. and Israeli targets; and the Nasserite Organization, which had attacked British and American targets in 1988.

June 12, 1989, Bosphorus Straits, Turkey. A bomb exploded aboard an unoccupied boat used by U.S. consular staff. The explosion caused extensive damage but no casualties. An organization previously unknown, the Warriors of the June 16th Movement, claimed responsibility for the attack.

October 11, 1989, Izmir, Turkey. An explosive charge went off outside a U.S. military PX. Dev Sol was held responsible for the attack.

1990, John Kerry re-elected to the U.S. Senate

January 7, 1991, Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. Dev Sol members shot and killed a U.S. civilian contractor as he was getting into his car at the Incirlik Air Base in Adana, Turkey.

February 28, 1991, Izmir, Turkey. Two Dev Sol gunmen shot and wounded a U.S. Air Force officer as he entered his residence in Izmir.

March 28, 1991, Jubial, Saudi Arabia. Three U.S. marines were shot at and injured by an unknown terrorist while driving near Camp Three, Jubial. No organization claimed responsibility for the attack.

October 28, 1991, Ankara, Turkey. Victor Marwick, an American soldier serving at the Turkish-American base, Tuslog, was killed and his wife wounded in a car bomb attack. The Turkish Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

October 28, 1991, Istanbul, Turkey. Two car bombings killed a U.S. Air Force sergeant and severely wounded an Egyptian diplomat in Istanbul. Turkish Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.

November 8, 1991, Beirut, Lebanon. A 100-kg car bomb destroyed the administration building of the American University in Beirut, killing one person and wounding at least a dozen.

October 12, 1992, Umm Qasr, Iraq. A U.S. soldier serving with the United Nations was stabbed and wounded near the port of Umm Qasr. No organization claimed responsibility for the attack.

January 25, 1993, Virginia, United States. A Pakistani gunman opened fire on Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employees standing outside of the building. Two agents, Frank Darling and Bennett Lansing, were killed and three others wounded. The assailant was never caught and reportedly fled to Pakistan.

February 26, 1993, Cairo, Egypt. A bomb exploded inside a café in downtown Cairo killing three. Among the 18 wounded were two U.S. citizens. No one claimed responsibility for the attack.

February 26, 1993, New York, United States. A massive van bomb exploded in an underground parking garage below the World Trade Center in New York City, killing six and wounding 1,042. Four Islamist activists were responsible for the attack. Ramzi Ahmed Yousef (Right Photo), the operation's alleged mastermind, escaped but was later arrested in Pakistan and extradited to the United States. Abd al-Hakim Murad, another suspected conspirator, was arrested by local authorities in the Philippines and handed over to the United States. The two, along with two other terrorists, were tried in the U.S. and sentenced to 240 years.

April 14, 1993, Kuwait. The Iraqi intelligence service attempted to assassinate former U.S. President George Bush during a visit to Kuwait. In retaliation, the U.S. launched a cruise missile attack two months later on the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

July 5, 1993, Southeast Turkey. In eight separate incidents, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) kidnapped a total of 19 Western tourists traveling in southeastern Turkey. The hostages, including U.S. citizen Colin Patrick Starger, were released unharmed after spending several weeks in captivity.

March 8, 1995, Karachi, Pakistan. Two unidentified gunmen armed with AK-47 assault rifles opened fire on a U.S. Consulate van in Karachi, killing two U.S. diplomats, Jacqueline Keys Van Landingham and Gary C. Durell, and wounding a third, Mark McCloy.

April 9, 1995, Kfar Darom and Netzarim, Gaza Strip. Two suicide attacks were carried out within a few hours of each other in Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip. In the first attack a suicide bomber crashed an explosive-rigged van into an Israeli bus in Netzarim, killing eight including U.S. citizen Alisa Flatow (Left Photo). Over 30 others were injured. In the second attack, a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb in the midst of a convoy of cars in Kfar Darom, injuring 12. The Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Shaqaqi Faction claimed responsibility for the attacks.

July 4, 1995, Kashmir, India. In Kashmir, a previously unknown militant group, Al-Faran, with suspected links to a Kashmiri separatist group in Pakistan, took hostage six tourists, including two U.S. citizens. They demanded the release of Muslim militants held in Indian prisons. One of the U.S. citizens escaped on July 8, while on August 13 the decapitated body of the Norwegian hostage was found along with a note stating that the other hostages also would be killed if the group's demands were not met. The Indian Government refused. Both Indian and American authorities believe the rest of the hostages were most likely killed in 1996 by their jailers.

August 1995, Istanbul, Turkey. A bombing of Istanbul's popular Taksim Square injured two U.S. citizens. This attack was part of a three-year-old attempt by the PKK to drive foreign tourists away from Turkey by striking at tourist sites.

August 21, 1995, Jerusalem, Israel. A bus bombing in Jerusalem by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) killed four, including American Joan Davenny, and wounded more than 100.

November 9, 1995, Algiers, Algeria. Islamic extremists set fire to a warehouse belonging to the U.S. Embassy, threatened the Algerian security guard because he was working for the United States, and demanded to know whether any U.S. citizens were present. The Armed Islamic Group (GIA) probably carried out the attacks. The group had threatened to strike other foreign targets and especially U.S. objectives in Algeria, and the attack's style was similar to past GIA operations against foreign facilities.

November 13, 1995, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A car bomb exploded in the parking lot outside of the Riyadh headquarters of the Office of the Program Manager/Saudi Arabian National Guard, killing seven persons, five of them U.S. citizens, and wounding 42. The blast severely damaged the three-story building, which houses a U.S. military advisory group, and several neighboring office buildings. Three groups -- the Islamic Movement for Change, the Tigers of the Gulf, and the Combatant Partisans of God -- claimed responsibility for the attack.

1996, John Kerry re-elected to the U.S. Senate.

February 25, 1996, Jerusalem, Israel. A suicide bomber blew up a commuter bus in Jerusalem, killing 26, including three U.S. citizens, and injuring 80 others, among them another three U.S. citizens. Hamas claimed responsibility for the bombing.

March 4, 1996, Tel Aviv, Israel. A suicide bomber detonated an explosive device outside the Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv's largest shopping mall, killing 20 persons and injuring 75 others, including two U.S. citizens. Both Hamas and the Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the bombing. May 13, 1996, Beit-El, West Bank. Arab gunmen opened fire on a hitchhiking stand near Beit El, wounding three Israelis and killing David Boim (Right Photo), 17, an American- Israeli from New York. No one claimed responsibility for the attack, although either the Islamic Jihad or Hamas are suspected.

June 9, 1996, Zekharya, West Bank. Yaron Ungar, an American-Israeli, and his Israeli wife were killed in a drive-by shooting near their West Bank home. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is suspected.

June 25, 1996, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. A fuel truck carrying a bomb exploded outside the U.S. military's Khobar Towers housing facility in Dhahran, killing 19 U.S. military personnel and wounding 515 persons, including 240 U.S. personnel. Several groups claimed responsibility for the attack. In June 2001, a U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, identified Saudi Hizballah as the party responsible for the attack. The court indicated that the members of the organization, banned from Saudi Arabia, "frequently met and were trained in Lebanon, Syria, or Iran" with Libyan help.

August 17, 1996, Mapourdit, Sudan. Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) rebels kidnapped six missionaries in Mapourdit, including a U.S citizen. The SPLA released the hostages on August 28.

November 1, 1996, Sudan. A breakaway group of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA) kidnapped three workers of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), including one U.S citizen. The rebels released the hostages on December 9 in exchange for ICRC supplies and a health survey of their camp.

December 3, 1996, Paris, France. A bomb exploded aboard a Paris subway train, killing four and injuring 86 persons, including a U.S. citizen. No one claimed responsibility for the attack, but Algerian extremists are suspected.

January 2, 1997, Major cities worldwide, United States. A series of letter bombs with Alexandria, Egypt postmarks were discovered at Al-Hayat newspaper bureaus in Washington, DC, New York, London, and Riyadh. Three similar devices, also postmarked in Egypt, were found at a prison facility in Leavenworth, Kansas. Bomb disposal experts defused all the devices, but one detonated at the Al-Hayat newspaper office in London, injuring two security guards and causing minor damage.

February 23, 1997, New York, United States. Ali Hassan Abu Kamal, a Palestinian teacher, opened fire on the 86th-floor observation deck of New York City's Empire State Building, killing killing a Danish national and wounding six others before shooting himself to death. A handwritten note carried by the gunman claimed this was a punishment attack against the "enemies of Palestine."

July 30, 1997, Jerusalem, Israel. Two bombs detonated in Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market, killing 15 persons, including a U.S. citizen and wounding 168 others, among them two U.S. citizens. The Izz-el-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' military wing, claimed responsibility for the attack.

October 30, 1997, Sanaa, Yemen. Al-Sha'if tribesmen kidnapped a U.S. businessman near Sanaa. The tribesmen sought the release of two fellow tribesmen who were arrested on smuggling charges and several public works projects they claim the government promised them. The hostage was released on November 27.

November 12, 1997, Karachi, Pakistan. Two unidentified gunmen shot to death four U.S. auditors from Union Texas Petroleum and their Pakistani driver as they drove away from the Sheraton Hotel in Karachi. Two groups claimed responsibility -- the Islamic Inqilabi Council, or Islamic Revolutionary Council and the Aimal Secret Committee, also known as the Aimal Khufia Action Committee.

November 25, 1997, Aden, Yemen. Yemenite tribesmen kidnapped a U.S citizen, two Italians, and two unspecified Westerners near Aden to protest the eviction of a tribe member from his home. The kidnappers released the five hostages on November 27.

April 19, 1998, Maon, Israel. Dov Driben, a 28-year-old American-Israeli farmer was killed by terrorists near the West Bank town of Maon. One of his assailants, Issa Debavseh, a member of Fatah Tanzim, was killed on November 7, 2001, by the IDF after being on their wanted list for the murder.

June 21, 1998, Beirut, Lebanon. Two hand-grenades were thrown at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. No casualties were reported.

June 21, 1998, Beirut, Lebanon. Three rocket-propelled grenades attached to a crude detonator exploded near the U.S. Embassy compound in Beirut, causing no casualties and little damage.

August 7, 1998, Nairobi, Kenya. A car bomb exploded at the rear entrance of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi. The attack killed a total of 292, including 12 U.S. citizens, and injured over 5,000, among them six Americans. The perpetrators belonged to al-Qaida, Usama bin Ladin's network.

August 7, 1998, Dar es Sala'am, Tanzania. A car bomb exploded outside the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Sala'am, killing 11 and injuring 86. Osama bin Laden's organization al-Qaida claimed responsibility for the attack. Two suspects were arrested.

November 21, 1998, Teheran, Iran. Members of Fedayeen Islam, shouting anti-American slogans and wielding stones and iron rods, attacked a group of American tourists in Tehran. Some of the tourists suffered minor injuries from flying glass.

December 28, 1998, Mawdiyah, Yemen. Sixteen tourists--12 Britons, two Americans and two Australians--were taken hostage in the largest kidnapping in Yemen's recent history. The tourists were seized in the Abyan province (some 175 miles south of Sanaa the capital). One Briton and a Yemeni guide escaped, while the rest were taken to city of Mawdiyah. Four hostages were killed when troops closed in and two were wounded, including an American woman. The kidnappers, members of the Islamic Army of Aden-Abyan, an offshoot of Al-Jihad, had demanded the release from jail of their leader, Saleh Haidara al-Atwi.

October 31, 1999, Nantucket, Massachusetts, United States. EgyptAir Flight 990 crashed off the U.S. coast killing all 217 people on board, including 100 Americans. Although it is not precisely clear what happened, evidence indicated that an Egyptian pilot, Ahmed el-Habashy (Right Photo), crashed the plane for personal or political reasons.

November 4, 1999, Athens, Greece. A group protesting President Clinton's visit to Greece hid a gas bomb at an American car dealership in Athens. Two cars were destroyed and several others damaged. Anti-State Action claimed responsibility for the attack, but the November 17 group was also suspected.

November 12, 1999, Islamabad, Pakistan. Six rockets were fired at the U.S. Information Services cultural center and United Nations offices in Islamabad, injuring a Pakistani guard.

October 8, 2000, Nablus, West Bank. The bullet-ridden body of Hillel Lieberman, a U.S. citizen living in the Jewish settlement of Elon Moreh, was found at the entrance to the West Bank town of Nablus. Lieberman had headed there after hearing that Palestinians had desecrated the religious site, Joseph's Tomb. No organization claimed responsibility for the murder.

October 12, 2000, Aden Harbor, Yemen. A suicide squad rammed the warship the U.S.S. Cole with an explosives-laden boat killing 13 American sailors and injuring 33. The attack was likely by Osama bin Ladin's al-Qaida organization.

October 30, 2000, Jerusalem, Israel. Gunmen killed Eish Kodesh Gilmor, a 25-year-old American-Israeli on duty as a security guard at the National Insurance Institute in Jerusalem. The "Martyrs of the Al-Aqsa Intifada," a group linked to Fatah, claimed responsibility for the attack. Gilmor's family filed a suit in the U.S. District Court in Washington against the Palestinian Authority, the PLO, Chairman Yasser Arafat and members of Force 17, as being responsible for the attack.

January 20, 2001, George W. Bush became President.

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