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Saturday, August 14, 2004

GORE 2000
BUSH 2004

is that a bumper sticker, or what?

We're not the only ones who voted for Gore in 2000 and will vote for Bush in 2004. There are actually hundreds of us. That may not yet qualify as a phenomenon, but it will if there are thousands. See Judith Weiss posts at Kesher Talk Wednesday (August 11) AND Thursday (August 12) for lots of links.

It may have started at Vodkapundit, and it may have only just begun. Amazing. and encouraging. to say the least.


Someone at ABC News' The Note invited anyone who voted for Al Gore in 2000 and is planning to vote for George Bush in 2004 to write to them and tell them who you are and why. They've received hundreds of responses. If you fit the bill, write to politicalunit@abcnews.com

Battle in the Camera continues

Today's riposte . . . from Michelle Miller

TERRORISTS: Actually, they do hate our freedom

The childish drivel displayed by Joseph Salemi (Open Forum, Aug. 12) regarding the motivations of terrorists runs rampant among liberals and America haters.

Gee whiz, we just need to be more culturally sensitive to Muslim murderers.

Salemi writes, "they don't hate freedom ... Americans, nor how we live." Uh, excuse me, but they do hate that girls at the mall wear their jeans slung so low you can see underwear with tattoos above it, and they do hate that you live in Boulder and eat pork. Yes, gosh darn, they do hate our freedoms. Of course, Salemi's right that they hate Jews (oops, I mean "Zionist pigs").

Incidentally, while he is blathering about how safe we will be if we have a change of "thought" and "attitude," the Islamic Jihadists are sharpening their knives and working up a sweat over the Koranic injunction to kill infidels. Actually, it's an Islamic thing, Joe. Hope that doesn't cause you to spill your latte.


(There are less generous souls who hope that he does spill his latte.) Kol hakavod, Michelle. Great letter.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Submitted to the Daily Camera's Open Forum

Two anti-Israel letters in the Camera in one day (August 12) is almost more than I can bear. Joseph Salemi wants the U.S. to cease support of Israel so that “we will be safe again,” and Kimberly Gibbs reduces historical fact about Israel to “word games and delusional logic.” Have those who hate the Jewish state no mercy?

Today, an Israeli security officer and father of seven was shot to death by a Palestinian Arab “policeman.”

Two days ago, there was a double suicide bombing at a northern Jerusalem checkpoint and a Palestinian kassam rocket landed near a Jewish kindergarten.

Three days ago, 56 Jewish graves and a war memorial were desecrated in the French city of Lyon. (More than 300 Jewish tombs or graves have been desecrated in France since April of this year.) On the same day, dozens of tombstones were toppled in a Jewish cemetery in the Czech Republic; never mind that the cemetery dates to the 17th century or that Sigmund Freud’s brother was buried there.

Also this week, Time Magazine reported that a New York City synagogue - built over 100 years ago by refugees from pogroms in Russia, Roumania and Poland - is on a list of al Qaeda targets.

Jewish students from the U.S. Israel and Poland were assaulted recently at Auschwitz; this was of such phenomenal interest in America that it was reported in a total of five newspapers.

A leading Arab terrorist in Gaza was quoted last week as saying that “Our aim is to liberate every piece of land in Palestine, including what is now called Israel.”

A small building in a cemetery in New Zealand, used by Jews to handle and pray for the dead, was torched a week ago today, and graves there were damaged.

In San Francisco, a Jew running for public office had his campaign posters covered with swastikas. Turns out his father’s entire family was murdered by the Nazis.

I had already realized the truth of the Jewish dictum, “every good exile comes to an end.” I didn’t need Salemi and Gibbs to rub my face in it.

Anne Lieberman

Good Shabbos.
They're killing us again. still.

Itamar security officer and father of seven - shot to death by Palestinian Arab "policeman" (i.e. terrorist)

Arutz Sheva: Friday, 15:30 - One Israeli is dead after having been shot outside the Shomron town of Itamar by an Arab terrorist. The attacker was a member of the Palestinian Authority's Preventative Security Force.

The lone terrorist fired at a rear sentry post of Itamar shortly before 11:00am today. The community’s first response team was activated and the security officer, Shlomo Miller, 50, responded. The lone terrorist targeted Miller’s vehicle, hitting him in the head, chest and abdomen. The terrorist then grabbed Miller’s M-16 and fled. He was eventually shot dead by the members of the first response team, but not before he used Miller’s weapon to fire at them. There were no injuries. A second person was lightly injured when Miller was targeted by gunfire earlier. Emergency medical personnel responded and an army helicopter was dispatched to medivac him to Beilinson Hospital. The gravely injured father of seven died of his wounds a short time later.

Shlomo Miller will be laid to rest in Jerusalem at 4:00pm. The service will begin in the Shamgar Funeral Home and from there, travel to the Mount of Olives Cemetery for burial before the start of the Sabbath.

In the wake of the shooting, the IDF has imposed a curfew on the Arab village of Beit Fouriq, in the Shechem area. The shooter, who left on his murderous mission from Beit Fouriq, was himself shot dead at the scene of the attack.

The Al-Aqsa Brigade of Yasser Arafat's Fatah terror organization is claiming responsibility for the Itamar shooting attack.

May Gd comfort his family and friends among the other mourners for Zion and Jerusalem. . .


Thank Gd It's Friday Victor Davis Hanson Day!

On Loathing Bush

. . . what is not explicable in terms of rational disagreement is the Left's pathological hatred of George W. Bush. It transcends all contention over the issues, the Democratic hurt over the Florida elections, and even the animus once shown Bill Clinton by the activist Right. From where does this near-religious anger arise and what does it portend?

Let's start with the admission that much of the invective is irrational, fueled by emotion rather than reason. Thus the black leadership uses slurs such as "Taliban" and "Confederacy" against Bush, even though no other president has selected an African-American secretary of State and national-security adviser or pledged so many billions for AIDS relief in Africa. Liberals talk of social programs starved, but domestic spending under Bush increased at annual rates greater than during any Democratic administration in recent history. Just read howls of conservatives who worry about Bush's Great Society-like programs.

On foreign policy, Kerry rips Bush apart — but can't say whether he would have gone into Afghanistan and Iraq and is unable to specify how he would have gotten pacifistic Europeans on board. It is common to caricature Ashcroft as some Seven Days in May insurrectionist, bent on overthrowing the Constitution; but given the almost daily arrests of terror suspects in the United States, Kerry cannot tell us how exactly the Patriot Act has eroded our freedoms, much less why it is unnecessary in hunting down potential mass murderers.

What is it about Bush that elicits such hatred, that galvanizes even usually mindless rock stars, self-indulgent Hollywood actors, lethargic ex-presidents and vice presidents, and hypocritical Democratic senators to embrace such canonical fury? Why was the Left content to make fun of Ford's clumsiness, Reagan's forgetfulness, and George Sr.'s preppiness, but now calls George W. a Nazi and worse still? Why are there forthcoming novels and plays that discuss the assassination of George W. Bush? Why did we not get a Reaganwacked, a Reaganworld, a Lies of Ronald Reagan — a similar vast industry of paperback pulp equating Reagan with evil incarnate?

As always, READ IT ALL, and be grateful for such a voice of light and reason in the outer dark.

"The failure by the Left to articulate an alternative vision of a
post-September 11 world except in the negative has banished what should have
been the most momentous public policy debate of the last 50 years
into the outer dark."

--Wretchard, writing at Belmont Club

Thursday, August 12, 2004

How could I have missed this Kimberly Gibbs letter?

Also in today's Daily Camera

ISRAEL: On the contrary, borders are clear

Several recent letters have addressed Israel's borders, an issue vital to understanding the Israel/Palestine conflict. Some have claimed that Israel has "no internationally recognized border" (Open Forum, July 26), while others argue that U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 does not require Israel to abandon land it claimed in 1967 because it lacks the word "all." (Open Forum, Aug. 1 and Aug. 5). These arguments rely on word games and delusional logic to justify Israel's ongoing military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The 1949 Armistice Line, or "Green Line," clearly demarcates the borders between Israel and the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It is also the internationally-recognized border. Following the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel claimed parts of the West Bank and Gaza in clear violation of international law.

In addition to numerous UNSC resolutions, the Fourth Geneva Convention, which Israel ratified in 1951, prohibits the colonization of lands obtained through military force. In addition, the recent International Court of Justice opinion condemning Israel's so-called "security wall," which winds inside the West Bank, further denies Israel's claim to that land.

Israel's actions have earned the harsh criticism it receives from the rest of the world. Likewise, Israel will gain the respect of the international community when it chooses to respect and obey the rule of international law.


The Daily Camera has no mercy. Two anti-Israel letters a day is more than I can bear.

The Palis got a country!

Children watch as Palestinian swimmer Raad Aweisat jumps into a swimming pool for training in east Jerusalem Thursday Jan. 8, 2004. Massive nylon sheets surround the pool from all sides keeping in the heat, but the room has no ventillation and the smell of chlorine soaks the steam-filled pool hall. Aweisat, 17, is training for the 2004 summer Olympics in Athens, Greece and plans to compete in the 100 meter Butterfly event, being the first Palestinian to represent his country in an Olympic swimming event. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

If they have a country, does that mean "the occupation" is over? And by the way, whose country did they get a country in?

Liberal Media trying so hard to get Kerry elected

It's unbelievable. John Kerry said last week,
"I believe I can fight a more effective, more thoughtful, more strategic, more proactive, more sensitive war on terror that reaches out to other nations and brings them to our side and lives up to American values in history.''

Open foot, insert mouth. A "more sensitive war on terror"? Oh, please. Kerry (or his handlers) must have known immediately that the Bush-Cheney campaign would jump all over that like white on rice, and of course they did.

Cheney said today,

"President Lincoln and Gen. Grant did not wage sensitive wars. Nor did President Roosevelt or Gens. Eisenhower and MacArthur,'' he said. "As our opponents see it, the problem isn't the thugs and murderers that we face, but our attitude."
and also that
"Those who threaten us and kill innocents around the world do not need to be treated more sensitively. They need to be destroyed.''
You should see the headlines:
  • Cheney Slams Kerry
  • Cheney Mocks Kerry
  • Cheney Blasts Kerry
  • Cheney Attacks Kerry

Whatever happened to words like "criticizes" -- or phrases like "takes issue with"? Why, when it's either Bush or Cheney speaking, does the media insist on these overly violent characterizations? I know, they're just trying to get Kerry elected, but it drives me nuts.

And about what Kerry said? I think it shows the man to be an obsequious fool.

There lies ever in "obsequious'' at the present
the sense of an observance which is overdone,
of an unmanly readiness to fall in with the will of another.
-- Trench.

Do you read the Arab press?

At the very least everyone should be scanning Arab press headlines at MEMRI on a regular basis. Check these out:

Iraq's interior minister Al-Naqib said there is evidence of contacts between Saddam and Al-Qa'ida performed by Iraq's former ambassador to Turkey, Faruq Hijazi. He said Saddam received Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi in 2000 - but later killed some of his supporters. (Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, 7/29/04)

A new survey conducted by the independent Institute for Administrative and Social Civil Research in Iraq indicated that 90% of the Iraqis expressed 'great desire' for holding general elections in the country. (Al-Watan, Saudi Arabia, 7/22/04)


Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi moved to Iran several months ago, shortly after the Fallujah incidents, and stayed a few weeks at a camp belonging to the Iranian revolutionary guards in the Mahran region on the border with Iraq, until leaving for the city of Bakuba in Iraq. (Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, 8/11/04)

The commander of the Al-Quds army of Iran's revolutionary guards, general Qasem Sulimani, acknowledged that Iran has been making concessions to Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi. A reliable Iranian source reports that general Sulimani said that Zarqawi's operations in Iraq 'serve the supreme interests of Iran,' particularly in preventing the establishment of a regime cooperating with the U.S. (Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, 8/11/04)

The Iranian source said that Al-Zarqawi and 20 commanders of his organization need no prior approval to enter Iran: 'there are border points from Halabja in the north to Ilam in the south through which Zarqawi and 20 of the Ansar Al-Islam fighters can enter Iranian territory whenever they want.' (Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, 8/11/04)

Iran's Basij (paramilitary youth organization) commander General Mohammad Hijazi said the Basij is striving to form an army of 20 million. (Jomhouri-ye Eslami, Iran, 7/14/04)

Iranian supreme leader Khamenei said those who hold hostages in Iraq are not Muslims. We suspect very much, he said, that they are agents of Israel and the United States. (Al-Zaman, Iraq, 7/14/04)

The World Islamic Organization's Headquarters for Remembering the Shahids has registered over 2,000 Iranian volunteers for martyrdom operations. The youngest volunteer is seven years old, and 25% are under 18. Recruitment headquarters head Mohamed Samedi said that the organization would carry out martyrdom operations if Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei asked them to. (Sharq, Iran, 6/5/04)


Islamist internet sites quoted bin Laden that the deadline for a truce with Europe has expired, and threatened the Europeans with 'a bloody war until you return to your senses.' He threatened Italy with torrents of blood. Bin Laden called on the European countries not to support America. (Al-Watan, Qatar, 7/30/04)

Muhammad Abu Daf, deputy dean of the Education Faculty at the Islamic University of Gaza, maintained that it is essential that Palestinian summer camps instill deep-rooted national and political values such as love of Jihad, love of and sacrifice for the homeland, and martyrdom (Shehada). (Al-Resala, Gaza, 7/15/04)

Jewish graves attacked in France and in the Czech Republic

A police officer inspects graves desecrated by vandals with Nazi swastikas and graffiti on 56 graves and war memorial in a Jewish cemetery in eastern city of Lyon August 10, 2004. More than 300 tombs or graves have been desecrated in France since April. REUTERS/Robert Pratta

CNN: LYON, France (AP) -- Vandals scrawled anti-Semitic graffiti on dozens of tombstones in Lyon overnight, authorities said Tuesday, the third time a Jewish cemetery has been desecrated this year.

Swastikas and inscriptions with Adolf Hitler's name were painted on headstones in de la Mouche cemetery in this southern French city, the same burial site that was desecrated by skinheads in 1992.

Richard Wertenschlag, Lyon's chief rabbi, told France Info radio that the vandalism was an affront to the Jewish community and to France's values.

"How is it that after the Holocaust, someone can still attack Jews -- even those who are dead -- for the simple reason that they are Jews?" he said.

The vandalized graves were at the back of the cemetery, a distance from the guardian's house, and among its oldest tombs. A monument to Jewish World War II soldiers was also covered with graffiti, the French Veterans Affairs Ministry said. . . .

In the Czech Republic, dozens of tombstones have been found toppled at a Jewish cemetery in the eastern of town Hranice, police said Tuesday.

Spokeswoman Michaela Sedlackova said that some 80 tombstones were overturned in the cemetery in the town 187 miles east of Prague. She said it was not clear when the incident happened. The cemetery dates to the 17th century. Sigmund Freud's brother, Julius, was buried there in 1858.

Compare and Contrast: John Kerry

by My2Cents, via REDSTATE.ORG

Before a gathering of journalists in Washington, DC . . . John Kerry criticized President Bush for his actions on 9-11-01 following the attack on the World Trade Center. Kerry blasted Bush for not acting swiftly, and instead choosing to sit with children in a Florida classroom.

"Had I been reading to children and had my top aide whispered in my ear, 'America is under attack,' I would have told those kids very politely and nicely that the president of the United States had something that he needed to attend to -- and I would have attended to it."

* * *

In an interview with Larry King on CNN July 9, 2004, Sen. Kerry was asked where he was the morning of September 11th. Here is part of his response:
"...And as I came in [to a meeting in Sen. Daschle's office], Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid were standing there, and we watched the second plane come in to the building. And we shortly thereafter sat down at the table and then we just realized nobody could think, and then boom, right behind us, we saw the cloud of explosion at the Pentagon."

It should be noted that the second plane hit the World Trade Center at 9:03 a.m., and the plane hit the Pentagon at 9:43 a.m. By Kerry's own words, he and his fellow senators sat there for forty minutes, realizing "nobody could think."

Oy vey, here it comes

Letter in today's Daily Camera
TERRORISTS: They hate policies, not our freedom

Once again I heard President Bush state that the terrorists hate freedom, us and our way of life.

What the terrorists hate, and what we can change, are our policies toward their part of the world. They don't hate freedom, they don't hate Americans, nor how we live; they hate that we blindly support Israel and repressive regimes in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf region. We need a change of thought, of attitude and of policy, then we will be safe again.


Stop supporting Israel and "then we will be safe again." I have to hear this the same week Jews were assaulted at Auschwitz?

"...The time is near when a machine will go into motion which is going to prepare a grave for the world's criminal - Judah -
from which there will be no resurrection."
--Der Sturmer, nazi newspaper, January1940

Ann Coulter on the Swift Boat Veterans and new book, "Unfit for Command"

Some excerpts from townhall.com:
"Kerry was in Vietnam for only four months, which, coincidentally, is less than the combined airtime he's spent talking about it."

"Kerry is demanding to be made president on the basis of spending four months in Vietnam 35 years ago. And yet the men who know what he did during those four months don't think he's fit to be dogcatcher. That seems newsworthy to me, but I must be wrong since the media have engineered a total blackout of the Swift Boat Veterans."

"With the media playing their usual role as Truth Commissar for the now-dead Soviet Union, the Swiftees are having to purchase ad time in order to be heard. No Tim Russert interviews, no "Today" show appearances, no New York Times editorials or Vanity Fair hagiographies for these heretics against the liberal religion."

". . . Kerry's supporters have their usual off-the-rack denunciations of any witness against a Democrat. The veterans are: liars, bigots, idiots, politically motivated, and I was never alone in a hotel with Paula Jones."

"Apparently, before being permitted to engage in free speech against Democrats in this country you have to: (1) prove that you are not a Republican, (2) take a vow of poverty, and (3) purchase the right to speak in a TV ad. On the basis of Clown Wilson, Michael Moore, George Soros, Moveon.org, etc., etc., etc., I gather the requirements for engaging in free speech against a Republican are somewhat less rigorous. Hey! Maybe John Edwards is right: There really are two Americas!"

When Democrats are this terrified of a book, it's not because they have a good answer. Howard Dean can accuse Ashcroft of book-burning all he wants, but it's the Democrats who are doing everything in their power to prevent you from reading "Unfit for Command." In bookstores beginning this week.

All those people who told you you should see Fahrenhate 9/11? Tell them to read this book.

$19.95 at townhall bookservice

Explosives stolen from Egyptian warehouses

Middle East Newsline: CAIRO [MENL] -- A huge amount of explosives stolen from Egyptian warehouses could be headed to Palestinian insurgents in the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian security sources confirmed that a large amount of explosives was stolen from a warehouse of an oil company in the Western Desert near the Mediterranean coast. . . .

The sources said authorities were concerned that the explosives were stolen to fulfill an order by Islamic or Palestinian insurgents. They did not rule out that some of the explosives could be headed for the Gaza Strip.

IDF photo of Palestinian tunnel in Rafah, Gaza,
near the Egyptian border, used for smuggling in
weapons and explosives.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

EU sez Funds not used for Palestinian terrorism

Deutsche Welle: Following a preliminary investigation, the European Union said Tuesday it had found no evidence that donations to the Palestinian Authority had been misused to fund terrorist activities. . . .

The EU is the most important donor for the Palestinian Authority. In the past decade, it has transferred about €1.5 billion ($1.9 billion) to the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian abducted his children and fled to Gaza

The children of Swedish woman Elisabeth Krantz and Palestinian Ismail Nowajah are seen in this composite image from photos made available Wednesday Aug. 11, 2004. Nowajah abducted his five children from their home in the Swedish town of Kungsbacka, and fled to the Gaza Strip, where he has been holding them illegally for more than two months, his former wife and the Swedish Foreign Ministry said Wednesday. (AP Photo, HO)

Double suicide bombing at northern Jerusalem checkpoint

NONE KILLED, six wounded
Arutz Sheva: At least six persons were injured when a terrorist detonated a bomb at an improvised military checkpoint near A-Ram Checkpoint on Jerusalem’s northern border shortly after 3:00pm today (Wednesday).

Earlier in the afternoon, checkpoints were established in response to credible intelligence community warnings of an imminent attack – explaining terrorists were attempting to enter the capital from a northern border point crossing to perpetrate an attack in the capital. A terror alert continues at this time, focusing on the northern capital, with security officials explaining another terrorist remains at large according to intelligence community reports.

It appears the terrorist was riding in an Arab taxi heading towards the capital, intending to carry out an attack. When a border policeman approached the vehicle at the inspection point, the terrorist detonated the bomb he was carrying. Unconfirmed reports indicate the terrorist was killed. A second explosion was also reported after the first emergency units arrived on the scene. It does not appear there were any wounded from the second blast.

Six persons were injured, three seriously. . . .

The al-Aqsa Brigade of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah terror organization has released statements claiming responsibility for the attack.

It may be that this attack prevented a larger attack inside Jerusalem.

Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital officials report they are treating three victims in serious condition, two with head injuries. They are in surgery at this time.

Two victims in light condition are being treated in Shaare Zedek Medical Center and four victims are being treated for anxiety in Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital, also reportedly in light condition.

ALSO NOTE: A Kassam rocket landed this morning in Netiv Ha'Asarah, close to a community kindergarten. Thank Gd, there were no injuries.

UPDATE: Sky News is reporting, through Yahoo-UK&Ireland, that one Palestinian has died from these attacks.

The Palestine Post

Tel Aviv University offers The Palestine Post online: http://kipp.tau.ac.il/Archive/skins/Palestine/navigator.asp

Founded on December 1, 1932 by former American journalist Gershon Agron, The Palestine Post became one of the most influential newspapers in the world. With independent policies and a unique perspective, the paper reported on the birth and development of Israel, the period before the creation of the State of Israel, and the culture, economics, politics and history of the Middle East in general. The Palestine Post supported the struggle for a Jewish state in Palestine and opposed British colonial policies which restricted Jewish immigration into what later became Israel.

In 1950, the Palestine Post was renamed the Jerusalem Post.

The Palestine Post
Sunday, February 01, 1948

Woman Killed by Border Snipers
Fatal Shot from Hassan Bey Mosque

TEL AVIV, Saturday - A woman was killed, another was gravely wounded, and some persons were slightly injured by bullets fired indiscriminately by Arabs toward Tel Aviv from Jaffa and Salameh villages over the week-end.

A bullet reported tohave come from the minaret of the Hassan Bey Mosque fatally wounded Mrs. Langet Strauss, 33, as she was going to the market to do her Sabbath shopping yesterday morning. She died at Hadassah Hospital.

This morning, 17-year-old Rachel Mizrahi was shot in the head while leaving her home near the Jaffa boundary. Her condition is grave.

Those injured last night and today were Jonahtan Schenbaum, 17; Zelda Bonofiel, 16; Shlomo Amnon, 21; Israel Rotgard[?], 35, and Elisheva Shapiro, 22, who was sent home after treatment at the hospital.

At Holon last night Mrs. Hannah Slager, 36, was wounded when Arab snipers concentrated their fire on the townwhip from Tel el-Rish quarter.

Two houses were blown up yesterday and today in Rehov Barnet, the Municipal boundary between Jaffa and Tel Aviv. All Jewish inhabitants there had abandoned their dwellings with the outbreak of the riots. Yesterday afternoon some Arabs approached the house at No. 1 and detonated some dynamite beside it. It was completely wrecked.

This afternoon the house next door was reached by saboteurs and severely damaged.

In the neighbourhood of Salanneh village, Arab workers went to their groves under British Police escort to cut fruit. Police with an armoured car stood by during the work.

Heavy fire was directed at Tel Aviv for an hour and a half tonight from Salameh orange groves and Abu Kebir into Tel Aviv.

The Haganah returned the fire. No casualties were reported.

A Police armoured car escorting Arab orange pickers through groves near Rishon LeZion was fired on yesterday afternnon by Jews, according to an official statement.

Of course there are more exciting things to read there, especially the issue published the day after (the Palestine Post was not published on Shabbat) the State of Israel was reborn in 1948, but I liked this little piece for its everyday-ness.

See also PalestineFacts.org for the history of stamps and coins from Palestine.

And if you've never heard of the Merneptah Stela, learn to spell it. It represents the most important mention of ancient Israel outside the bible, and

"indicates that Israel was well established in Canaan in the late 13th century BC, and was a significant political force to be reckoned with."

Am Yisrael Chai.

Suspected Treason in Israel:
Left-wing Activist arrested for aiding and abetting the enemy

Possible boyfriend is Palestinian "freedom fighter"
Maariv: Tali Fahima, a 28-year old extremist left wing activist and suspected mistress of Jenin al Aktza Brigades commander Zakaria Zbeidi was arrested last night by security forces. She has been remanded into custody for 10 days.

Fahima was arrested in May at a check post not far from Jenin, where she had been living for several weeks with Zbeidi, acting as his human shield to prevent him being the victim of a targeted elimination. It is not clear whether a relationship developed between them.

She was subsequently released to house arrest, but last night she was arrested, together with two Arabs, Abu Kaoud, an Israeli Arab resident of Jaffa, and Haled Amar, a Palestinian from Jenin.

She is being interrogated by the ISA and police on suspicions of aiding and abetting the enemy, including helping terrorists plan a terror attack inside Israel. . . .

She admitted that she does not regard Zbeidi as a terrorist, but a freedom fighter, since he is under alien enemy occupation.

According to Steven Plaut,

Tali's arrest will come as a shock only for those who have been blissfully ignorant of the nature and the agenda of Israel's radical Left over the past two decades. In reality, just like the American campus Left has long been little more than a movement of anti-Americanism, so Israel's Far Left is today - even more so - nothing more than a movement of anti-Israelism and Jewish self-hatred.

Israel's radical Leftists seek the destruction of their own country. They consider their country an evil apartheid monstrosity and they are willing to see as many Jews murdered as it takes to end this "Zionist abomination."

Read his full commentary at today's Israel Insider.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Outer Dark

Belmont Club via Roger Simon
The failure by the Left to articulate an alternative vision of a post-September 11 world except in the negative has banished what should have been the most momentous public policy debate of the last 50 years into the outer dark. By declaring discussion of the transformation of the world illegitimate and then only belatedly presenting a Presidential candidate whose countervision consists of a "secret" but unstated plan, liberals have effectively left matters in the hands of President Bush. It is a staggeringly reactionary performance and a fundamentally unhealthy one. Because the one certain thing is that the antebellum world, the universe of September 10, can never be restored. The Clinton era, like the green light at the end of Daisy's dock, has been borne into the past.

It is unlikely that a meaningful national dialogue on the future of world can occur until the Left frees itself from the taboos which have stultified its intellect. The dead hand of Vietnam and its attachment to the cultic nonsense of the 1960s lies heavy on Democratic Party. That spectral limb will grip them by the throat until they shake free. Until then, forward to wherever. We'll know where we're going when we get there.

The writing and the reasoning sure beat the Esquire piece by Ronnie Reagan that our lefty friends keep sending us :)

NYC synagogue on list of al Qaeda targets

New York's Eldridge Street Synagogue was put on a list of possible terrorist targets based on information found on computer discs seized at the home of an Al-Qaida leader in Pakistan last month, Time Magazine reported. Synagogue officials, who were not aware that the building had been added to the watch list, questioned the magazine's reporting, saying that if there were a real threat they would have been contacted by officials.

Commentary from the VOICE OF JUDEA:

I know my Jews. They will read this article in disbelief, and refrain from getting off of their apathy. "Why would Al-Qaida target us? Stop trying to scare us!" Jews are absolutely amazing. They are so incredibly stupid when it comes to assessing danger and taking necessary steps to avert the danger.
Synagogue officials said, "If there were a real threat they would have been contacted by the authorities."
As if they need to be contacted to begin to understand that terrorist Islamic cells are alive and well in New York and throughout America. Are they completely brain dead? As if itwould help if they were given any warning by authorities. If the murder of3000 New Yorkers, a mile away from the synagogue was not enough to wake them up, what good would a call about some information found on aPakistani computer have done?

RMPJC responds with "Dangerous language demonizes activists"

The organization that brought the StopTheWall tour to Boulder has responded to the press coverage in which they were called "ideological enablers of terrorism" and "supporters of terrorism."

Leveling a charge of terrorism against RMPJC, our mission and our members has no basis. For more than 20 years, we have promoted social change through unconditional nonviolence. Our vision includes respect for democratic values and we abhor the use of violence against any community or individual. . . .

"Terrorism" is defined as "the use of threats or force to intimidate." The word has been devalued by overuse and misuse. For Danish and Dobro to have used this word to describe our peace organization was irresponsible. Organizations that foster critical thinking and strengthen democracy need to be supported, not assaulted, by local leaders.

To those who disagree with our stance on political issues, we welcome peaceful dialogue, difference of opinion and a free exchange of ideas.

How peaceful they sound.

Here's one of their critically-thinking democracy-strengthening supporters from that day when we were all experiencing a "difference of opinion" and the "free exchange of ideas."


If you'd like to read all of their disingenuous, supercilious, self-righteous, punitive-liberal absolute horse sh*t . . . . It's in today's Colorado Daily.

See also Why the Left Hates Israel.

There's the story, then there's the treatment of the story


The story of three French men assaulting a group of students from Israel, the U.S. and Poland, while they were touring a model gas chamber at Auschwitz, is getting scant media attention.

Originally covered by the Jerusalem Post, it's found its way into the Drudge Report, The New York Post, Chicago Sun Times, UPI/Washington Times and the (Australian) Big News Network.

I'll keep a look out for the press, while you go read this thread of (over 500) comments at LGF.

What does a Jew gain by going to see such a thing? the mitzvah of kaddish over the dead, nice but at the price of trauma for weaker souls. I once spoke with a psychoanalyst about Jewish weakness, he said the affects of multi-generational trauma are a real and latent part of most Jews' psyches.

-- #502, Ayatollah Ghilmeini

UPDATE: 11pm. Still only the five articles. I'm shocked - al Reuters didn't pick up this story?


Get this. The Body Shop promotes an Arab "right of return"to Israel, and has given a "Human Rights" award (2002) to The National Committee for the Defence of the Rights of the Internally Displaced, which The Body Shop describes as follows:

a self-help and advocacy advisory service, and a network for all community-based organisations campaigning for the right of return of internally displaced Palestinians.
You may ask, what are "internally displaced Palestinians"? The answer given at this website is
The internal refugees or uprooted communities ae Palestinians who were uprooted and expelled from their villages during the 1948 war and afterwards, and who live in and are citizens of the State of Israel . . . . The number of the Uprooted is calculated to be about 250,000. The majority live in the Galilee and the others in the central triangle the mixed cities in the centre, and in the Negev.
This is their gripe:

The experience of Palestinians before, during and after the 1948 al-Nakba [i.e., the catastrophe of the rebirth of the state of Israel] is the result of the Zionist policies of occupation, violence and military eviction. The policy of eviction created the question of Palestinian refugees and the plight of all those Palestinians who for more than half a century have lived in the camps of the Diaspora [see post below about Arabs stealing Jewish history] or as forcefully displaced persons in their homeland. Palestinian refugees continue to sacrifice and fight for their legitimate right to return. . . .

Israeli governments continue to legitimize their existence built on the remains of another people's land. [see post below about Arabs stealing Jewish history]

This organization wants to "re-affirm" that

We the some 250,000 internally displaced, part of the Palestinian Arab minority, Citizens of this state, did not fall from the sky [I kid you not; that's what it says]. We are not immigrants, but natives in our land. The Israeli government is not allowed - on ethic, moral, legal and political grounds - to keep us displaced in our homeland, far from our towns and villages of origin. International law and principles protect our natural right of return.

And, if you're still with me, "As pan (sic) of the entire Arab-Palestinian people," they wish to declare:

  • The refugee issue is the heart of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
  • The Palestinians refugees' right to return to their homeland and homes is a sacred right whoe implementation must be based on UN Resolution 194.
  • We warn of the consequences of conspiracies against Palestinian refugee rights, whether conducted openly or behind closed doors. We state with loud voice that there will he (sic) no just solution without a solution of issue of the refugees and the internally displaced.

Feh! I will gladly spare you the rest, because I can hardly bear to type it out.

You can email comments to The Body Shop in the U.S. to usa.info@the-body-shop.com

Or go to this contact webpage to find email addresses for any of the other (49) countries in which The Body Shop operates.

Mark Steyn picks up the "Christmas in Cambodia" story

in today's Telegraph (UK)
For decades, John Kerry has told anyone who'd listen that at Christmas 1968 he was on an illegal mission inside Cambodia. On the floor of the Senate in 1986, while attacking President Reagan for turning Central America into another Vietnam quagmire (wrong as usual), Kerry said: "I remember Christmas of 1968 sitting on a gunboat in Cambodia. I remember what it was like to be shot at by the Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge and Cambodians, and have the President of the United States telling the American people that I was not there; the troops were not in Cambodia. I have that memory which is seared – seared – in me."

The illegal Yuletide foray was so seared into him that he brought it up at every opportunity.
As he told the Boston Herald in 1979, "I remember spending Christmas Eve of 1968 five miles across the Cambodian border being shot at by our South Vietnamese allies who were drunk and celebrating Christmas. The absurdity of almost being killed by our own allies in a country in which President Nixon claimed there were no American troops was very real."

LBJ was President on Christmas Eve 1968, but let that pass. Here's an Associated Press story from 1992: "Navy Lt John Kerry knew he had no business steering his Mekong River patrol boat across the border into Cambodia, but orders were orders… By Christmas 1968, part of Kerry's patrol extended across the border of South Vietnam into Cambodia."

Just one problem. It never happened. Every living officer up his chain of command says Kerry was never ordered to Cambodia. At least three of his five crewmen say their boat was never in Cambodia. And if you don't believe any of his fellow veterans, read the excerpt from Kerry's own journal published in Tour Of Duty, the recent hagiography by Douglas Brinkley.
On December 24 1968, Kerry was at Sa Dec – that's well inside Vietnam, 55 miles from the Cambodian border – and waxing wistful to his diary about a quiet Christmas far from home: "Visions of sugarplums really do dance through your head and you think of stockings and snow and roast chestnuts and fires with birch logs and all that is good and warm and real. It's Christmas Eve."

I'm Vietnammed out. But it's the centrepiece of Kerry's campaign: the other day, [when] asked a straightforward question about 9/11, he stuck to the current millennium for a good 20 seconds and then veered off into "the war that I fought in was a war where we saw America lose its support for the war, where the soldiers came back having had to do what our soldiers are doing today, carry an M-16 in another country, try to tell the difference between friend and foe. I know what it's like to go out at night on patrol", etc, etc. So, since Vietnam seems to be the only subject on which he has anything to say, it would be reassuring to know that at least he's got that right.

For most of his adult life John Kerry has peddled as his central Vietnam anecdote – the one that drove him to turn on his nation's leaders – what appears to be a complete fantasy. Why would he do such a thing? If there's a good answer to that question, maybe someone in his doting press pack would like to ask it.

The [London] Dinner Party

by Irwin M. Stelzer, in the Daily Standard
To understand the depths of this Bush-hating anti-Americanism, let's get up close and personal, as I am told they say in Crawford. Which brings me to a dinner party my wife, Cita, and I attended in a fashionable London town house. The usual assortment of media folk, City (financial) types, and professionals, with the odd (very) member of Parliament. It was a group put together by a very gracious hostess and her very conservative husband. Sounds like fun. But, at least for pro-Bush, anti-Saddam Americans, it was the sort of evening that makes one long for a good dose of Fox News, followed by readings from the works of Donald Rumsfeld.

THE WAR ON TERROR, announces one guest, could have been avoided if the Americans hadn't invaded Iraq. But the destruction of the World Trade Center and the attack on the Pentagon--not to mention various embassy bombings and the assault on the Cole--preceded the invasion of Iraq, I noted, in a gentle effort to help this guest reorganize her calendar of events. Ah, but original sin, the event that preceded all of the ones I cited, is the Jews' beastly treatment of the Arabs.

We are gluttons for punishment, not to mention for wonderful puddings of the sort being set before us. So we decided that the guestly thing to do was to stifle our desire to leave, running the risk that continuing the discussion might result in the violent response many Brits assume comes naturally to gun-totin', SUV-drivin', Americans. (They couldn't work their God-fearing epithet into that litany, as it might have impelled us to turn the other cheek, which they for some strange reason don't expect of God-fearing Americans.)

Besides, rational argument will conquer all, I was brought up to believe. So I gently inquired, "What would you have done after September 11 if you were president of the United States?" The answer did more than even a steady diet of BBC broadcasts can do to make us realize just what Tony Blair is up against: "I would have been nicer to the Arabs, and made the Jews be nicer to the Arabs."

Mind you: this is not Nancy Astor explaining the virtues of Adolph Hitler to her anti-Semitic friends in the run-up to World War II. This is Great Britain, circa 2004. And so to bed, after absolving our host and hostess of all blame for the views of their guests.

"At first they were Shepherds . . . When they reached Palestine, they had no knowledge or culture"

PA Historians: Israel's biblical history> Arab Muslim history
from Palestinian Media Watch, via IMRA

. . . creative historical revisionism is not new in the PA. Denying the thousands of years of Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, coupled with the invention of "Palestinian" history of thousands of years, have always been of supreme importance to the Palestinian Authority.

The PA is struggling with the challenge of creating a Palestinian national identitywhen no Palestinian national history exists. Even the term Palestine" historically had nothing to do with Arab identity, and most of the population only migrated in the last century after the improved living conditions and work opportunities brought about by the Zionist movement.

Thus, incessant denial of Israel's history and right to exist, and the invention of a PA history have been backbones of PA indoctrination andeducation for years.

In the broadcast last week on PA TV the following are some of the mainpoints of the"history".

  1. The Hebrews of the Bible have no connection to the Jews today.
  2. The Hebrews of the Bible were Arabs.
  3. The Prophets of the Bible were Muslims.
  4. Biblical King Solomon was a Muslim Prophet.
  5. Solomon's Temple was not built by Israelites but by Arab Canaanites.
  6. The Canaanites are the forefathers of the Palestinians
  7. The Bible is legends based on what Jews imagined and not on history.
  8. The Jews today are descendents of a 13 th Century Khazar tribe withno history in the Land of Israel.
  9. The location of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a Zionist invention.
  10. Zionism is Racism.

The following are selections from the discussion on PA TV. (The historians - Dr. Jarir Al-Qidwah, Head of the PA Public Library and Arafat's Advisor on Education; Dr. Issam Sissalem, Senior Historian and Educational TV host, former head of History Dept. of PA University; Moderator: Mohammed Albaz.)

PA TV, Aug. 2, 2004

Albaz: "Where did the story of Solomon's Temple come from?"

Al-Qidwa: "Solomon's Temple, I believe, was built by the Canaanites who were the neighbors of the Israelis, the Israelites... I want to stateseveral words clearly: the Bible became an archival document, not representing what the Israelis and the first Jews were, but what they thought they were, what they imagined. The Temple is the fruit of their imagination. In any case, when our nation or our Canaanite forefathers cameto Palestine, they built the Temple. a temple in Jerusalem"

Al-Qidwa: "These Jews, [after being conquered by Rome] were dispersed ...among many nations. The last, after many hundreds of years, the KhazarJews, [are the ones] who live in Palestine [ie, Israel] today. When thesepeople started to write the Bible they found that it was written in a[foreign] language... when they reached Palestine they had no knowledge or culture."

Albaz: "And without any historical or other link [to the land]."

Al-Qidwa: "And without any historical or other link... At first they were Shepherds. When they needed agricultural instruments, they went to theCanaanite cities to buy metal rods and knives and other things."

Sissalem: "About the Jews of Khazar... they had a state [in the Kavkaz(Caucasia)] and it was destroyed by the Vladimir Family and the Mongolianattack, that invaded them in the 13 th century. They dispersed in seclusion in ghettos, in what is called Russia, Ukraine, and Poland, and came to us[to Israel] in the 19th century, with false Zionist claims based on legends."

More at Palestinian Media Watch. ~ Kol hakavod to PMW director, Itamar Marcus.

This is a "public relations" slam dunk, since most people -even Jews themselves- have little or no historical or biblical knowledge to begin with. Talk about an existential threat . . . if the Iranian nukes don't get us, this very well might.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Business as usual in the Terror-tories

Palestinian militants carry a home-made bomb during
an Israeli army operation in the southern Gaza Strip
city of Rafah.(AFP/Said Khatib)

Does it smell immoral to anyone else that the photographer is privy to this? Must be on their side, eh? Fancy that.

Finally! in a guest column in the Seattle Times:

"The Democratic Party's anti-Semitism problem"

Go and read it.

The author is Edward Alexander, professor of English at the University of Washington.


Photo: Hadi Mizban /AP

Muqtada al Sadr vowed Monday [at a press conference]:
"I will remain in Najaf city until the last drop of my blood has been spilled."

Photo: Ali Jasim / Reuters

A masked Iraqi Shiite militiaman dashed across a street,
carrying a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, Saturday
near the Baghdad suburb of Sadr City. The Arabic graffiti
reads “No Bush.”

A senior U.S. military official in Baghdad estimated Monday that 360 insurgents had died in Najaf in the first four days of the battle, although al-Sadr’s militia insists that the toll has been far lower.

Five U.S. troops have been killed in Najaf, according to the military, and the U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said 19 others had been wounded. He said four Iraqi national guardsmen also had been killed and 12 others had been wounded.

Though he prevaricates ~ "This is not an instant solution. There isn't one." ~ John Kerry has a plan to "bring our troops home."

Austrians polled on the Nazi era

40% - The Nazi era was "mostly bad."

31% - The Nazi era had "good and bad" elements.

27% - The Nazi era was "exclusively bad."

Peter Uhlram of the Fessel-GfK Institute, which conducted the survey, cautioned against inferring from the poll results that anti-Semitism is widespread in Austria.

Most who believed life was in some ways good under Hitler likely looked back at developments other than the Holocaust as the positive sides of Nazi rule, such as construction of the first Autobahn and sharply lowered unemployment, he said.

Source: Associated Press in JPost

Target: the Tube tunnels beneath the Thames

from This is London, via Jihad Watch
A terror plot to detonate a bomb inside a Tube tunnel beneath the Thames has been uncovered by MI5 chiefs, it was reported yesterday.

The explosion would pierce the bed of the river, leaving tens of thousands of rush- hour commuters to be drowned or trampled underfoot in the panic as people tried to flee.

Blueprints for an attack on the Underground and maps of the tunnels were reported to have been discovered a t an al- Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan, a Sunday newspaper reported.

What's best for Israel?

Meryl Yourish got me all excited - I thought this new blog was actually called Jews for Bush, but it's not. It's not called that or Democrats for Bush or Zioneocons for Bush, or even Recovering Liberals. Nevertheless, please welcome to the blogosphere:

"Best For Israel" is a diverse coalition of individuals, Democrats, Independents and Republicans who believe that now, more than ever, Israel needs the United States to have a president who will be "best" for Israel, not just one who may be "also good." Based on their records, we believe that President Bush is that candidate.

If ever there is a time to put party politics aside for Israel, it is now. The stakes are too high. Israel is too important.

BestforIsrael.org is not affiliated with any campaign or political party.

And the mainstream press is paying attention. From the New York Sun, August 5:

Jeff Stier, the New York nonprofit executive who started the site, said he got the idea during conversations with friends who said Israel was their biggest priority in electing a president. Mr. Stier says the site is designed to contrast Mr. Bush's defense of Israel with Senator Kerry's "lack of leadership and poor judgement."



While on a tour of the museum at the Auschwitz death camp in Poland on Sunday, a group of around 50 Jewish university students from Israel, the U.S. and Poland were verbally attacked by a three-member gang of French male tourists.

Evidently incited by the presence of an Israeli flag wrapped around the shoulders of Tamar Schuri, an Israeli student from Ben Gurion University, the first assailant ran at the group while its members were being guided through a model gas chamber and crematoria and began swearing and hurling anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli insults.

"He told us to go back to Israel and said that we were stupid and should be ashamed to walk around with an Israeli flag," testifies Maya Ober, a 21-year-old Polish student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan and member of the Polish Union of Jewish Students (PUSZ), which organized the 16-day summer learning program along with the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS).

After the initial altercation, a second assailantgrabbed Ober by the arm. "One of the guys held me by the arm and wouldn't let go," says Ober, who lost several members of her family at Auschwitz. "I was afraid. I couldn't move and I didn't know what he was going to do.

"I was shocked. Although I have met anti-Semitism many times, I never expected to meet it at Auschwitz, where so many of my relatives were killed," she says she spoke to the assailants in French and that in addition to being "brutish and vulgar," their sentiments "made absolutely no sense."

"Violence was narrowly averted," adds LaurenceWeinbaum, Director of Research at the World Jewish Congress and resident scholar for the group, who says the Polish police were not notified of the incident because the assailants did commit an actual crime

"But, if the two sides hadn't been separated, it would have come to blows."

Weinbaum, who has been to Poland more than 30 times on educational tours, says he never before saw anything like what happened, happen. "It was simply shocking," he says. "In some way, I felt that these men were satisfied to visit Auschwitz. This was another reminder that in Western Europe there is sympathy for dead Jews; it's just the live ones that they cannot tolerate."

"This event shocked me," adds 24-year-old tour participant Yigael Ben-Natan from Zichron Yaacov, a recent graduate from the University of Haifa. "But, it bought into focus a small part of what it's like to be a Jew in the Diaspora today and a little bit about what it was like to be a Jew in the Diaspora during the Holocaust.

--Story from The Jerusalem Post.

The odd confluence of things: Joe Lieberman's mother-in-law died Friday. Ella Freilich, 87, was a survivor of Auschwitz. May those who grieve be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Condolences. It's something we can do.

Tali Hatuel, 34, who was eight months pregnant with what would have been her first son, was massacred in her car by Palestinian terrorists, along with her four daughters, ages 2-11, on May 2, 2004.

They were on their way to campaign against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan. Their white Citroen station wagon spun off the road after the initial shooting, then the attackers approached the vehicle and shot the occupants dead at close range. The Hatuels' car was riddled with bullets, and the carpet inside was stained with blood. The girls were killed hugging one another. On the car was a bumper sticker saying, "Uprooting the settlements, victory for terror."

Expressions of sympathy for David Hatuel of Gush Katif whose pregnant wife and 4 daughters were murdered by Palestinians, can be sent to him via his neighbor, Irit Ben-Aryeh, whose email address is abirit@zahav.net.il

Hebrew is preferred, if possible, but English would still be very much appreciated.

Avi Dichter briefs the Israeli cabinet

Highlights, if you can call them that:

  • More Israelis have been killed in the past 4 years than in all terror-related attacks during the previous 53 years (since Israel became a state).
  • 70% of all suicide attacks have been thwarted since January 2003

The Shin Bet chief said that 90 percent of recent Israeli fatalities have resulted from attacks by Fatah-Tanzim cells directed and trained by Hez b'Allah. Every day, he added, there are about 50 warnings of terror attacks.

"Several of the [cabinet] ministers present complained that Dichter's report contained little new information. . . "

War on Terrorism a dangerous misnomer, overly vague and unfocused

"Wars are fought against enemies, and terrorism is not an enemy, but a tactic used by an enemy."
by Jonathan Ariel

The most salient point to come out of the 9/11 Commission’s hearings was its criticism of the name “War Against Terrorism” given by the Bush administration to the ongoing military campaign.

The commission stated clearly that this implied an overly vague and unfocused concept at the most basic and fundamental levels of strategic decision making, to a point making the entire campaign devoid of meaning.

This is hitting the nail on the head. Terrorism is not an enemy, but a strategy. There is no such thing as a war against a strategy, and any attempt to conceive one is an exercise in futility. . . .

Al Qaeda, like the Palestinians, uses terrorism as a means to generate political evolutions that benefit its goals. . . . Like the Palestinians, it has gained instant international fame via terror, and also like them, it has so far not succeeded in achieving its goal.

This goal is clear and unequivocal, the recreation of an Islamic Caliphate stretching from sub-Saharan Africa to Pakistan. This necessitates the elimination of what it regards as artificial nation states foisted on the Arab world by the West in order to keep it weak.

By misnaming the war against al Qaeda a war on terrorism, the Bush administration blundered seriously. It categorized al Qaeda as a failure and loser, not something to be taken seriously. In addition it generated confusion, to the point of opaque strategic vision, unable to pinpoint and define the enemy. If the war is against terrorism, then everyone who uses terrorism is the enemy. That's a lot of enemies, even for a superpower. The concept of terrorism as the enemy is a wonderful way to get lost in a hall of mirrors, in which everything looks the same. In such a hall, al Qaeda becomes another group resorting to terror.

This is a fatal mistake, because unlike many of those groups, al Qaeda has a clear strategic goal. It wants to foment a rising in the Islamic world that will topple governments, enabling a reborn Caliphate to come about. The Sept. 11 attacks were designed to trigger that rising. The tactic failed, but al Qaeda is still there and its strategy is unchanged.

By ignoring the strategic perspective of 9/11, the Bush administration forfeited its ability to measure its results in the war, making it unable to discern whether it is winning or losing. In a hall of mirrors illusion blends with reality, if you are not able to quantify and qualify your position, you are in serious danger of truly losing your way. Even a superpower cannot prevail in a war if it cannot tell whether it’s coming or going.

Read it all.

While at Maariv International (English) you may want to read - or avoid reading - a piece by Shlomo Gazit, which equates the evil Jewish extremist settlers with the nuclear threat from Iran. Take your blood pressure pills, and by all means, avoid the comments. This one, from "Tim Banks, Oregon," is fairly typical.

I agree with the article, Israel cannot live by the sword forever, look at what happened to Hitler..!! History taught us that no justice ..no peace. I think israel should try seeking peace for a change instead of building settelments on palestinian lands, and complaining of being the victim..how funny..!!

You got that? Israel should try seeking peace for a change. I don't have the patience for this stupidity anymore . . . no matter how dangerous it is. Boker tov is only for people who have at least a snowball's chance in hell of opening their eyes.

Internal Intifada

When I first saw those words, I thought it said, Eternal Intifada. Gd forbid.
Maariv (Hebrew) [translation from JCPA]: Sources in Fatah are threatening to remove Arafat and the leadership of the PA if they do not immediately implement widespread reforms to end corruption, according to a 20-page document dated July 15 and attributed to the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. The document requests the firing of all ministers and senior officials involved in corruption and demands the establishment of a truly democratic government.

If these demands are not fulfilled, the leaders of the Brigades threaten that they will implement the reforms by force through an internal intifada. "The time of punishment has arrived. It is no longer possible to operate in the old way and to continue to rule," the document said. "It is necessary to weigh anew whether the PLO is still the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people."
Is this the desired outcome of Sharon's disengagement plan? That the terrorists, forced to leave Israelis alone, will simply fight amongst themselves -and kill each other- on the other side of the wall? I'm not Israeli (yet), yet it seems to me to be a worthy improvement.

Let's get some perspective:
HEADLINES Monday, March 15, 1993

I came across this from something called Israel Line, prepared by Gideon Sa'ar and Robert Socolof in 1993; my thanks to them.

More than just fascinating reading from a bygone era, I hope it is an eye-opener. If not then, maybe now -- more than a decade later.
Clinton Notes Concern Over Wave of Attacks On Israelis Before Meeting with Rabin
Israel Radio, KOL YISRAEL, reports that before Prime MinisterYitzhak Rabin's meeting today with President Bill Clinton inWashington today, President Clinton said that he is very concerned about the current wave of attacks against Israelis. Clinton said he hopes it won't prevent the parties to the peace talks fromcontinuing the search for a true peace.
Government Decides to Escalate Fight Against Terrorism

Today's DAVAR reports that the Israeli Government decided yesterday to enact a series of steps in response to the recent wave ofterrorism. Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, who presided over themeeting, reported those decisions to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin via telephone (Rabin is currently on a visit to the U.S.). The Government decided to tighten supervision of the crossing pointsbetween Israel and the Territories, increase the presence of Civil Patrol (Mishmar Ezrahi) in the big cities, and approve the PoliceMinister's request for special budget allocations to provide 2,000more policemen and border policemen.

In an announcement released following the meeting, the Government stated that it will take all legal measures necessary against terrorists and murderers.

Wave of Terrorism Continues
Israel Defense Forces Radio, GALEI ZAHAL, reports that a Palestinian stabbed and wounded an Israeli man who had emigrated from New York just one month ago. The regional Police Chief, YaacovGanot, said that the suspect said "he was sick of life and decided to stab a Jew." Ganot said the alleged assailant is from Nablus inthe West Bank. The victim, 22-year-old Shlomo Haber, suffered wounds to his back and lungs and is reported to be in moderate condition.

Demonstrators In Front of Rabin's Residence:
"How Can You Sleep At Night?"

KOL YISRAEL reports on the demonstrations being held today denouncing Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and protesting the current state of security in Israel. The demonstrators gathered in front of the Prime Minister's residence, as well as at the Megido Junction. Hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police in front of the Prime Minister's residence. They carried a huge sign reading, "Yehushua Weisbrod and Uri Magidish [mentioned in post just below] were murdered by the Fatah. Rabin, sitting with the Fatah in peace, how can you sleep at night?"
Hamas States Readiness for Palestinian State in Territories as Interim Phase in the Return of "All Palestine"
Today's HA'ARETZ quotes Mohammad Nazal, the senior Hamas representative in Jordan, who announced at a press conference yesterday that Hamas "does not oppose the establishment of aPalestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as an interimphase in the return of all Palestine." His statement was received with praise by the PLO. Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazan), a member of thePLO Executive Committee, even declared this to be an important turn-around in the traditional Hamas position.

The newspaper states that during the same interview, Nazal also said "It is inconceivable that Hamas would conduct a dialogue with Israel or recognize it." The newspaper notes that this change in the Hamas position actually represents the adoption of the "stages strategy"advocated by the PLO since 1973.
American Document: Syria Views Jordanian-Palestinian Federation or Confederation as Practical Solution to Arab-Israeli Conflict

Today's MA'ARIV reports that Syria is not advocating a Palestinian state and views a federation or confederation solution with Jordan as a practical way out of the Arab-Israeli conflict. As forJerusalem, Damascus is not insistent on the united city ecoming the capital of a Palestinian entity. These points are included in an assessment document prepared by the United States, in anticipation of the resumption of the peace talks.

The U.S. document, which is based on sources close to senior political circles in Syria, has determined that the Syrian position is grounded in the desire of Damascus -- and that of President Hafez Assad -- to erase the shame of the Six-Day War (i.e. in which Syria lost to Israel) which to this day haunts the generation that participated in the war.

Charges Brought Against Palestinian-Americans
Arrested in Alleged Connection to Hamas
Today's HA'ARETZ reports that the military court in Ramallah brought indictments against Mohammed Jarad, 36, from the Chicago area, one of the two Palestinians-Americans detained on suspicion of connections to the Hamas organization. Indictment of a second Palestinian-American Mohammed Salah, 39, was delayed after his lawyer complained she had not received a copy of the charges in advance.

Meet the Abu Rish Brigades

Sydney Morning Herald: It was the Abu Rish Brigades that spurred the wave of internal kidnappings and clashes when they abducted the Gaza police chief, Ghazi al-Jabali, on July 16 in protest, they said, at Palestinian Authority corruption.

They gained international notoriety later that day when they briefly abducted and held four French aid workers in breach of a Palestinian taboo against harming or harassing foreign humanitarian workers and journalists.

"We didn't kidnap them; we only held them as our guests," said a group spokesman, using the nom de guerre Abu Haron, this week. "We didn't even know at first that they were French. We were shocked then, because the French are a friendly nation."
The four foreigners were held for several hours at a Red Crescent clinic and then released as soon as the Abu Rish Brigades' leader, Amar Abu Sitta, had received a telephone call from Yasser Arafat.

"Our banner is jihad everywhere, even Chechnya," Abu Haron said. "Our aim is to liberate every piece of land in Palestine, including what is now called Israel. . . ."

Palestinian factions are more like extended Arab clans than political parties: you might disagree with your family, you may even fight with it, but you never leave it.
Setting out his group's history, Abu Haron had to pause at times to choke back sobs and wipe away tears. On Thursday of last week Amar Abu Sitta, the group's beloved founder, was killed by a targeted Israeli helicopter strike after 11 years on the run.

His original offence in Israeli eyes - proudly acknowledged by the Abu Rish Brigade - was the killing of several Jewish settlers in the Gaza Strip in the mid 1990s, despite the ceasefire agreed at the time between Israel and Mr Arafat. Israelis point out that Abu Sitta's first victim was his then employer, Uri Magidish, whom he killed in the settler's own greenhouse in the south Gaza settlement of Gan-Or in 1993.

Abu Haron expounded at length on the achievements of the Abu Rish Brigades in attacking Israeli soldiers and settlers in the Gaza Strip and on its relations with Hamas and Fatah military offshoots like the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade and the Popular Resistance Committees.

Later, as we were driving away from the interview, a mobile phone rang. It was Abu Haron.
"I meant to tell you," he said. "After Amar Abu Sitta was killed we heard from the Israeli radio that the wife of the settler he killed was having a party in Neve Dekalim to celebrate his death. So a few of us went out and we fired mortars at them."
Lovely people.

Connections among terrorists?
Britain is shocked!

The Sunday Mirror (UK): A photo of a young man cradling an AK47 rifle was found inside the London home of Osama bin Laden's UK suspected UK terror chief. The extraordinary image shows a grim-faced Palestinian with staring eyes cradling a Kalashnikov rifle.

The camouflaged gunman, whose face is obscured for legal reasons, stares coldly into the camera. Behind him the wall shows a map of the Middle East with Jewish place names replaced in Arabic.

The shocking picture was found in the grimy, one-bedroom flat where al-Qaeda's suspected UK chief Abu al-Hindi and four other men were arrested on Tuesday. The picture could be of al-Hindi himself - or one of those arrested with him over an alleged truck bomb plot on Heathrow airport.

It had been abandoned along with other photographs and personal papers belonging to the men now being quizzed by anti-terror police.

Three of al-Hindi's flatmates in the dingy £780 a month, ground floor flat in Willesden, North London, were Palestinian asylum seekers.

Laptop computers seized from the rooms were last night being examined by police computer experts and Arabic translators.

Today we can reveal that:

  • One man had been ordered to train as a suicide bomber with Islamic terror group Hamas.
  • Another had got through the first interview stage for a job building Heathrow's Terminal 5 extension.
  • The third once lived in a notorious Beirut refugee camp linked to terror groups.

Yesterday the flat - home to a succession of young Arab and Asian men in recent months - lay abandoned, its windows and doors still smashed open after the raid.

Inside, the living room wall is decorated with a black Palestinian flag and literature about Palestinian politics is scattered about.

The Sunday Mirror has learned that one of the men is a 19-year-old Palestinian who claims his father is a senior PLO official and friend of its leader Yasser Arafat. He claims he fled Lebanon after being tortured and forced to join the militant Islamic group Hamas - where he was ordered to train as a suicide bomber.

Another, aged 25, was from the Sabra refugee camp in Beirut - a notorious recruiting ground for Palestinian suicide bombers.

The third, aged 22, had got through a first round of interviews to work on the construction of the new Heathrow Terminal 5.

Yesterday security chiefs hailed the arrest of al-Hindi - who operated under a variety of names - as a major blow against al-Qaeda's UK cell. They claimed that he had organised detailed surveillance of key bombing targets in the UK and US and compiled dozens of detailed drawings and diagrams.

They also suspect he may have been involved in planning the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.

The official report into the tragedy refers to al-Hindi as Issa Al Britani and claims he was sent to the US in early 2001 to identify key Jewish and economic targets in New York. It is thought the US authorities will now seek his extradition.

You should read it - the whole thing sounds phenomenally naive. I want to say, well of course the Palestinians are involved with al Qaeda, of course they have maps of Israel as an Arab entity, of course they are identifying Jewish targets, of course they seek (and have) jobs at the airport. What did you think?

As more and more people start to wake up to the war that is upon us, I have to bite my tongue and not castigate them for oversleeping. Better that I should only say, Boker tov . . .

Good morning.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Iraqi PM bans al Jazeera for inciting hatred

New Zealand Herald: The Arab satellite TV network al-Jazeera has been banned from operating in Iraq for 30 days as Iyad Allawi's interim Government seeks to restore stability after three days of fighting that US forces claim killed 300 Shiite insurgents.
The renewable ban on the Qatar-based network was announced at a news conference at which Allawi also unveiled details of a limited amnesty designed to win back the support of potential recruits to an insurgency joined once again by supporters of the radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.
As Allawi accused al-Jazeera of inciting hatred, a statement from the Ministry of the Interior said it had failed to show the "reality of Iraqi political life" and had "agreed to become the voice of terrorist groups".

Is anybody else tired of hearing about the "holy city" of Najaf? A Google News search for [holy city Najaf] yields about 3,900 results.

A similar search for [holy city Jerusalem] gets you less than one tenth of that number.

Eyewitness to desecration

Kiwi Bob on the scene in Wellington, New Zealand
The Silent Running contributor? editor? Kiwi Bob was at the Makara cemetery in Wellington just hours after it was attacked. He has photos, and the names from the damaged headstones. Go see and read, lest we forget . . . Wellington.

Kol hakavod to Bob and Silent Running for the good work. What an incredible mitzvah you've done.

UPDATE / Commentary from the Voice of Judea

Every 'Good Exile' Comes to an End

New Zealand Jews are in a panic. Could it be that there was such serious dormant anti-Semitism that was just waiting for an excuse to explode? While it is clear that the NZ Prime Minister's remarks and behavior concerning the alleged Mossad passport scandal triggered off the recent rash of anti-Semtic incidents, the intensity of the backlash has caught the Jewish community entirely off guard. And it seems, G-d forbid, that the worst is yet to come.

One can not turn a blind eye to this development. Just as much as one cannot deny that anti-Semitism is not a logical science. In other words, there is no way to know when and what the trigger will be in any society, however comfortable and safe the Jews there might feel. It is all an exercise in acrobatic illusions and delusions. Every "good Exile" comes to an end, and sometimes in the most abrupt way and at the least expected time.

To quote an appropriate story brought down in last week's "Shabat BeShabato" journal on Ekev,
"The story is told of Rabbi Rabbah Bar Bar Hanah concerning one of his journeys at sea: We were once traveling on a ship and saw a fish that sat with sand on his back, and grass growing on it. We thought that it was land. We ascended on to it as we baked and we cooked on his back. The back of the fish got hot and he flipped over. Had the boat not been close by we would have drowned."

Prof. Rosenberg continues, "The immediate associations provoked by this story are articulated by the Maharsha who pointed out the usage of the words - 'we thought', 'we ascended', 'we baked' and 'we cooked' - to be 'symbolic of the Jew who has assimilated within the nations as if he is no longer in Exile'. The Ein Yaakov preceded him in this thought; he (Rav Yaakov Bar Shalomo Eban Habib) was exiled from Spain in 1492, later escaping to Portugal. There he was also pursued until he wandered to Greece, where he compiled the Ein Yakov.

Rav Yakov explains that this is a hint that Jews will find comfort and serenity in their Exiles. The fish/land represents the great historic illusions that blind the Jew into believing that the foundations of his new strange land are firm and stable. The fish that flips over represents the revolutionary flip-flop and change. The 'land' that seemed so stable is exploding and trembling, and we have to try and get back on the ship."

Indeed, it is time to come home to Eretz Israel.

Rare letter

in the Daily Camera, in support of the president
TAXES: Bush has let us keep more money

Every year, an independent tax watchdog group analyzes the average tax burden on Americans, and then calculates the "tax freedom day." This is the day after which the money you earn goes to you, not the government. This year, tax freedom day was April 11, the earliest it has been since 1991. Its latest day ever was May 2, 2000. Notice anything special about those dates?

John Kerry gave a recent speech in which he claimed Americans are actually paying more taxes under Bush, despite the tax cuts. He gave no explanation and provided no data for this claim.

Another interesting fact: Both George Bush and John Kerry are wealthy men. Bush owns only one home, his ranch in Texas. Kerry owns four mansions, all worth several million dollars. (His ski resort home in Idaho is an old barn brought over from Europe in pieces. Not your average A-frame.) Bush paid $250,000 in taxes this year; Kerry paid $90,000.

Does that sound right? The man who wants to raise your taxes obviously has figured out a way to avoid paying his own.

I doubt anyone will listen, Cody, but I'm encouraged by your letter!