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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Zell Miller Endorses Bush

by Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard
SENATOR ZELL MILLER OF GEORGIA, the nation's most prominent conservative Democrat, said today he will endorse President Bush for re-election in 2004 and campaign for him if Bush wishes him to. Miller said Bush is "the right man at the right time" to govern the country.

The next five years "will determine the kind of world my children and grandchildren will live in," Miller said in an interview. And he wouldn't "trust" any of the nine Democratic presidential candidates with governing during "that crucial period," he said. "This Democrat will vote for President Bush in 2004."
I'm with Miller. Thinking about a bumper sticker: Democrat for Bush. It would go over big in Boulder.

Googling for "democrats for bush" I got 1,790,000 hits:
Democrats doubt Bush's credibility . . . Democrats challenge Bush's credibility . . . Democrats attack Bush record . . . lash Bush 'lunacy'. . . hammer Bush on Iraq . . .rap Bush's postwar planning . . . boycott Bush's nominee . . . slam Bush . . . bash Bush . . . charge Bush . . . blocking Bush . . . rip Bush . . . target Bush . . . hit Bush . . . blast Bush . . . criticize Bush . . . grill Bush . . . welcome Bush's fall in polls . . . call Bush a liar . . . lambaste Bush . . .
By page 6, it becomes repetitious. No "Democrats for Bush." Not yet.

FEEDBACK:This from Reid Bader:
I wouldn't recommend putting a "Democrat for Bush" bumper sticker on your car in Boulder. Your car will be vandalized. I have personally experienced the "tolerance" of the "progressives" in Boulder. I had a letter to the editor published in the Daily Camera praising President Bush before 9/11. It was in reaction to numerous letters bashing Bush. That evening my car was vandalized. My car didn't have any bumper stickers. The vandals had to look up my address and go out their way.

My apartment building had the apartment numbers on the parking spots. When I first moved in I told the owner that it is a security risk to use apartment numbers on the parking spaces. The owner laughed and said "This is Boulder. You're a paranoid New Yorker".